Dear Katie

"Dear Katie,

This is how I died." (Just for reference purposes, Katie is an actual ghost who stays at the Stanley Hotel.) This is Padfoot and Prongs' story for the Afterlife competition. (again, mostly Prongs.)


5. Fifth Letter

Dear Katie,


It's been about a month since I "wrote" to you last. She was returned safely to her family. He was taken to hospital with choke marks on his throat, but later put into jail.  Revenge is sweet, no matter what they say. Now, like before, I don't know what to do. I am, I guess, now confined here. I'll be sure to visit you soon and when I can. You are still at the Stanley, I presume?


Also did you know that there was a book that was based on where you are? It was written by one of the guests who stayed in room 217. His name was Stephen King. He wrote it because he was so intrigued by what happened to him while he was there.Whatever you lot do there, keep doing that. Except messing up room 1302. It's a bloody hell of a mess to be cleaning up, every single time one of you get angry.


Thanks for taking the time to read the letters I've sent you. I'm especially satisfied that I haven't gotten a letter in complaint for rambling on like I am now.  Thanks for being a great listener. I guess I'm your friend now...


Newly dead (accepting it and not alone anymore),


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