Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


21. The New Club: Beats

Danielle’s P.O.V:

I am super excited for tonight! The boys will be performing in “Beats”, the new club that opened last week! Everyone has been talking about it and the boys will be the first band to ever perform there which is even more exciting! They will also probably be the most famous too. I decided to drag Liam and Miranda with me to get a new outfit for tonight; we need to look glamorous for the paps! I drag Miranda into River Island but there is nothing good there so we try other places such as Forever 21 and Hollister but there’s nothing. The last store we try, Vero Moda, I find Miranda a perfect fitted sleeveless laced short dress that hugs her body. She gets shy but I convince her it looks perfect, which it does.

“Miranda you look perfect! Harry isn’t gonna know what hit him! He’s gonna regret leaving you the minute he sees ya in this!”

I shove her back into the changing room to change back into her casual clothes so we can proceed to find me an outfit before Liam dies of boredom.

Miranda’s P.O.V:

Once I get back into my normal clothes, we try to find Danielle something nice for tonight. 

We find her a cool black tank top with 5SOS on the front. As Danielle is trying it on, I decide to search for something to wear under it, perhaps a skirt so I don’t look overdressed beside her. But when I spot a black leather pair of jeans, I know it will go perfectly. I rush over to the changing rooms and give them to Danielle but she sighs and hands them back out.

“I have a pair at home but you’re right, I should wear my black leather ones underneath this!”

A few minutes later she returns in her previous clothing and we pay and exit the store. Liam couldn’t be any happier that we left; he drives us back to Danielle’s where she insists I stay so we can get ready together. We start watching daytime TV until a loud ringing interrupts our show. Liam pulls his iPhone out of his pocket and checks the screen before answering. He hangs up and turns to Danielle,

“We have a meeting about tonight with Management; I’ll be back as soon as I can. Bye, love you babe.”

Liam and Danielle share a cute little goodbye kiss before Liam is out the door and gone. I turn to Danielle whose cheeks are bright red; I nudge her as she begins to giggle.

We switch off the TV around six o’clock and begin to get ready because the boys are picking us up at seven. I begin to panic as I realize I have nothing but my black lace dress. I run my hands through my hair before looking at Danielle,

“Danielle! I have no shoes or makeup or anything!”

She laughs and shakes her head at me,

“What do ya think I brought you back here for?”

I smiled and danced over to her trapping her in a hug. She laughs back and I follow her back to her room where we left the shopping bags. Danielle hands me my new dress I’m a little self-conscious about and she pushes me into her on-suite,

“Go change and I’ll plan your outfit!”

I quickly peel off the clothing from this morning and wrestle my way into the dress, its sticking to me like cling-film. I have a feeling that I will be peeling it off me at the end of the night, this thing would never slip off!

No-one’s P.O.V:

Miranda finally left the bathroom to find her best friend choosing her own outfit, while Miranda’s outfit had been laid out on the bed. Danielle had matched very high red strapped heels with Miranda’s dress. She also provided a designer black clutch which would be easy to carry around the whole night.

Danielle had pieced together her own outfit too, wearing the new tank top and her black leather pants underneath. When she realised how dark her outfit was, she found a pair of pink high heeled ankle booties that brought colour back in and she grabbed a white shoulder purse that could easily be changed into a clutch if she placed the string inside. She also put on a turquoise and gold bangle on her right arm. Then she began Miranda’s hair and makeup, giving her red nails and red lipstick before curling her brown hair at the ends. Danielle then did her own makeup, she ditched light and natural and decided on a smoky eye affect, before putting on lipstick. Danielle got Miranda to curl her hair before pinning back the bits at the front and bringing them to the back of her head with a white bow. They both stood in front of the mirror admiring themselves, they had ten minutes extra.

A couple of minutes later, Danielle’s doorbell rang, signalling that her date arrived. The three of them walked down to the awaiting limo, all of them crossing their fingers that Eleanor and Katie weren’t there. Liam held the door for the girls and Danielle and Miranda slid in. On their side, there was Zayn, Danielle, Miranda and Liam. They were facing Louis, Harry, Katie and Niall, who brought a brunette. Danielle caught out the corner of her eye that Miranda had seen Niall’s date, and watched as she gulped loudly and blinked rapidly. Danielle slid her arm around Miranda just as Liam was about to. Liam slid his arm around her waist and hugged her tightly as Danielle hugged her too. Katie was dressed to the nines as usual, but still not gaining any attention from any of the boys. Harry stared at Miranda’s legs that were on show right in front of him, he still missed her like crazy but god knows what Katie would do if he broke up with her. She could talk shit to the paps or anything, but Harry knew they wouldn’t believe her because they didn’t even take their relationship seriously. To the paps and magazines, Harry’s date with Katie was only a fling and childish games. That’s exactly what it was to Harry but Katie took it to earth and genuinely liked Harry and he could tell, the way she followed him everywhere! He got sick of it at time but he had to keep his temper because god knows what could happen if she does go big-mouthing to the press.

