over again (sequal to missing you)

niall horan and charlie fletcher are almost married. they have 3 kids alexa,lily and jamie. life couldnt be better. until tragedy strikes. niall and charlie will do anything to save those they love


5. explaining

charlies p.o.v


"explain" he said. i swallowed and began

"remember jimmy parsons party?" i asked him and he nodded "well we woke up the next day and lets be honest we both know what we had done. we were 14 for fucks sake niall. neither of us wanted to say it though did we. we were to scared of what would happen to us." he nodded again i knew he remembered.  "well on our 15th birthday i woke up and was extrmely sick. i ran down to the shop and got a pregnancy test.it was positive. this was before you woke up. i went back to sleep and tried to forget about it. then we had our day it was amazing. the whole shooting thing was bad that was all true i waited for an ambulance but heres where i lied. i got in a taxi to go to the hospital but changed my mind. i had remembered about it. i knew if i stayed we would both get in trouble. a hell of alot of it. i had the perfect time to leave. nobody would suspect a thing. part of me ran away for that reason and the rest was scared that you would be annoyed at me. half a year after i arrived i gave birth. a girl born on the 17th march 2009  funninly enough saint patricks day funnily enough. her name is anabelle rose fletcher. we were only 15 and i didnt want to tell you. i knew i couldnt raise a child at 15 so i put her up for adoption. under the agreement that if anything ever happened to her adopted parents and they were no longer able to look after her that i would get her back. i was planning to contact you when we were 18 but you were doing so god with the band that i didnt want you to have to get involved. i've kept in contact with her adopted parents. sending her cards and getting cards on my birthday and on mothers day. i havejust had a phone call. her adoptive prens mike and rachel have died in a car crash. annabelle has only minor injuries so shes my responability again." i looked at niall. his expression was blank "are you mad at me?" i asked him

"no charlie im happy" he replied "i have a daughter. oh shit its march the 17th. shes 5 tomorrow and we dont have her a present!"

"its good" i replied " i have one here" i said pulling out a small box. inside was a locket. with a picture of her that mike sent me and a picture of me and niall on the other. i showed niall and he smiled.

"the boys just messaged me." niall said "their on a plane and hour behind us. we will meet them at the airport. they are really happy for us and excited to meet annabelle and so am i. i jjust cant believe it! we are going to have 4 little ones. well 5 but alexa is now alive in our hearts other than in our eyes. i dont know if that makes sense but it sounds sweet and sensitive." i laughed

"i really cant wait to meet her. i havent seen her since her first birthday." i said "this is the last photo i got of her. around christmas. i sent her a baby guitar from us. she wants to learn how to play." he smiled at me. i could tell that he was happy. really hayy.

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