Is that really you?

Emma Bosworth is an 18 year old typical girl, however one thing is different about her compared to you and me. She hasn't seen the outside in 3 years, since she was taken by her dad. She leaves her best friend behind at home but what happens when she escapes and finds out her best friend is 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the world?


3. Meeting the boys

Emma's POV
"so me and josh were like yeah sure and then the fan went up and pinched abit of hair out, it was mad" I heard a thick irish accent say and then It slowly came into the room I was sitting in. A boy with Light blonde hair and blue eyes came in followed by a boy with curly brown hair with amazing dimples and emelred green eyes then there was a boy who looked slightly older than the rest with short brown hair and blue eyes followed by a boy with slightly tanned skin and a black quiff. The all came in looked at me. More like gaped at me
"errrrr, so who are you, not trying to be rude or anything" the one with quite a posh accent said
"well this is Emma , Emma meet One Direction"
I stood up and carefully gave them all handshakes apart from the one with Blue eyes and brown hair "I don't do handshakes, I do hugs" and He pulled me into a hug.
"so what are you guys names, I kinda haven't been in the world for 5 years" I said
"well im Liam" Liam joked
"well im Niall" the one with blonde hair said
"im zayn" the one with tanned skin said
"im Harry" the one with a posh accent said
"and im Louis the TOMMO Tomlinson" the friendly one said
"and together we're one direction" they said together and I bust out laughing
"sooooo how long are you staying" Harry asked
"errrrm im not sure, I have no where to go" I whirspered and then Niall walked out of the room
"did I say something?" I asked
"errrm no, Nialls more than likely hungry, he eats a lot" Zayn said
"so tell us about yourself" Louis said
"well, I was born in Wolverhampton. I used to live next door to Liam and we were best mates and kinda like twins. Ive known him for all of my life. I used to play the guitar and sing but I can't sing that well. And then 5 years ago I was taken by him and today I escaped and ran into Liam" I said with tears streaming down my face
"oh come here" Louis said and hugged me soon I surround by a group of boys
they said for about 2 hours before they said that they were meeting up with various people tonight so it was only me and Liam in the flat. "sooooooo" I said
"sooooooo what" Liam questioned
"what am I going to wear tonight"
"you can borrow my Batman top and some sweats and then we are going to have a Batman Movie Marathon"
"are you still obsessed with batman" I asked "and toy story for that matter
"well yes, yes I am"
"oh god" as Liam got up and put Batman : the dark night on...

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