Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


24. Comforting and Collisions


I had just woken and decided to take a trip to the intercity to buy a few groceries and wander about like I usually do, I was walking through the famous Blackbush market when I came across a newspaper stand, I don’t usually buy any of the sort it has always been Katie to buy magazines but one caught my eye. On the cover was a brunette but what really caught my eye was the pink tank top on her, and the familiar mint green Vans. The brunette was me; I gasp and pick it up. There, on the front cover was a picture of Perrie, Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne and I outside Starbucks laughing and hugging. Then there were other pictures dotted around it, ones of Danielle, Liam and I shopping and a few of Danielle and I at clubs together. The caption read in big bold print,

Is there a new edition to the One Direction girlfriend group?

I gasp without realizing it and shuffle through the pages and find the article, there’s a good page and a half of a story. My eyes begin to scan the words until I hear a gruff male voice behind me,

“Miss that’s £1.50.”

I shove two pounds into his hands before speeding down the street, I come across a nearby Starbucks and go inside, ordering my usual before hastily grabbing a seat and flicking open the glossy pages until I reach the article. I begin reading and can't help but feel upset at what these people write,

Miranda, pictured above, has been in the spotlight ever since dating the famous One Direction singer, Harry Styles. Since their breakup, she has moved on to Niall (Harry’s bandmate!) and Justin Bieber! She doesn’t seem to care that she went out with Harry’s bandmate straight after their split, and then go after their mate and idol, JB. Now, recently Miranda has been spotted with Calum Hood, from the Aussie band Five Seconds of Summer. Please don’t hurt him Miranda; he’s too cute for your heart-breaking ways. So what do you guys think? Has the heartbreaker struck again on Calum?

Harry dropped by to the studio here just last week and this is what he had to say, “Katie is just a friend, I’m still smitten by Miranda but she is yet to realize it. No, I didn’t mind her and Niall because whatever makes her happy, will make me happy. I still wish she would give me another chance but her and Calum are getting pretty close, he treats her right. I think she really likes him, and I’m happy for them although I wish it was me. Katie is her roommate and we are just friends. My sister (Gemma), is currently working her way through college so I needed to find a friend to bring to all the award ceremonies and she happily agreed. I think Miranda looks at it differently and it might be portrayed to look like a relationship but we’re just friends. I don’t feel like getting involved in a relationship right now as its still difficult getting over Miranda, everything in my flat reminds me of her and everywhere I go, I think about her. It’s just simple, I love her.” Wow Hazza! Brought a tear to our eyes here at the company! So Miranda, if you’re reading this, PLEASE fix Hazza’s broken heart, we would hate for him to be upset. Sounds like Miranda doesn’t really give a damn about Harry’s feelings! Hmm, I bet we would help Harry’s feelings! Tell us what you think on Twitter or Facebook!

I sat there for a good five minutes, re-reading the whole article, that wasn't even half of the whole thing. It all mentioned how nasty I was and how un-deserving I was of Harry’s love. I couldn’t take it anymore; I stood up and stormed out of Starbucks, leaving my hot chocolate behind. I turned the corner sharply to come face to face with another magazine and newspaper stall; there were another few magazines with me on the cover. I sighed heavily and leaned against a brick wall to some shop. When I decided I couldn’t take it any longer, my knees gave way from under me and I fell to the ground, loud sobs wracking my body. I keep my hands on my face the whole time, a few people stop and are kind enough to ask me am I ok and I reply quietly that I’m fine and they continue their happy lives, while I’m stuck in a whirlwind of gossip. How can those people write such nasty things? How are they allowed to do it is more the question?

After a while, there a tears still streaming down my face but I pull out my phone and dial the familiar number. I stand up off the ground and dust myself off as the phone rings,


His English accent rings through my phone,

“What the hell is wrong with you?!”

I screech at him, standing up and pacing around, I don’t give a damn about the nosy idiots that give me strange gazes.

“What do ya mean, love?”

“That whole god damn article for the magazine! Saying you love me and a load of bull about just being friends with Katie! What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“Woah woah, calm down Randy! What magazine was it?”

I give him the name and wait as he sighs, it sounds like he is rubbing his hands through his hair,

“Yes, I did say all of that.”

His voice is calm and serious, making more tears run down my face.

“Why didn’t you tell me instead of shagging my roommate?!”

I scream at him, more people begin to stare at me but I ignore them and concentrate on Harry’s voice.

“You know what she’s like with the blackmailing thing! Don’t worry though, I have her wrapped around my finger and I’m ending it today.”

“Ok, but be careful, god knows what she has against us.”

I sniffle as the tears keep falling,

“Wait! Miranda? Are you crying?”

Before I can answer he cuts in again,

“Where are you? I’m coming right now!”

