Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


22. Superhero

 “ Mikey, John, how are ya?”

I swiftly turn to spot the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer standing behind me, the dark haired guy is smoothly talking to the bouncers,

“Now now, don’t be messing around with this poor girl! You and me both know well she arrived here with Danielle and the boys!”

The bouncer turns bright red and glances between the guy and me; he begins to shake his head in disbelief,

“You mean to say, that she isn’t a crazy delusional fan?”

The dark-haired guy laughs and shakes his head, his accent is strange! It’s like....it’s like he’s Australian or from New Zealand!

“Miranda? Oh no mate! She was going out with Harry! Until that red-head swept in…”

FA dark look crosses over his face, but he continues, his cute face happy again.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me. We are here to party and I believe Miranda here is owed an apology.”

With that, he wraps his arm around my shoulders and guides me into the club as screams and flashes can be heard behind us. The other three boys follow suit and stop inside the door. I turn to my hero grinning,

“Thanks for that! A pair of total asswipes!”

He throws his head back laughing, his smile is so beautiful! He starts to shout over the music,

“No problem! Anything for a mate!”

He winks and I glance at the ground to hide my crimson cheeks,

“Wait, how did you know my name?”

But he’s gone, his beautiful smile and adorable laugh, along with his bandmates. I stumble around looking for Dani, my feet are beginning to hurt. I spot the gang seated at a booth nearby, I begin to walk to it but I am cut off when a body pushes mine against the wall. I panic and feel my heart pick up a few notches as my attackers hands are placed on both of my shoulders, pressing him involuntarily against the wall. I gasp and look up into a pair of honey coloured eyes, his eyes are just so mesmerizing, like melted honey orbs. I watch his luscious pink lips move as he speaks, I wake from my thoughts and try to listen to what he’s saying.

“Miranda?! Where were you? I got so worried!”

I shrugged him off of me and walk towards the booth. I plop myself down next to Danielle as she chats excitedly to Liam about the tour. She turns to me and envelopes me in her bone-crushing hug.

“Miranda I was so scared you ran off! The boys wouldn’t let me find you cus they were worried there was kidnappers! Gosh you had us all so scared hun!”

I laugh nervously and begin to tell her the story when Harry returns with four guys behind him,

“Guess who showed up!”

The four boys stand in front of us, doing the bro-shake with the guys. One with blondish hair and a bandana tied around it meets my gaze and grins before nudging the dark-haired one, he turns to the bandana guy raising an eyebrow. He signals to me and they both turn, the dark haired guy spots me and grins, his skin turning a bright shade of pink. Unfortunately for me, my face goes a deep shade of red, heating up my face and making it terribly obvious. He chuckles and glances at the bandana guy before looking back at me and winking. They join our party and order the next round of drinks, Danielle must have seen the obvious chemistry between the dark haired guy and I because she nudged me and winked before moving closer to Liam on the couch, leaving enough room for two more people to be seated.

I watched as he was talking to another one of his bandmates, the other blond one who looked cute. They were holding drinks in their hands and chatting effortlessly. At the wrong moment, they both turned around to me, and caught me staring. I hung my head staring at the ground, my face turning red again! I stayed like that until I felt a presence beside me and their weight shifting onto the couch, followed by another.

“Hey Miranda!”

I glanced up to see the dark haired guy sitting right next to me and the blondie sitting the other side of him. They were both looking at me smiling, the blondie leaning forward slightly to get a view of me over his bandmate. I smiled and waved before frowning and crinkling my forehead,

“Wait, how do ye guys know my name?”

They both smiled and shared a laugh,

“How could we not? You were dating our mate for ages!”

I laughed and shook my head, foolish I guess. I’m such a dumb blond sometimes, and I’m not even blond!

“And you are also on the list of people coming on tour with us!”

I chuckled and watched their expressions; these boys were so careless and cute!

“There’s a list?”

The dark haired boy nodded, but I spoke before he could reply.

“I still don’t know your names?”