Miranda’s P.O.V:

I can't believe Niall brought a date! Just after apologising today and he has moved on again! I should have told him this morning I wouldn’t give him another chance but look at this! Off with another girl a couple of hours later, such a player. I feel a blue pair of eyes boring holes into me but I ignore them and turn Danielle. Just as I turn towards her I catch Zayn’s honey eyes watching me carefully, inspecting what I’m wearing, his eyes running up and down my body. I shiver under his gaze and turn back to Danielle,

“So, will this place be packed?”

She laughed aloud at my uncertainty, patting my back as her eyes shone with laughter.

“Of course! We wouldn’t be able to get in if we weren’t on the list!”

I laughed nervously and glanced around the limo, I was the only one wearing a dress. I crossed my arms consciously and shivered, I could feel three gazes on me now. Zayn was still watching me, the blue eyes were still following me and now I could feel a pair of emerald eyes on me too. I leaned back in my seat, I couldn’t wait to get to the club so there would be space between me and these guys. 

The minute we get inside the club, Danielle grabs my hand and drags me straight to the bar. I guess she too must have sensed the tension in the limo. We enjoy a round of shots before hitting the dance floor; I glance around at the newly opened club. It’s pretty cool with strobe lights hanging from the ceiling like strings of illuminating flowers. The furniture is sleek and modern, black leather rounded booths dotted around the club for parties to relax. Round tables placed in front of each booth to withhold alcohol and beverages. The dance floor is a sleek panelled wooden floor, neon lights swaying and circling the room. The red brick walls give the club a New York gritty style with glow-in-the-dark paint splatters lazily splashed across the walls, this club is artistic and I already love it. The club is like half a circle, using the whole space of the far wall, from corner to corner the bar curves around smoothly. There are few bar stools placed in front of it, mainly because all the seating areas are booths. 

We dance together for a while, until I notice Liam is in the middle of a heated argument with Harry and Niall by the wall opposite of the bar, the place is so big there’s like two rooms joined by an old wide red brick archway. Niall’s arms are crossed angrily, glaring at Liam as he talks, probably shouting over the loud music. Harry’s forehead is crinkled in deep concentration though his green emerald eyes are alight with fresh anger. Liam just looks worried as he motions with his hands in different signals; obviously they aren’t having a friendly convo right now.

I glance back at Danielle who has stopped dancing and followed my gaze, she bites her lip in frustration before shrugging and dragging me over to them. Niall and Harry pause from glaring at Liam to watch us approaching them; Liam continues to stare at Harry. He shoots both of the boys warning looks, what’s that about?

“Hate to break up the whole sorority meeting here guys but you’re kinda pissing on our parade and there is alotta publicists and paps here so keep it friendly, yeah?”

She nods behind her where the boys have caught the attention of a few journalists. Liam’s gaze briefly does a scan of the room before breaking into laughter and hitting Harry on the shoulder before leaning on Niall for support as he is ‘dying’ of laughter. Harry chuckles and looks at the ground as Niall throws his head back laughing. I cannot believe how good they are at acting! Danielle and I decide to wander off into the crowd in search of our group, we check the all the booths in this room and there is no sign of them so we cross under the neon-lit archway into the second red-brick room is decorated in the same way. Except there is no bar, only a stage at the far end and a crowd of people dancing in front of it. Currently there is a DJ spinning a set as the boys will be on later.

We find our group in the booth furthest away from the stage, against the wall right to your left upon crossing under the archway. This room is slightly nicer as it is darker; the only light is the neon and strobe lights illuminating the darkness. There are white flower fairy lights strung around the banister of the balcony above, the VIP area. We could be up there as it is reserved for us but we decided to mingle with people instead. Zayn is relaxing on the leather couch of the booth with his right arm strung across the back, while Katie is the far left of him sitting there and fidgeting with her outfit in silence. Zayn’s eyes are darting around the crowd, his honey eyes searching for someone. His eyes don’t waver when I take a seat next to him, still searching. I raise an eyebrow and lean into his ear due to the loud music, its louder in here because we’re closer to the DJ than in the connected room.

“Looking for Perrie, eh?”

He jumps and looks at me, slightly surprised. I chuckle and glance back at the crowd, not realizing that he bent his head down into the crook of my neck,

“No, actually.”

He purrs into my head, his hot breath sending shivers down my neck. He pulls back and when I glance at him, he is watching me with his eyes gleaming. There’s a light in them that’s just…..indescribable! I cock my head and raise an eyebrow, he just shakes his head and looks at the crowd, this time not searching or seeing anything. I sigh and start to get up; Danielle is over by another booth chatting to friends. Just as I’m about to leave, I feel a large hand grab mine and pull me back down. I gasp as I fall onto the leather couch, landing so close to my attacker I’m nearly on their knee. I turn to see Zayn gazing deeply into my eyes, my eyes wander to behind him, Katie has disappeared. For once I actually want her to be here so Zayn won’t try anything on me, I wouldn’t argue if Zayn Malik did try something on me but that’s if he was single, which he isn’t. I’m not a home-wrecker and I will not be the cause of Perrie and Zayn breaking up! I shiver as his hand keeps a tight grip on mine, I spot Danielle but she’s too busy chatting and her back is turned anyways. I glance around the club but nobody seems to notice. Because the booth is rounded, Zayn’s hand is invisible and no-one can spot that he’s running it up and down my leg. I continue to watch the crowd and grab Zayn’s hand, I hear him whine and sigh.

