Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


20. Confusion Leads to This

I turn to face him, staring at the ground while crossing my arms. He shuffles his feet on the ground and drops his arm from around my shoulders.

“I was just so….so stupid. I was drunk and crazy and hurt because you left at the house party without me and I didn’t understand if you wanted to be with me or not and…it was just so confusing!”

His Irish accent was well pronounced as he wnt on, refusing to meet my gaze even though I watched him the whole time. He stuffed his hands into his jeans pockets, staring at the ground with a saddened face. I saw slight wetness on his face so I turned his head up with my hand on his chin, revealing Niall’s red eyes with tears brimming over them. My forehead crinkled as I too became upset, I pulled him into my arms hugging him tightly.

“Oh Nialler, don’t cry please.”

I heard him sniffling as he hugged me tighter, his arms nearly crushing my ribcage. I breathed slowly and rubbed Niall’s back reassuringly. Niall sniffled one last time before pulling away from the hug, allowing me room to breathe. He stared at the ground as he rubbed his eyes and wiped his face, he paused before meeting my eyes. His eyes were red as well as his nose. He stepped closer to me and began to talk again, his voice was stable and un-wavering this time.

“Randy, would you consider…em…”

He paused nervously and broke my stare, looking at the ground as his face turned tomato red. I rub my face tiredly before grabbing both of his hands in mine.

No-one’s P.O.V:

Niall and Miranda stood together in Harry’s backyard, staring into each other’s eyes in complete silence. Niall’s heart was swelling and about to burst with joy that Miranda was actually talking to him after that night. All he did was have a little fun with some girl at the club and he left her there. In Niall’s eyes, nobody could compare to his Randy, even though she didn’t realize it yet. He regretted that night ever since and barely slept either. All he could think about was the picture scared into his mind of Miranda and Justin, and when they showed up at Harry’s together, hand in hand, he was sure he had lost the battle. The same feeling he experienced when he heard that Miranda was dating Harry and they were in love. But that was old news and Harry was being ridiculous with that red-headed bimbo. All the guys in the band knew that, even Harry himself, but there was no talking to him because he blocked off anyone who even skirted near the subject.

Niall gulped loudly as Miranda held his hands tightly in hers; she gazed into his eyes for a moment before speaking up,

“What were you saying, don’t be nervous.”

Crap! He mentally face-palmed himself for making it so obvious, of course she would be a fool not to notice how nervous he was. He was practically shaking on the spot like a leaf. He coughed slightly and slowly raised his eyes to meet her confident gaze, it was almost as if she knew the power she had over him, she was Niall’s weakness.

“I was um….eh Miranda…I…c-c-c-can we t-t-try again?”

He inwardly rolled his eyes at himself as he stuttered; this girl had such an almighty and terrifying power over him beyond any doubt. She smiled and it was her turn to stare at the ground. She chewed her lip thoughtfully, Niall knew she did this whenever she was nervous or in deep thought. He knew Miranda that well by body language alone, he always knew he deserved her more than Harry, Harry would treat her like crap a lot of the time but she put up with it because she loved him and it broke Niall’s heart every time he thought about it or even heard it mentioned in a magazine or interview. Miranda stepped back slightly and glanced at Niall while biting back a smile,

“Wait and see Irish boy.”

With that, Miranda turned and walked back into Harry’s over-sized house, she was smiling to herself but careful not to let Niall see, she wanted to be mysterious to him. Niall stood frozen in the backyard for a good fifteen minutes, lost deep in his thoughts of what the girl he was in love with meant.

Meanwhile Harry Styles sat on his couch in his living-room area, it was too big and fancy to be a living-room but there was no other way to describe it, perhaps a loft? He didn’t really ponder over those thoughts too long because he was too busy thinking about the love of his life who was standing not thirty feet away from him in his backyard, and he wasn’t talking about his Irish bandmate. Harry shoved his right hand through his head of curls as his head rested on his left arm, which was lazily strung on the arm of the small couch. Katie was practically perched on his knee she was getting so close to him, she was very close to sitting on top of him which she would love but Harry himself didn’t really enjoy the thought. Katie followed Harry everywhere like a lost puppy; Harry hated the fact that Katie was so into getting with the media and fashion. She buys five different magazines a week, every week. When Harry once dared to question her motives, she replied that magazines phrased stories differently and that’s how she figures out the truth. When Harry dated Miranda, he loved how all of that crap didn’t bother her. She wore what she wanted and she listened to the music she wanted, popularity didn’t bother her a bit even though she was the most famous of the boys’ girlfriends.

She outshone Danielle and Eleanor by a longshot, even though Eleanor and Danielle have been dating Louis and Liam long before Harry and Miranda even got together officially. The fact that Katie is so up to date with everything, she knew when every awards ceremony was coming up and if 1D were invited. Harry never actually invited Katie anywhere, she invited herself. It angered Harry because he never had the chance to ask Miranda anywhere, and now it was too late because she was outside talking to Niall in private about their unofficial relationship. And she was also being dragged around by Justin too. Harry still had feelings for Miranda, very strong ones actually, and it made it difficult to express them to her when she was constantly being surrounded by guys or her friends. Ever since Eleanor started acting like there was a stick shoved up her arse, Harry noticed that Danielle didn’t hang with her anymore and became close friends with Miranda. Everybody preferred Danielle and Miranda’s company to Eleanor’s, it was just that simple. Liam, being Danielle’s boyfriend, found it easier to strike conversation with Danielle’s new bestfriend instead of Eleanor, whom was slightly prejudiced towards people who didn’t constantly wear the latest fashion. Danielle herself also found it much easier hanging with Miranda, she could wear whatever she wanted and Miranda never judged her.

