Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


19. The Meeting

Ugh I seriously did not want to end up here! I glance at Justin and pout, after ten minutes of persuasion he finally managed to get me out and at Harry's front door. Justin didn't even knock he just opened the door and walked straight through. We followed everyone's voices to the area we were all seated after the awards night a couple of days prior to now. Danielle, all the boys, Perrie and Katie were there. My heart stung a little when I spotted Niall sitting in the exact same spot as the last time, the only difference was I wasn't between his legs drunk on his fake love. Everyone was too busy chattering away to notice our arrival, all but one. Katie was seated on a small leather couch next to Perrie who was next to Zayn. That was the maximum amount of people to fit on it. Harry was resting on the arm of the couch, slouching and looking around, not paying a heed to any of the words tumbling out of Katie's big bitchy mouth. He was glancing around for something to spark his interest when he spotted Justin and I entering the large open space. I stepped up beside Justin, our hands intwined. Harry saw Justin and grinned but the minute he spotted me, his eyes started shining and he glanced away quickly.

"Hey mate!"

Justin bounded over to Harry and they did that bro hug thingy. My hand tingled a little as it got cooler from the absence of Justin's big strong hand. The conversation between Danielle, Louis and Liam was abruptly discontinued as Danielle leaped out of her seat and barged into me, enveloping me in a bone-crushing hug.

"You honestly do not know how painful it has been sitting in the same room as that red-haired bitch as she rants on and on about these frickin extensions she's planning on getting. I am this close to slapping the caked on makeup off her face."

Danielle held her index finger and thumb close to each other to define how close she was to killing Katie. I chuckled and patted her on the back before pulling away. Niall was still seated and continued to stare at me, he wasn't even involved in any of the converse throughout the room when I arrived. Feeling the guilt, huh? Liam and Louis continued to rant on about something, Liam briefly caught my gaze and gave a friendly wave before engaging his attention back on Louis.

My eyes wandered over to the other couch where Perrie was seated directly next to Zayn. Only then did I realize that was the gaze that has been rested on me since I arrived, even before Harry saw us. He was watching me, his honey eyes taking in every inch of me, wavering at certain spots. Perrie continued to drone on about something but when Zayn started breathing heavily and not replying, she looked up from her nails to see what was bothering her long term boyfriend. She stared at Zayn in silence for a minute before following his gaze to me, I met Perrie's gaze before a strained smile spread across her features.

"Miranda! It's great to see you!"

I mentally frowned, didn't Zayn mention that Perrie was in America? As if she read my mind, Perrie's voice rang through my ears.

"The girls and I just started up the tour in America when we got two unexpected days off, so I decided to fly back over to surprise my baby."

With that she leaned back on the couch to plant a sweet kiss on his nose. Liam then joined the conversation, shooting me the same knowing look he gave me at Danielle's apartment. The kind of look that he knew something about me that no-one else did,

"Thats why Zayn didn't show up at Danielle's, remember?"

Zayn gave Perrie a little smile after her sweet kiss before looking back at me and leaning back against the couch, winking at me.

"Hey Miranda."

I wave at him awkwardly before acknowledging Katie and Harry once again. Katie is now sitting up straight and watching me carefully, eyes narrowed into slits. 

When she spots me looking at her, her eyes return to their normal state and she smiles, waving at me. I nod curtly and glance at Harry, whom is sitting there is silence watching us as Justin stands beside him droning on about something. After talking with Danielle about various things, Louis suddenly stands up and calls the attention of everyone in the room.

“Guys there is something I have to announce….”

I braced myself for what he was about to say, it could be an explanation as to why Eleanor is not present. My thoughts were silenced as Louis continued, shuffling his feet and running a hand through his hair.

“Miranda, you are aware of the fact that each of the members of One Direction are accompanying their girlfriends on this tour we are about to launch. We all talked about it and decided that…well, we want you there too. You are such an amazing friend and more to some in the band..”

