over again (sequal to missing you)

niall horan and charlie fletcher are almost married. they have 3 kids alexa,lily and jamie. life couldnt be better. until tragedy strikes. niall and charlie will do anything to save those they love


7. happy birthday

charlies p.o.v


i woke up to find bella lying inbetween me and niall. she hadnt been there last night which meant that he had obviously rawled in there this morning.

"you awake bella?" i asked her and i saw her nod "shall we go make some special birthday pancakes for you." and she nodded again. the minute i said the word pancakes niall woke up.

"i want pancakes!" he whined like a little kid. i laughed

"fine you go check on james and lily and ill make pancakes." he smiled and walked out of the room into the twins room. we were currently staying in the penthouse of a really posh australian hotel. we got our own kitchen so luckily none of the oher guys would smell pancakes. i made bella her pancakes and she smiledd. i was just plating up mine and nialls when he came into the kitchen. we sat there quietly watching bella. she was so cute iit was unreal.

"so bella. do you want me to teach you to play the quitar. she nodded and ran to the bedroom to grab her guitar. niall and her sat together for hours playing. by the time they had finished it was 3,0,clock and they had been playing for 7 hours. everyone was going out at 4 to celebrate bellas birthday whih meant we had an hour to get her ready. first i gave her a bath. that only took 20 minutes so afterwards i had to dry her hair. that took another 20 minutes leaving us 20 minutes. she put on her new dress niall and i had brought her for her birthday. it was long and blue. it was basically a grown ups dress for kids. she looked gorgeous.i painted her nails blue because she asked me to. then we put her new boots on. she smiled.

"do  i look pretty mummy?" she asked and i nodded

"you look beautiful angel" niall said appearing from the doorway. he was wearing a blue polo shirt and jeans.

"daddy" she cried. she had beome really close to him in the last few hours. niall took her downstairs and i got changed. i decided to wear my blue dress. it looks almost exactly like bellas. i put on some makeup and got m blue heels on.

"you look beautiful mummy" bella said and i smiled. i picked her up and twirled her around whilst she laughed.

"you really do" said niall as the others got here.

"wow" said harry "your daughter is atually beautiful" i laughed


harrys p.o.v


i opened the door and saw bella there. wow. i mean wow.

"wow your daughter is acyually beautiful" i said to charlie and she just laughed. she looked exactly like charlie but you could see that inside her was nialls cheekiness waiting to come out.

"im your uncle harry" i toldbella "and this is your auntie dahlia." bella gave dahlia a huge hug and i must admit. there and then watching dahlia and bella together i realised that iwanted kids of my own. this obviously meant i was in true love with dahlia as i have never flf this way about kids with a girlfriend. when bella had gone back to niall dahlia came and whispered to me

"i want one. someday. and hopefully it will be with you" i smiled and turned to her

"me to dahlia." she smiled back.

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