I tell him where I am and crumble to the ground yet again, if I wasn't so upset my guard would be up and I wouldn’t have rang him, I wouldn’t have told him where I am either, but I guess I just needed some comforting. I wait patiently and not ten minutes later I feel a strong pair of arms lift me off of the ground. They carry me bridal style into a land rover and next thing I know, we're speeding off to god knows where. I glance over at my saviour, the familiar  curls are swept aside as his emerald eyes dart between the road and concentrating on me.Where did I go wrong? All this time I blamed Harry for our split-up but I'm not that innocent either. He did do pretty mean things but I could have been nicer about it. I inspect his features that I originally fell in love with. His pale smooth skin is slightly paler from no sun in England, his curls have been getting longer but I love them like that, it makes it perfect to run your hands through his hair and they're always smooth and glossy. His long eyelashes are still perfection, one of his many traits I myself is jealous of. Harry has never picked up a mascara brush in his life yet they're perfect and curled. He glances at me, catching me staring. I look away blushing, I see him smirk out of the corner of my eye before focusing on the road once again. 

I look out the windows and begin to panic, we're out of the city and there's no sight of it either. I quickly snap my head around to face Harry, who grins and looks at me, using his left hand to tuck my hair behind my ear while his right knuckle is gripping the steering wheel. I grab his hand and hold it in between mine, playing with his fingers and twisting his hand around, he begins to smirk at the road and playfully grabs my hand, tickling them, making me giggle uncontrollably. He suddenly stops when he has to break the car there is a line of traffic ahead of us, but thankfully we're near the front. The line moves slowly but we begin to panic as a police

 car and two ambulances arrive. Harry and I share a look before looking ahead to try and figure out what is going on. Once we're at the front, we're stopped so the line of traffic on the other side of the road can move, considering there is only one line of traffic allowed. The police are managing the traffic as there is two stretchers pulled out for the unfortunate people. There is one car lying at the side of the road, a pretty fancy one actually, but it's totalled. Lying upside down and most of the windows smashed in. 

I watch in horror as the ambulance workers assist someone onto a stretcher, someone with blond hair, but they are pretty stable with only a slightly twisted arm. I watch as they also get the second stretcher and they have to lift a dark haired guy onto it, he's unconscious with a big bloody gash on his head and scratches all over him, he's got the worst injuries of all. There is two other guys the same age standing and watching in horror too with a stern looking man patting them on the back. I gasp and begin to choke up, Harry follows my gaze and grabs my hand,

"Miranda, don't."

His voice is stern and full of warning but I ignore it and break out of his grip, swinging open the door and rushing over, nearly tripping. A police guard steps in my way just as I make it over to the ambulance,

"Excuse me miss, but the last thing we need right now is crazy fans interrupting us."

"I'm not a fan! I'm his..."

I point over towards the ambulance he is getting put in, but before I can finish, Michael and Ashton come bounding over, enveloping me in a big hug.

"Miranda, oh god Luke and and Calum are..."

Their voices fade away as tears fill my eyes, I hear Harry's Landrover pull over behind us before the slamming of a door and his boots' footsteps before yet again someone is hugging me. But it's Ashton, Harry stands there watching the tears spill over my eyes, shaking his head. I run over to the ambulance and watch in horror, Calum lying still, the paramedics attending to his injuries. I gasp before I'm taken away by Michael. Harry guides me back to his car while Michael gets into Calum's ambulance and Ashton gets into Luke's. Without a word, Harry follows the ambulance to the hospital but we wait in the car for awhile because the boys would have to be settled into the hospital before allowing visitors to see them, and from what I've witnessed, Calum will be undergoing very serious surgery

Harry and I are both silent as we wait, tears still brimming over my eyes. I just cannot believe that this happened to him of all people, he is so kind and so is Luke. They didn't deserve this at all. I watch as Harry hides his face in his hands, tugging at his curls with his eyes puffy and red.

"You really love him, don't you?"

I turn to look at him, there's tears in his eyes, I can feel my heart breaking into two. A flood of emotions is just passing over me and I don't know what to do because there is so much grief over everything. 

I don’t think I do, I mean, I’m not really sure. I haven’t known him long enough to tell and everything is so confusing right now, my mind is all jumbled up like a jigsaw waiting to be made.

“Harry don’t be ridiculous, I don’t know him long enough.”

“Well you were silent there for a good ten minutes, sounds like you’re working on ways to lie to me.”

He shoots back, glaring out towards the hospital with cold fury. I place a comforting hand on his bicep, which is clenching from Harry’s newfound anger.

“Harry, give me time. I just need to sort out my feelings and thoughts.”

He shrugs my hand off and sharply turns in his seat, focusing his glare on me.

“Don’t you think that maybe you should, well I don’t know, stay single while you’re trying to figure your feelings out?”

His voice rises until it’s too loud, scaring me almost. He spots the fear in my eyes and turns away, rubbing his face scornfully and hitting the steering-wheel angrily, I wince and turn away to look out the window. People are passing by without even a second glance. I rub away the tears and try to think of a plan to sort everything out. I hear Harry dial someone’s number before he is brought on the phone with some person, a voice I don’t recognize.

