Dear Katie

"Dear Katie,

This is how I died." (Just for reference purposes, Katie is an actual ghost who stays at the Stanley Hotel.) This is Padfoot and Prongs' story for the Afterlife competition. (again, mostly Prongs.)


2. Second Letter

Dear Katie,


I guess that I can tell you what led to my fate. Please keep in mind that a lot of things have changed since you were alive. The year is 2013, about 200 years since you were here. I was walking home from the pub. Yes, girls are now allowed to go into one and have a drink, or two, or more. I was with my friends. They left me and I wandered the streets alone. I was walking down an alleyway. I was gagged and blindfolded. I was kicked and dragged. Then after what seemed forever, they let me go. I was put into a dark room, with a dirty old bed and one window.


I was there for three nights. First night, I was raped. Horribly.

The next, I was shoved into a tinier room for around a week. Then..... the rest is too horrible to tell.


I'm sorry I am ranting and going on about what has happened. Yours was probably worse. You and the others where you are probably encountered It more horribly than I did.


Newly dead,


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