“No, Perrie. You have Perrie, don’t start anything you will regret and can't finish.”

He groans and shuffles closer to me, whispering in my ear, tickling the skin affected by his breath.

“Trust me doll, I would finish it and not regret one minute of it.”

I almost give in to his games until I finally come to my senses; thank god I’m not drunk! I turn to him and look at him disgusted,

“Don’t you dare pull moves on me and think I’m your doll! Dolls are to be played with and when someone is done with them, they’re thrown away!”

I stand up, grateful that I’m not pulled back this time and begin to walk away when my vision blurs and I walk straight into something hard. At first I assume it’s the wall and my cheeks heat up in embarrassment until I look up and see a pair of green mesmerizing eyes staring down at me.  I jump back and mumble an apology; Katie is standing behind him shooting daggers in my direction. I roll my eyes, Harry steps around me and points an accusing finger at Zayn,

“You, my friend, are due a word with Liam! He already ate into Niall and I and here you are going against what he said!”

I frown, Katie didn’t hear a word of what Harry said and none of them realize I could hear them, I turn to Harry and pull his arm so he turns to face me,

“What did Liam say?”

Harry looks taken aback and mumbles something before shaking his head and looking towards Zayn with fury in his eyes,


I huff and walk off, obviously something about me considering I was the only one with Zayn and he won’t tell me what he’s on about. I find Danielle and we chill for the rest of the night, she introduces me to a lot of her dance crew, who are pretty cool. I bump into a few of my mates from my lectures and I introduce them to Danielle. We hang around with both of our groups together until the boys are directed to the stage. Their band starts tuning their instruments as the boys talk to the crowd. Music starts to play and Louis shouts to the crowd announcing the name before they begin. Niall stood closest to the crowd as he held his microphone in his hand as his eyes searched the crowd, he found mine and began singing, never breaking my gaze.

“You’re so pretty when you cry, when you cry

Wasn’t ready to hear you, say goodbye, now you’re tearing me apart tearing my apart, you’re tearing me apart.”

Niall stepped back and shook his head, his eyes gleaming slightly. He glanced away and rubbed his whole face, Zayn stepped forward and began singing,

“You’re so London, your own style your own style…”

He looks at me as he begins to sing the next line,

“And together, we’re so good, so girl why are you tearing me apart tearing me apart, you’re tearing me apart.”

He stepped back as Harry stepped forward, maybe I’m imagining things but he began to gaze at me too,

“Did I do something stupid? Yeah girl if I blew it

Just tell me what I did lets work through it, there’s gotta be some way

To getcha to want me, like beforeeee”

I glanced at Danielle who was mouthing the words; she didn’t really notice that the boys were staring at me so maybe I was hallucinating, probably. All the boys stepped forward then to begin singing together.

“Cus no one ever looks so good in a dress and it hurts cus I know you wont be mine tonight…..”

I started to feel like I was being suffocated, I turned to Danielle and briefly told her I’m gonna get some air. I left out the door nodding at the bouncers before standing outside the club, I run my hands through my hair tiredly and sigh heavily. A few camera flashes go off and I realize the paps and fans are watching me. I smile and wave, sending off a frenzy of flashes. I walk down the street a little and lean against an abandoned building collecting my breath, I have to be imagining things. It must have been the round of shots because Zayn, Harry and Niall couldn’t be singing to me. Well, after the limo I shouldn’t be surprised.

After a good fifteen minutes I decide to go back inside, I walk up to the club and begin to walk in when one of the bouncers holds up his big muscular arm, blocking my entry.

“Excuse me miss, where do you think you’re going?”

I stumble back insulted and say indifferently,

“Miranda, I am here with the One Direction party.”

He laughs and calls the attention of the other bouncer,

“Do ya hear this Mikey? This brat thinks she’s with One Direction! Oh honey you don’t know how many kids have tried that excuse tonight! Back of the line for you!”

I gasped my mouth hanging open; I can't ring Danielle because I left my clutch in the limo. i snap back, full sass mode now.

“Fine then, may I use your phone to ring Danielle to come out here please? Believe me you are both dead men walking when the boys find out about this!”

The ‘Mikey’ fella glances over at the dickhead bouncer nervously but he just shrugs it off and hands me his phone, I begin to type in Danielle’s number when a soft voice behind me speaks up.

“That won’t be necessary.”

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