Zayn watched Harry as he sat there immobile; he knew Harry was thinking about Miranda. Who didn’t? Zayn felt like Miranda would be much happier with him, Harry wasn’t enough of a gentleman towards Miranda and she deserved better, Justin hid things from her that would upset her even more and Zayn knew what Justin was like with girls, he played them. And everyone knew Justin wasn’t over Selena, he has a tattoo of her on his arm for Christ sake! And Niall, well Zayn didn’t think much of Niall’s “relationship” with Miranda. That was nothing, only a little schoolboy crush that he would get over once he had a few pints on him. Zayn felt like Niall was too innocent for Miranda, whereas he could provide everything for her. He was strong, sweet, polite and he could show her a good time if she gave him the chance. But he would have to go through Harry, Niall and Justin. Maybe it was Perrie? Maybe Miranda wasn’t giving Zayn a chance because he wasn’t single? He reminded himself to talk to her later about it, in private.

Miranda walked back to the group, all eyes on her as her slim, long legs carried her over to where Danielle was seated. Zayn watched her hungrily, his eyes eating her up. Perrie stiffened slightly as she saw Miranda enter the room, she could tell how smitten the boys were for her, Perrie understood why. She was skinny, tall, pretty and a sweet person. The jealously bubbled inside of her but she just smiled at Miranda and stared at the furniture that littered the room, never even spotting how her long-term boyfriend was nearly drooling like a dog over a juicy bone that wasn’t his. Harry woke out of his thoughts and smiled warmly at Miranda, she saw but looked away with a blank expression, Harry frowned to himself. Katie watched the exchange between Harry and Miranda before frowning and tugging on Harry’s arm, whining and informing him she was bored. Meanwhile Miranda inspected Katie’s choice of clothing.

Katie purposely wore this choice of clothing to grab attention, mainly because she was sick of Miranda stealing all the fame. She wanted to be the popular, fashionable girl that was dating a member of One Direction but Miranda was stealing that place, having articles wrote about her in nearly every magazine. Fashion critics were going wild about Miranda’s genius fashion choices because apparently she was “uber glamorous”. Katie hated how much attention she was grabbing; she didn’t even acknowledge how famous she was! It annoyed her how the world wasn’t even taking Harry and Katie’s relationship serious. So when meeting the group today, she decided on something quite eye-gripping.

She sported a tight, royal blue sleeveless crop top, showing off her recently pierced belly button. Hitched up her legs was a very worn blue short denim mini skirt. It was very short to reveal Katie’s legs. On her arm she had a Givenchy black leather tote bag, which she indulged herself in with Harry’s credit card. On her feet was a very expensive pair of high-heeled black suede Louboutin pumps. Katie had woken up early to curl her Rhianna-red hair to perfection, she had a slight wave to it and perfect curls at the ends. Her makeup consisted of red lipstick and powder.

She liked her outfit but it still didn’t compare to Miranda, dressed in her poor skinny jeans and charity shop sweater. No-one glanced twice at Katie when she arrived but the minute Miranda stepped into the room, they were all watching her, eyes glued to her, looking beyond the disgusting choice of mismatched clothing.

Danielle decided to wear something comfortable, she had decided on a peach strapless short layered dress with white polka dots and a bow at the waist. She had beige strapped cork wedges on her feet, which gave her outfit a summery look with the dress. She had her short blue denim Hollister jacket slung on her arm just in case it got chilly. The jacket only went to about her ribcage and the sleeves were three quarter length, which was perfectly matched with a summer dress. Her hair was still straight and she had curled it at the ends, pinning back her sidefringe. She put minimal makeup on, painting her nails a deep neon pink and putting peach lipstick on.

Perrie too also kept it simple; she was tired after the previous night. She hadn’t slept well after she engaged in a big fight with Zayn, he left and she went to bed, crying herself to sleep. Zayn arrived back in the morning, claiming he stayed at Liam’s and apologised. They made up and went to Harry’s, to find everyone has arrived except Miranda.

She wore a baggy white crop top saying “SMILE”, under that she wore bright blue jeans that went above her ankle, like three quarter length. She wore violet Vans that were so comfortable she felt like never taking them off and her blond hair was pulled up into a messy bun.

When Niall finally returned, he had calmed down and his eyes were no longer red. The way he was grinning to himself, everyone thought that Miranda had kissed him or forgiven him. After Katie nagging for ten minutes, they all decided to make plans. One Direction were planned to perform a few songs at the new nightclub downtown and the group decided to attend. Louis rang up Eleanor but she bailed, still feeling sick. Katie seemed genuinely upset but Danielle and Miranda casually shrugged it off. Everyone parted then, Harry and Katie remaining at Harry’s, Louis went home to Eleanor, Zayn reluctantly tore his eyes off of Miranda to bring Perrie out for lunch, Niall decided to go have a pint with Calum and Luke from Five Seconds of Summer and Liam, Danielle and Miranda decided to go shopping.

Hey guys!!! Hope ye enjoyed the latest update! I really enjoy writing this and creating outfits on Polyvore! Any polyvore peeps out there? You guys can follow me on caoimhegibbons (all small letters!) and I follow back too! So I will probably be updating another chapter today im working on it right now!(like the 1D song Right Now!)

I think I might start bouncing between people’s point of view, would ye guys like that? Please comment what ye think cus I haven’t been getting much feedback lately! Thanks:* xXx

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