over again (sequal to missing you)

niall horan and charlie fletcher are almost married. they have 3 kids alexa,lily and jamie. life couldnt be better. until tragedy strikes. niall and charlie will do anything to save those they love


10. and the happiness is lost

oh my god i cannot believe how long its been since i updated his!!! sorry i forgot haha. thanks dahlia for reminding me.....


charlies p.o.v


"we're sorry to inform you that you criminal that tried to kill mr horan has escaoped prison and we believe is now looking for you" the person on the phone said

"prison, i thought he was dead!" i replied

"no he survived. anyway for your own safety we have a police officer coming to escort you out of the country. just until he has been caught. for your own safety

"but what about my kids, and niall?" i asked

"you may brng one child and as for niall. he has to stay. for nialls own safety he must believe your dead. hopefully within a year or two you will be able to return to normal life!" the police man said

"but who do i choose? i have 3 kids" i asked

"perhaps the eldest." he said "and dont worry about packing. we dont want nall to be suspicious. tel;l niall your going out and then meet us at your local mcdonalds in 10 minutes."

"okay. but only for nialls safety" i replied and hung up the phoe. i went and got annabelle.

"niall. me and annabelle are going to go shopping" i said. he came in the room

"okay hun, have fun" he sad giving me a quick kiss

"niall" i said

"yes baby"

"promise me that whatever happens you'll never forget me!" i said

"i could never forget you charlie. i love you!" he said

"i love you to" i replied before walking out the door. we went to our local mcdonalds and a man approached us

"charlotte horan. im pc mark stevesons and im incharge of your case! now i need your car keys" i handed them over to him and me and bella got in the car

"what are you going to do with my car?" i asked

"i told you.... we're going to make niall believe your dead!" he said.

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