“Calum and Luke…”

The person on the other end interrupts him,

“Yes, we know.”

“But the tour…”

Yet again he is cut off,

“We are working on it.”

I space out for the rest of the conversation, losing interest. I finally decide to check my phone to find three missed calls from Liam, eleven missed calls from Danielle and about a million texts and missed calls from everyone, including Perrie and Zayn. Speaking of Zayn, he has been acting quite weird lately, I’m kind of concerned but also worried that if I show my concern he may mistake it for feelings and I really do NOT want more drama on the relationship front right now. I quickly text Danielle a small reminder mentioning I am safe and ok and I will chat to her later. I put my phone down and turn away, seconds later it buzzes but I ignore it and continue to riffle through my thoughts. Part of me never stopped loving Harry; the only problem is what if it’s all an act?


What feels like decades later, Ashton finally rings Harry allowing us to enter the hospital. We meet him in the foyer, quickly squirting on some of the alcohol hand-sanitizer and following his lead to the elevators where he takes us to Calum’s floor. He brings us into a typical hospital room, six hospital beds, three on each side. But the only problem being is that only two are occupied. One is occupied by Luke; the handsome blonde teenager is biting his nails while his other arm is being held in a sling. There’s a small bandage on his forehead but otherwise, he looks ok. Calum, on the other hand, is lying on the last bed, machines and wires connected to him. When Ashton and Michael spot me, they step away from the bed and join Luke on the bed next to Calum’s. I slowly approach the bed, my eyes begin to water again but I control them and take the seat right next to his bed, Harry quietly stands beside the empty bed, observing me in silence. I lean on Calum’s bed and take his still hand in mine; it’s cold and feels fragile. His chest, slowly, rises and falls with each breath. I let out the breath I realized I’d been holding since I walked in, thankfully he is breathing.

His features are still and unmoving but remain beautiful, even after a car wreck, Calum Hood remains perfect. We all sit by his bedside in silence, the very first time I have ever seen the 5SOS boys unhappy and not laughing while joking around. This should not have happened to them, nobody deserves this. Screw it I deserve it more than these guys do, all they want to promote their music and make their fans happy, how much is that to ask for?

*5 hours later*

Harry and I leave the hospital, both of us still in shock over what happened. What about the tour? 5SOS are planned to be 1D’s opening act? We walk to the car in silence; Harry opens my door like a gentleman, even in his upset state. I’m not sure if all of this is a joke or not, I mean, why all of a sudden is he hot on my trails again? Did seeing me with all of those other guys spark some jealously deep down inside of him? Harry begins driving but not in the direction of my flat, I turn my mouth open to tell him but he cuts me off before I can speak,

“My house is closer and besides, yours will be surrounded with paps asking about the accident.”

I nod silently and close my mouth, turning back to face the dark road ahead. Once safely inside the place I once called home, Harry and I find ourselves in the kitchen.

“Harry, can I ask you a question?”

He starts to boil the kettle as I lean against the counter facing him, my hands pressed behind me.


He replies, pulling two mugs out and some teabags,

“Why, all of a sudden, have you suddenly begun to…love me again?”

I hear him sigh heavily; he stays still and silent, before slowly turning to face me. He stands in the same position as me, leaning against the far counter. He watches the ground for a moment before raising his eyes to meet my gaze slowly, as if his eyes weighed tons.

“I don’t think you want to know the answer to that.”

He begins to turn back to making tea when I stop him,

“I do.”

He stops turning and faces me again, snorting.

“It’s embarrassing…”

I cross my arms sternly and raise an eyebrow, jutting my hip out sassily.

“Ugh fine! Wait until I make the tea.”

*                    *                   *

Sitting on a comfy couch facing Harry at the other end with my mug balancing on my leg, I gaze at him expectantly.

“Ok! But keep an open mind ok! The thing is, after we broke up, I felt like a prick, a right twat. And I was both of those things for letting you go. After that, after what we had- the fiery passion and the love we had for each other, I just knew I could never feel that way or have that with someone else. I tried, really I did. But I just can’t stand you, you’re perfect like an angel but you kill me like the devil. It’s like you have cursed me, no matter how hard I try, I know you are the one. So that day that I begged for your forgiveness, Katie came on to me. I know you expected me to say that because you think I’m a douche but just hear me out!

I was hanging around and she came up to me, showing me a picture from a long long time ago. But if anyone saw it, I would be dead. So, like the bitch she is, forced me to keep quiet. Ever since that day she has been black-mailing me into everything, but the other day in that article, I purposely did that. I’m tired of the games she plays and I’m sick of it, I hate the way she hurts you and talks about you like a piece of crap, because even if she thinks that, you’re my piece of crap. And I don’t want her, or Justin, or Niall, or Calum or anyone to take that from me. You, my piece of crap, belong with me.”

With that, he yanks my mug off my leg, drops it on the coffee table and rests both his hands on either side of my face, before leaning over and colliding our lips together.

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