There was an awkward silence as everyone glanced at Harry and Niall.

“So, will you come with us?”

I was about to nod ecstatically when a deep voice spoke up,

“I am afraid that that request has to be denied.”

Everyone turned to Justin who stood there with a dark face, addressing the whole room with his confident stare.

“Miranda will be coming with me on tour.”

Everyone gasped or drew deep breaths, including me. Everyone except Justin turned to me with disbelief on all of their faces, even Niall and Harry. Katie and Justin were the only two who weren’t looking at me in disbelief; Katie was staring with pure fury and jealously. Harry spoke up, stuttering as he did so.

  “M-m-Miranda….is this t-t-true?”

The air was swooshed out of my lungs as Harry asked; I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him,

“I have known ye guys for about a year or two years and you think I would bail on ye for someone I met just last night?! Jeese Harry, running off with bimbos every night really has rubbed off on you.”

Everyone had different reactions, Zayn snorted and choked on his laugh, Louis chuckled and gave me the thumbs up, Perrie winked at me, Liam attempted to hold back his giggles with his fist but he failed, Niall went red and let out a loud throaty laugh, the genuine kind while Katie sat there with her legs crossed and her arms crossed angrily. She glared at me; obviously catching on that the snide remark about bimbos included her. Justin left Harry to stand at my side, he loosened my crossed arms and held my hands in his, he attempted to catch my eye but I looked away.

“C’mon Miranda! It’s a once in a lifetime chance! They say that when you find true love, never let it go!”

I snorted and looked him dead in the eye,

“They also say true love has a way of finding each other again. You never even told me about the tour Justin, I think it’s only to compete with your competition here. Honestly, these people are my friends, some of them have been closer than just friends but my point is that I will never leave these guys. They are like my family and I would do anything to go on tour with them and spend my youth with them, which is exactly what I’m gonna do. I’m sorry Justin, but this can’t be, I cannot be dating you while on tour with 1D.”

He looked deeply into my eyes, his own ones pleading with me,

“You can date me! If you come on tour with me!”

I shook my head and took a step back, freeing my hands of his grasp and rubbing my face tiredly.

“I can’t leave all my friends behind, it just can’t work, I’m sorry.”

At the right moment, his phone decided to start ringing. Just as he pulled it out of his pocket, I got a quick glance at the screen, which has a picture of Selena displayed. He picked it up and sighed heavily,

“Yes?.....what?!....no that can’t…..oh no!....I’ll be right there in a sec!”

He turned back to everyone and waved before closing the space between us and kissing me on the cheek. He smiled sweetly,

“I’m really sorry guys but there has been an emergency, I’ll see y’all later!”

He left the room into the foyer and everyone was silent until we heard the front door slam. Zayn shook his head grinning,

“Wow Miranda! You really got sass!”

I giggled and crossed my legs while remaining standing; Louis spoke up before I could reply,

“She learns from the best…..me!”

Everyone laughs; Niall hits Louis across the back of his head. With his cute little Irish accent, he speaks up.

“So where’s Eleanor mate?”

Louis looks suspiciously at Niall before giggling and shrugging,

“I dunno, complaining she’s sick from last night I guess.”

We all share a laugh, even Louis giggles. I hear someone clear their throat before Niall speaks up awkwardly, his face turning tomato red.

“Um, Randy eh Miranda, can I um talk to you uh for a sec?”

I nod while staring at the floor, I can’t even meet his gaze for fear of breaking into tears. He stands up slowly and holds his arm out. I walk closer to him and he wraps it around my shoulders, guiding me through the kitchen and out the expensive fancy French doors to the garden. Once outside he begins talking.

“Soooo…about last night….”

Omg guys I am sososososos sorry for not updating in so long! Between so many exams and drama and my family problems I have been terrible!! You probably thought I was dead! Anyways, hope ye enjoy the new chapter(finally!) and please comment your feedback!


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