over again (sequal to missing you)

niall horan and charlie fletcher are almost married. they have 3 kids alexa,lily and jamie. life couldnt be better. until tragedy strikes. niall and charlie will do anything to save those they love


2. the day after

charlies p.o.v


the boys had an interview at 11 today so i just planned for isabel to come over. we would watch the interview then watch a movie till they got back. louis picked niall up 10 and dropped izzy off.

"so hows it feel to be 7 months?" i asked

"not good"

"ha im glad i didnt get that far. mind you at least you only have to push one out not 3" she laughed. we just sat there and talked till 11. the interview was live so it would be quite funny. i decided to text niall half way through. his message tone is me and him singing 7 things. so that was quite entertaining to see that go off.

to hubby ni xoxo: i see you :) xx

fom hubby ni xoxo: im gonna get you later ;) xx

to hubby ni xoxo: u just try that :* xx

isabel was in the kitchen when i hear her scream. "im soo sorry bout this charlie but my waters just broke." i laughed

"ill call lou."

first i rang niall and saw him pick up the phone

"charlie hun im in an interview can i call you bak in a bit babe?"

"look at you trying to sound all professional anyway i need to speak to lou. izzys waters just broke." i saw niall gasp and pass the phone to lou.

"sup charlie jennifer speaking"

"you child" then he stuck his toungue out at the camera. "i saw that anyway izzys waters just broke im gonna drive her to the hospital get there asap." i saw them apologising to the presnters saying that louis was abour to become a dad.


by the time we got to the hospital louis was already there. he rushed in the delivery room with izzy. we sat in the waiting room half and hour later louis beckoned us in with a smile on his face. "come meet nicholas william tomlinson." i was about to walk in when i saw mum rush in with the buggy.

"charlie alexa has this really wierd bruise on her back and it doesnt look right."

i turned to lou "tell isabel we will be in after" he nodded and went in. me and niall went into the room with alexa whilst mum took lily and jamie into isabels room to see nicholas.

"im sorry" the doctor said "but alexa had luekemia"

"thats cureable right?" niall asked

"in most cases yes but in alexas case no. im sorry but she has 2 months maximum."the doctor replied.

"princess i think we should tell them all later. let nicholas be the attention for now" niall said. i shook my head in agreement put on a fake smile and went into isabels room. i congratulated her but held on tight to alexa at all times. the only person i let take her was niall.

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