over again (sequal to missing you)

niall horan and charlie fletcher are almost married. they have 3 kids alexa,lily and jamie. life couldnt be better. until tragedy strikes. niall and charlie will do anything to save those they love


6. meeting annabelle

charlies p.o.v


the boys got off their plane. isabel, dahli, jordan and alexa had come along as well (nicholas of course) i guess everyone wanted to see my 5 year old child that they never knew about. nicholas was now crying so isabel was trying to comfort them and niall was pushing the babies around. dahlia came up to me. ive never really had the chance to get to know her but from what i knew she seemed really nie

"you excited?" she asked me

"yh" i replied "but what if she dont like me?"

"dont worry shell love you i mean whats not to like. your funny, kind, beautiful. your really one of a kind charlie and im really glad i found harry because it meant i met you. i really think we should get closer." i smiled "but for now lets go get your daughter"


nialls p.o.v


me and charlie walked into the house. everyone else was in the car not wanting to crowd her just yet. a small girl with long brwn hair and beautiful blue eyes pranced into the room. she reminded me of charlie when she was younger.

"are you my daddy and mummy?" she asked us

"yes princess we are." i said

"yay my daddy is niall horan. will you teach me guitar?" she asked. ok so my almost 5 year old daughter knew i was famous. she walked over to charlie and hugged her "i dont remember you mummy but i missed you. thank you and daddy for my guitar for christmas. im bringing it with me to england." she said i smiled. we tookher out to the car. whilst i put her stuff in the boot of guitar she said hello.

"my name is bella fletcher" she said

"no baby your names bella horan now" charlie told her. i waited for bellas reaction

"yay!" she said. we decided to stay in australia for a week so we decided to  stop off at a hotel half an hour way. she fell asleep after ten minutes.

"shes beautiful niall" said liam

" i know" i replied "and im so happy that shes mine. she wants me to teach her the guitar and by the way she knows that we are famous!" they all laughed and then i heard a murmur from beside me where she had fallen asleep on charlie.

"bananas arent pink they are yellow" bella said i laughed.

"she takes after you cher bear" i told charlie

"how?" she asked

"she talks in her sleep like you do!"

"i dont"

"you do" said everyone. she just smiled and tossed her long brown hair back. my life was complete. 1 daughter who was definately mine. a daughter and a son who might as well be mine and another one of mine on the way and i was still only 20. im married almost got 4 kids and im not even allowed to drink in america. that made me laugh.

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