The blondie clutched his chest in mock-horror while the dark-haired guy pouted and wiped away invisible tears. I cracked up at their reactions, they recovered quickly. The dark-haired guy spoke first,

“I’m Calum, that’s Ashton over there with the bandana on his head, Michael is the weirdo with the green hair and this is Lukey beside me, my little blondie.”

I laughed, they were slagging each other off and I actually found it cute? Gosh I’m acting like such a teenager.

“I’m Miranda.”

Calum started chuckling,

“We already know that.”

He winked and laughed, taking a sip from his drink.

“That doesn’t sound perverted at all!”

His laugh is so contagious! Something in my mind said I shouldn’t be doing this but I am a single girl and I want to live my life and have fun while I’m still young. I chat with Calum effortlessly, the good thing about talking with him is that he is so fun and bubbly that I completely forget where I am and I don’t feel the gazes burning holes into me. I didn’t even think twice about the jealous glares I received from many different girls in the club. I just chilled and laughed, that’s fun for me because laughing is one of the most important things you need to live. You need to be happy and have fun, because what’s the point in living a boring life? 

The group slowly dispersed, hanging around the boys after their performance made me feel slightly suffocated. I’m being delusional and irrational but that’s just how I am, and until I have a clear head, I don’t think I could really spend time alone with any of them. With the exception of Louis and Liam because those two are like my big brothers, whom I needed dearly in my life since I haven’t met up with my brother in ages, considering he’s in Ireland.

Luke left after spotting someone he knew, which I was grateful for because I kind of wanted some alone time with Calum. Ashton and Michael kept their distance, watching Calum and I and then whispering to each other. I was kinda nervous but Calum assured me that they were just looking out for him so his heart won’t be broken, I was a little curious and softly asked what happened before and he told me he would tell me another time. Meaning there would be another time, which made my heart swell up with happiness.

“Hey Randy, Calum?”


We both turn to see Danielle holding Liam’s shoulder softly as Liam speaks to us, loud enough to be audible over the music.

“Danielle and I are gonna catch some food, wanna come?”

We glance at each other before smiling and nodding, I bite my lip and stand up. Calum tells his mates before we leave, getting the limo to drop us off at the nearest McDonalds.

Liam orders for all of us but the only problem is that it’s packed, even this late at night. The only seats left are at single tables with only two chairs at each. Calum sits facing me and Danielle and Liam sit facing each other. Calum and I talk quietly to ourselves, sharing personal facts like family and friends and school.

“You’re doing Art? That’s awesome! I really love looking at paintings and the weird sculptures artists make, it’s like they have a totally different view of the world compared to ours!”

I laugh and shake my head,

“You make it sound like we’re visually-impaired!”

We both crack up smiling; we’re both so close with only our food and a tiny table between us. He gazes into my eyes, I feel my face heat up so I smile and bite my bottom lip, bowing my head to hide my blushing cheeks.

Calum inspects our empty food wrappers before getting out of his seat and taking my small hand in his big one gently,

“C’mon Miranda, let’s go for a walk.”

I raise my eyebrows but rise out of my seat before walking out the glass doors with him. We bid farewell to Liam and Danielle who remain in the warmth of McDonalds. I shiver and Calum, like in the movies, wraps his coat around my shoulders and wraps an arm around them too. He hugs me into his warm muscular chest, I breathe in his scent which is so welcoming and feels so safe. The cold night air is freezing and I can see our breath fogging around us like smoke, I giggle uncontrollably.


Calum looks down at me confused, his forehead crinkled and his eyes clueless like as puppy’s. I shrug and he chuckles before bending his head and placing a sweet, soft kiss on my forehead. I smile up at him and he looks back up at the empty street ahead. We continue walking, the silence refreshing and comfortable.

“Not too shabby for a first date, eh?”

I hide my blushing face in his chest, smiling to myself; I could tell he was smiling when he said that. Just by his tone, but that just made me feel like the happiest person in the world. We continue walking through the dark streets that are illuminated by orange street lamps, creating the perfect most romantic date that girls dream of in movies. Never in a million years did I ever think I would find a guy so perfect for me.

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