Dear Katie

"Dear Katie,

This is how I died." (Just for reference purposes, Katie is an actual ghost who stays at the Stanley Hotel.) This is Padfoot and Prongs' story for the Afterlife competition. (again, mostly Prongs.)


1. First Letter

Dear Katie,


This is how I died. 


I don't know about you, but It was painful, and painless at the same time. I was tortured. I was beaten. I was whipped and throttled. I was raped. My head had been smashed multiple times. All pain and suffering ended in silence as It took me in my sleep. I was thankful and pleased, and frankly, I was overjoyed. Now, I don't know what to do.


I now walk around my neighbourhood and go to places I've never been. I prefer to stay around where I died. Did I mention that I was kidnapped ? I don't think that I had. I'll tell you about that later, for that is a completely different story. I'm afraid that he'll take others. And I know he will. I'm determined to stop it. To stop Him.


Newly dead,


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