Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


25. First Day

I stay awake the whole night talking to Harry about anything and everything; it feels amazing to be able to talk to him again. It’s like he has changed, but I’m not fully sure if it’s an act or not, which is what I am worried about. The kiss surprised me, but not as much as the fact that I kissed him back. I mean, now I feel like the worst person in the world, Calum is in hospital and here I am kissing Harry while Calum is fighting for his life. I sigh and run my hands through my hair, how difficult is it to be a good person and a loyal girlfriend? It isn’t, that’s the thing! I shouldn’t have done that, so why did I? Did I want to kiss Harry? Or was it that ‘spur of a moment’ kind of thing? To be honest, I don’t know myself and that is what scares me. Harry is right, I need time to think and get my act together, and that means no guys and just me. It sure will be difficult, I mean, now that I have a job I can't be asking for days off already. Which reminds me, today is Monday! Crap! I start work today and I haven’t even slept a wink! I hop off the couch and run into the kitchen where Harry is cooking breakfast, he turns to me and frowns as he notices my panicked frustration.

“What’s wrong?”

I shake my head and plop myself on a bar stool before taking a big gulp of the coffee Harry places in front of me,

“I just remembered I have work today.”

I can hear the confusion in his voice as he replies,

“You have a job? Since when?”

I turn around to see his eyebrows pulled together; creating a cute little dimple I just want to poke. I resist and sigh before turning back to him,

“The other day, what am I going to do?”

I begin to panic once again but Harry quickly comes to my rescue, wrapping his bare arms around me from behind, trapping me in a tight embrace. His chest is warm and welcoming, his breath heating my neck and he speaks in his raspy voice,

“I’ll go to the hospital, I’ll check up on the boys and I’ll stay there all day. When you’re finished work, call me and I’ll take you to Calum.”

I sigh and quickly calm down; my stomach is still tense and feels like it’s in knots. Harry picks up his iPhone off of the counter and begins dialling a number, he gestures to the phone with his free hand,

“I have to tell the boys.”

I nod understandably and continue to drink my coffee and he leaves the kitchen for the foyer as he begins to speak, I stare off into space as I think about Calum and Luke, I really don’t want to leave them but I don’t want to miss my first day of work either. This job means everything to me now; it’s my only source of income as seen as I have no inspiration for paintings.  

God knows the next time another job will pop up for me; I need to be mature and stop being childish. I need to suck it up and go to work, not let my personal life affect my professional life. I will separate my two states of mind; nothing should affect my job, without the money I don’t know what I would do. My mind is just so jumbled up right now, I can't believe I cheated. I was always the person to despise cheaters, why cheat on someone? Just express how you feel about the other person to your partner and end things, there is no reason to cheat, but you did! My mind reminds me, I know I know! I am so stupid and pathetic, to even do that to Calum. His sad puppy eyes float in to my mind, I cringe and shake the picture from my head but the crash scene yesterday keeps replaying in my head again and again. I wish I could hit a rewind button, to un-see the horrible scene, to undo the whole crash altogether. Would Harry still have told me how he feels?

“The boys and Management know, they have a plan. The doctors are releasing a press statement tomorrow morning; it will be broadcasted on the TV and radio. Michael and Ashton will also be speaking, along with our tour managers and publicists.”

Harry’s voice is strained as he slowly enters the kitchen, a dark look across his face,

“The boys and I will also be attending, considering they’re our opening act and good mates. Don’t worry Miranda, he’ll be ok.”

Harry hugs me again, from the front this time. I bury my head into his chest and sigh; I close my eyes and imagine how it would feel to wake up like this every morning. At Harry's place, while he’s making me coffee and breakfast like I’m a queen. Actually, I know what it feels like because that was me once, long ago. I don’t know, maybe we could give us another shot. I haven’t felt this way towards anyone before or after Harry, which says something in the book of love. I just fear the fans; they must hate me by now, between all the guys I have been with. I’ve just been confused, but the paparazzi seem to think otherwise. Tears spring to my eyes thinking about the nasty articles that have been written about me. I blink them away and sniffle before pulling back and softly pushing Harry away. He frowns and looks down at me, pushing my hair behind my ear,

“Hey, like I said…don’t worry about it. He will be fine.”

