over again (sequal to missing you)

niall horan and charlie fletcher are almost married. they have 3 kids alexa,lily and jamie. life couldnt be better. until tragedy strikes. niall and charlie will do anything to save those they love


4. 6 weeks later

nialls p.o.v


i looked down at alexa. we didnt know how much time we were going to have with her but we knew not long. i looked at charlie playing with the triplets. it killed me that i wasnt their real dad but im still gonna be their father and care for them as if they were my own. charlies such a good mother.she loves those babies with all her heart and i know that its breaking her inside about alexa. some part of me wishes alexa had gone there and then 6 weeks ago. at the fact that it was now going to be harder than ever to let her go. ut part of me also cherishes these 6 weeks we have had together. just then charlie screamed. i ran over to her and realised the problem. alexa had stopped breathing. we knew the fight was over before it even really begun but niether of us wanted to surrender. i drove me charlie and the triplets to the hospital. but when we got there it had gone way past too late. she was gone. gorgeous little alexa daisy horan has dissapeared from the face of this earth. i looked at charlie. she stared at me before she suddenly threw up. charming i thought to myself as i took her home again. i left charlie in the bathroom and but jamie and lily to bed. i dont know what to call them. are they twins now or still triplets? after they fell asleep i went on twitter. i posted the last picture i ever took of alex and tweeted it captioned "R.I.P alexa daisy horan. sleep tight little angel xx daddy xx"

the picture quickly got thousands of retweets and replies sayin R.I.P not a single hate in sight which made meso happy. soon R.I.Palexa and prayforlex were trending. it made me happy to know that so many people cared. i walked into the bathroom to find charlie sitting on the toilet looking really worried.

"whats up princess?" i asked her

"i know todays a really bad day for this to happen but, im pregnant" she replied. i wasnt confused i remember being unprotected on our wedding night. so that mut make her about 6 weeks along.

i called the boys and invited them over. they already all knew about alexa so it was kinda going to be a night in memory of her. and we had to break the news abut charlie. i was so much happier about this pregnency seeing as it is actually going to be my baby.


everyone  but liam got here about 7 its a bit  odd for liam to be late but im sure he wont be too late. isabel went and put nicholas upstairs with jamie and lily. she had just got down the stairs when there was a knock at the door.

"ill get it" isabel called "seeing as im already up" i smiled my thanks at her. in walked liam with a girl beside him.

"um hi guys this is alexa" he said he looked a little sorry when he said the name. i looked at charlie seeing how she would react. surprisingly she jumped up and hugged the girl.

"lexi oh my god i cant believe your really here" i was a bit confused. did charlie know anyone called alexa. then i remembered. i remembered the reason i chose the name alexa. charlies older sister. she moved to america when she was 16. we were 14. to get a modelling career.

"jeez" harry said to me "she looks just like charlie did when we first met her. they could practically be sisters" i laughed

"hazza" i said  back so everyone could hear me "they are sisters" harry went red and alexa stared at me.

"niall?" she said a bit confused "niall james horan" i nodded. "omg youve really grown up. your quite hot now your not a snotty little14 year old. i quite fancie a peice of you" the others looked at her shocked "im only joking guys. hes my little sisters hubby. why would i do that to her?" i smiled i had got quite worried.

"um guys" charlie said " i know this isnt realy the best time for this to hapopen but im kinda pregnant again." everyone congradulated me and her and then her rang.

"hello" she answered. she listened for 5 minutes then "okay ill be there as soon as possible. im in england now but il be there a soon as i can" she turned to me "niall we need to go to australia. ill explain on the way." i agreed and packed all of our stuff. jamie and lily already have passports ready for the tour in a month or 2. in half an hour we were on our way to gatwick. an hour after that we were in the sky on our way to australia.

"ok" ii said "explain"

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