Is that really you?

Emma Bosworth is an 18 year old typical girl, however one thing is different about her compared to you and me. She hasn't seen the outside in 3 years, since she was taken by her dad. She leaves her best friend behind at home but what happens when she escapes and finds out her best friend is 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the world?


5. An intresting outing

Emma's POV

What were they all staring at? I can't of looked that bad. I mean I thought I Looked better but they obivously had seen better and I couldn't take it any longer. I ran into the bathroom where I had just come from and crumpled down the back of the door into tears.


Liam's POV


She looked amazing,more amazing than Danielle ever had. I couldn't bring myself to say anything and I don't think Louis could either. and then suddenly I saw a tear escape her eye as she ran back into the Bathroom. I quickly got up and chased after her. "Emma , Emmie please come out" I begged

"why?" she repiled stubbornly "youre only going to make me feel worse"

"how?" I repiled " you ARE the most beautiful girl I know" Shit. did i say that out loud?!

"really?" She sniffed

"yes you are Emmie, now come out so I can give you our secert Hug" and then the door reducently opened to realive Emma stood up and her make up slightly smugged. I surrounded her with a hug and breathed in her scent.  "right, im going to take you sight seeing in LONDON!" I said Dramitcally 

"really?!" Emma repiled 

"yeah" and Emma quickly ran upstairs


Emma's POV

I ran into my room and graped my jeans and a flowry crop top that I brought with El today. I quickly put it on and slipped on my sandals and brushed my hair quickly and headed out of the door to Liam.


2 Hours Later (I don't want it to drag!)


we were on the top the london eye, the view was amazing. I couldnt of asked for a better day. Liam took me on a bug red bus, like the ones me and him had dreamed about when we were younger. We were on our own in the pod, Liam hands interwinned with mine. "youre and amaizing girl Emma" Liam said

"thanks youre amazing too!"

"thanks, theres one thing Ive got to tell you Emmie"

"go on"

"theres no clear way of expaling this, but but"

"but what Libear"

"I really really like you"

"so I really really really like you aswell" I repiled

"not like that Emmie, I love you"

and thats the last I heard before his Lips Crashed on to mine






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