I shake my head and blink my eyes more rapidly, fighting the tears who are threatening to spill over. He holds a hand to either side of my arms and pulls back to look at my emotions. He puckers his lips in concentration,

“What is it then?”

I sigh and take a couple of steps away from him, shaking my head faster as the tears finally spill over and down my cheeks. Harry's features change from concern to immense sadness as he watches me in pain,

“Harry, this is wrong…”

His face becomes more sad as he listens to me, my voice hoarse and scratching my dry throat.

“C-Calum is in hospital... I just cheated on him, with one of his best mates while he is in a near-death situation! I am such a bad person! Harry you don’t want me, you should want Katie or someone who can treat you better! Just not me…I’m not good enough for you! Look at the magazines! Do you honestly want to be with someone who ‘uses’ people?! Who jumps from man to man?!”

I crumple to the floor in tears, drawing my legs to my chest and wrapping my arms around them. I begin snuffling as the tears continue falling in a steady river, I hear Harry sigh deeply before a pair of hands tug my arms away from my legs. 

He pulls my chin upwards forcing me to meet his gaze. His green eyes are hurt and teary,

“Miranda don’t you ever say that, you’re amazing and funny! You are a lovely person it’s my fault! I want you and only you! Why the hell would I want Katie? She’s an attention-seeking…”

He’s stops and shakes his head before looking back at me,

“Forget her, the point is that you are truly a funny, amazingly kind person and I want you. I know that I shouldn’t put this pressure on you when you’re still with Calum and the state he’s in and I’m not pressurising you into thinking about it either but…”

I stop him rambling by smashing my lips onto his. I pull back to see his reaction, he remains frozen in shock before looking at me grinning and getting up off the cold floor before offering me his hand. He helps me up and I run up the stairs to get ready for work, totally forgetting about breakfast.

Harry drops me off to work before speeding off towards the hospital; I sigh heavily and enter the café wearing my fakest smile. I quickly get used to making the different drinks and serving the customers. By the end of the day I’m wrecked, my feet burning. I honestly didn’t know such a small café would get so many customers! My lunch break didn’t really consist of much, my boss Mary, told me that on my lunch break I could have anything from the coffee shop but like this morning, my appetite was totally lost like this morning. I just had a mug of coffee and I barely drank half of it. When my shift was finally over, I said goodbye to Mary before leaving and glancing both sides of the street trying to find Harry’s car. Finally I spot him walking towards me, his hands shoved into his coat pockets, his head low watching the pavement as he approached the café. I slowly started walking towards him, he was so lost in thought he didn’t see me so I slyly walked past him and started walking behind him. I decided to wait until he stopped outside the café, I could picture him frowning at the closed café. He pulled his phone out from his pocket and unlocked it before tapping away on the screen; I slowly approached his back before running and jumping onto his back. I felt him tense up; he’s probably thinking I’m some crazy fan or something.

“Oh hey, um?”

I almost laughed at his awkwardness; he’s too kind to shout at me considering he thinks I’m a stranger. I decide to tease him and see what happens, what’s the worse could happen? I begin to rub my hands through his curls and tugging at them,

“Oh, um what are you doing?”

I bite my lip so I don’t start laughing out loud, he definitely would know it’s me if I speak or even giggle. He extends his arm behind his head to fluff up his curls, I know how he finds it annoying when people mess with them and flatten them.

“Can, you um…sorry I have to be somewhere could you maybe get down? I’ll sign something for you?”

I start yanking his shirt collar, he starts tensing up again. His actions strained, I start messing his collar and hair, tickling his neck. He begins chuckling but abruptly stops and tries to grab my hands but I keep dodging them. Before I can stop it, I throw my head back laughing. My eyes closed as my head is tilted towards the sky, loud laughter erupting from me. Harry suddenly loosens up and turns his head, grinning. I jump off of his back and walks around to his front, he shakes his head grinning.

“Jesus Randy, you gave me a heart attack I was almost going to text Paul!”

I start giggling again and begin to fix his collar from the weird position I left it in, he stands still looking down at me as I fix his shirt. I step back proud of my excellent job, yet he remains standing there smirking. I playfully punch his arm,


I shake my head laughing and drag his arm in the direction he was walking, hospital time I just hope Calum is ok.

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