he won me with balloons


1. such a sweetheart

it was my birthday and everyone, including my family forgot about it. even when i hinted they were totally oblivious. Every year they come into my room, sing happy birthday, give me cards and presents and then i go to school and my best friend Ruby gives me a card with money inside, then i get back from school have dinner and a birthday cake and my grandma and auntie come over and i get even more presents! This year, nothing has happened, i am worried.  i went to school hoping my best friend, Ruby would remember, but, nothing. i was starting to think that maybe they were pretending to forget and then they were going to throw a surprise party or something. so throughout the day i was happy and believed in my idea, talked to Ruby and i met my crush and actually had a conversation with him!! so, i got home hoping for a surprise birthday party but nothing. i was so upset so i decided to take a walk down to the park and planned to stay there for a long time.

i sat by a river on a little stump and cried. i cried and cried for about half an hour. how could all my loved ones forget something so special?! I was hoping something would happen but nothing did. as i was about to walk away, i heard some footsteps behind ,me so i turned around to see if anyone was there to say happy birthday, but as expected, no one was there. I started walking home but before i could take my second step i felt someone holding onto my arm, i panicked and turned around about to scream but that's when i saw ...

my crush!!! he was there holding my arm gently and holding 15 balloons, i was confused as that's how old i was on that day. he took me back to the stump where i was sitting and he said 'i didn't forget your birthday.'  i was shocked, how did he know? why did he come? ' how did you know it was my birthday?' i replied. 'i have known for the three years i have known you, just i never had the guts to talk to you, until today when we had that conversation. i knew that now was the time to ask you.' 

'ask me what?' i asked. 'will you go out with me?' he replied 

my tummy was churning, was this a dream? after two minutes of silence i said ' yes of course! i have fancied you for three years and i have always been so nervous.' he laughed and said 'me too! i am so glad i asked you out.' so we sat there, with my balloons, leaning against each other and then i didn't care that my family forgot about my birthday, my dream came true!

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