over again (sequal to missing you)

niall horan and charlie fletcher are almost married. they have 3 kids alexa,lily and jamie. life couldnt be better. until tragedy strikes. niall and charlie will do anything to save those they love


8. the day after

dahlias p.o.v


i woke up and stared next to me. there was harry. naked and fast asleep. then the realisation hit me. i was bare naked. oh god. i looked around but there were no condom wrappers or anything. i walked into the living room of the hotel and saw charlie, bella and niall on the sofa with jamie and lily lying aleep next to them.

"have fun last night" charlie said with a smirk

"uncle harry kept shoutingyour name and you kept saying harder" bella said so innocently. charlie and niall collapsed into fits of laughte. damn this was embarrasing.

"about that. " i said "i take it we... you know" niall nodded his head

"well i hope or else i dont know what you were doing in there" he said as louis came in the room carrying nicholas.

"harder harry. come on harry harder. dont be afraid i want you so bad its unreal. lets do this good, real hard.come on harder" he said clearly thats what i said last night

"dont hang your head in shame" zayn said as he entered the room with jordan

"yh it sounded well fun" liam joined in as he walked in with alexa

"but apparently harrys too soft for you" charlies sister alexa joined in. harry walked in and groaned

"you did that last night uncle harry." said bella "alot" everyone was in fits apart from me and harry. he was red as a tomato and i felt my self going that way aswell. oh dear this day was not going well. "auntie dahlia says you need to be harder" bella continued "and she said that she wanted you inside her so bad" everyone was now in tears "does that mean she wants you to be in her tummy and she will be your mummy" i couldnt help ut laugh. she was so sweet and innocent. i pulled harry to the side

"what if im... you know" i said

"we do what you want. im happy with what ever. im ready to become a father. its all about when your ready." i was happy. this guy was an absolutely brilliant.

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