over again (sequal to missing you)

niall horan and charlie fletcher are almost married. they have 3 kids alexa,lily and jamie. life couldnt be better. until tragedy strikes. niall and charlie will do anything to save those they love


3. whats wrong

isabels p.o.v


something was wrong with charlie. she was strangely quiet. i didnt want to say anything until nicholas was out of the room in ase it was really serious. i notied that she held tight in alexa. liam went to hold her but charlie just pulled away. normally she loves the boys around the triplets. niall went to take alexa and she slowly handed her over. someting was definately wrong.

"excuse me" i said to the nirse "he looks tired can you take him to the nursery for a nap" she nodded and i handed nicholas over to her.

"whats up charlie?" liam asked. clearly they had all noticed aswell. she looked at niall and he slowly nodded

"alexa has has has..." she broke down in tears

"alexa has luekimia." niall said "she has the maximum of 2 months to live. its not cureable." then he sat down next to charlie and gave her a massive hug.


liams p.o.v


"alexa has luekimia she has a maximum of 2 months to live.its not cureable." niall said before going and sitting next to charlie. he wasnt crying but i could tell that he wanted to. he was holding it in for charlie.

"look guys can me and charlie have like 10 minutes alone please?" isabel asked and we all nodded. we walked out of the room not quite knowing what to say. i looked at niall. he looked like he was about to cry. i pulled him into a hug. he started sobbing into my shoulder

"she not even actually mine yet i feel like its my fault. i mean 2 months. thats so short. shell not even get to 1"

"its ok nialler its not your fault" i said but he carried on crying. just then isabel called us back in. charlie spotted niall and immeadiatly embrace him in a hug. they just sat there for a while. her sobbing into his shoulder and his tears dripping into her hair. alexa had gone home about half and hour ago with charlies mum.


charlies p.o.v


as soon as the boys were outside isabel pulled me into a massiv hug.

"wanna explain why you didnt tell us as soon as you found out?" she asked me

"me and niall wanted nicholas to get his turn in the spotlight. we weregoing to tell you today. we just didnt know when." we sat there and talked for a while before isabel went and got the boys. niall walked in and  saw how red his eyes were. i ran over to him and pulled him into a massiv hug. we stayed there for a while. i just sobbed into his shoulder. i just didnt know what to say or do.

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