Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


12. Chapter Twelve


Ten minutes later, Harry slides back into the limo. Followed by a grinning Katie who has a firm grip on his left hand, wait, what?! I give it a second looking, double checking that I’m not seeing things. Harry gives me a warning look as if I’m about to pounce on the girl, please, Harry Styles? I’m not jealous! I’ve been with him and I know how much of a jerk he is and trust me, I’m trying my best to stay as far away from him as possible. I open my mouth to question was it Katie who caught us when Harry clears his throat quickly before I can make a noise.

“Katie saw you trying to get with me and has agreed to keep quiet and not tell Niall on one condition.”

Harry finishes and looks at me worryingly as if I’m about to snap and they’ll need to put me in a mental home, oh wouldn’t he love that? I leave aside the angry profanities I want to scream at both of them on the topic of that it was actually Harry who was making a move on me and try to think of what one condition did Katie bargain over. You can almost hear the clicking noise as my mind pieces together what is going on here, so Katie is blackmailing me and Harry over ruining my future friendships with 1D and relationship with Niall over a fake relationship with Harry?! Is that girl crazy?! She can ruin my life in one sentence if she breaths a word to Niall but yet she’d rather blackmail us? Sometimes I do think that girl is a blond at heart. I don’t realise that I’ve been spaced out until I look up and see that everyone is already here and we are on our way to whatever venue we’re going to. Danielle sits in beside me and leans her head into the crook of my neck, tiny sobs erupt from her throat, sending waves of concern through me. I lean down slightly to whisper in her ear,

“Are you okay Dani?”

After about a ten minute drive of Danielle telling me that she’s fine, I drop the subject and for once this evening, take a look at what she’s wearing. Danielle is wearing a fully white sequined tank top that hugs her fit professional dancer body perfectly, black tight leather leggings, bad-ass looking black leather lace up combat boots and big hoop earrings with her hair naturally perfect curls. Her makeup is to a minimum, looking natural and giving her a beautiful glow. She has bangles on her left wrist that clink every so often when she moves to wipe the tears from her eyes, no one notices she’s crying or even upset as they’re all too occupied talking to each other. I pat her hair soothingly as we pull up at a big house, not as big as Harry’s but definitely not as small as my flat. Everyone jumps out, I make a move to get out until Danielle pulls me back. I sit down and close all the limo doors before turning back to her, she takes a deep breath of air before turning to the limo driver,

“Hey Shane! Could you put up the screen please?”

Shane, I’m guessing, calls back a ‘sure!’ before the black screen automatically slides over, must be remote controlled. Danielle turns to me, for the whole drive her head was buried in my shoulder but now I see she is definitely not okay, she’s actually a far cry from okay. Her makeup is smudged but she pulls a compact mirror from her black studded leather clutch that I didn’t know she had until now, she fixes her makeup and hair before turning to me.

“Miranda, I lied. I’m far from okay, Liam is just totally freaking out! He broke my grandmother’s lamp the other day! He just threw it at the wall!”

She takes a deep breath in and lets it out like those breathing exercises, she straightens up and regains her full un-wavering voice,

“Lets go to the party!”

Next thing I know, Danielle is out of the limo and wavering as she stumbles into the house party. She doesn’t even have to ring the doorbell, the front door is wide open and anyways, there’d be no point in ringing the doorbell because nobody would hear it. I’m really surprised none of the neighbours have rang the guards yet as the music can probably be heard three miles away. By the time I have walked through the front door, Danielle is nowhere to be seen. I make my way to where I presume is the kitchen, no one from my party are anywhere to be seen. I end up in a massive kitchen like those ones on tv except the difference is, there’s about ten couples making out here and its full of drink. There’s other people chatting, holding red plastic solo cups like in those American movies. I’m about to pour myself a drink when a cute guy hands me a cup. I nod thanks and he grins, I’m not sure whether he is sober or not. I leave my cup down after walking away, trusting my parent’s advice on never accepting drinks from anyone because you don’t know if they have drugged you or not. I pick up an empty looking cup and check that its clean before picking up a bottle of Vodka, I’m interrupted by the guy who handed me a drink. He picks up the cup he handed me previously and replaces it with the empty one in my hand.

“Before you’re afraid I’ve drugged you or whatever you do know me. I’m the boys’ drummer, Josh.”

He extends his hand towards me, mine slowly shakes his before I drop it by my side. I take this opportunity to find out where all the boys are, I feel so overdressed considering this is a house party, no wonder Harry wanted to get out of his suit. Josh looks thoughtful for awhile before smiling and turning back to me,

“Last time I saw them, out back.”

He beckons behind him where there’s windows looking out to the back lawn. I leave before even asking him how to get outside. I stumble on the uneven lawn in the dim light, the sun has set and whoever owns this house didn’t bother to turn outdoor lights on. I follow the direction of the noise as I recognise Niall’s throaty laugh. I walk over to see Niall doing a handstand against a keg, drinking from a pipe that’s leading into the keg. I’ve heard people call them ‘headfuck’ but seeing Niall do it makes me want to puke. Niall gets down, I stamp away quickly. He stumbles towards me, already overly drunk, he mumbles my name but I pull my wrist out of his drunken grip as I stumble back into the massive house. I rub my eyes angrily as tears threaten to spill. Danielle snaps me back to my senses as she grabs me and wraps an arm around my waist and drags me out back but continues to drag me along until we’re at the side of the big house/mansion. That’s when she collapses against the wall in a heap, hiding her face in her hands, crying uncontrollably. I avoid the conversation of Liam as she probably doesn’t want to talk about it right now, especially with me.

“So how do you know about back here?”

Danielle looks up from her tear stained hands and sniffles before replying soberly,

“Aaah its one of the 5 seconds of summer guys’ houses.”

She waves her hand like she’s swatting a fly before continuing,

“Anyways, who cares?! My relationship is falling apart!”

This is the right moment to sit beside her and comfort her. I take my place on the cold concrete ground beside her, my knees pulled up to my stomach, my arms wrapped around Danielle like she’s made of glass and may break anytime now. She continues even though its muffled by her covering her face with her hands,

“Liam is scaring me! He’s not abusive but he smashes and breaks everything in our apartment! I forgot to fee Loki the other day and he roared at me! I’m scared Randy! I don’t know what to do and I tried talking to Eleanor but all she wants to do is go shopping! I have nothing anymore!”

I hugged her tighter and hushed her,

“You have me, I’ll stay here and listen to whatever you need to talk about.”

She smiled bravely and snuffled,

“You’re afraid of me?”

The deep voice made us both jump, we sit still not moving. I peek out from behind my curtain of hair to see Liam standing there. We both recognise his voice but I was just making sure before assumptions. Neither of us say a word,


Is voice is slightly temperamental and this causes Danielle to start shaking like a scared puppy. I get up and stand up to Liam,

 “I don’t think we will be needing your help.”

Liam clenches his jaw as he tries to look past me to Danielle but I keep blocking his vision, his next words hurt me like an arrow through the heart,

“Well isn’t that all you ever do Miranda? Only ever think, never act. Well did you ever think about how when you ran off on Harry that he may be hurt? Or when you ran from Harry and turn up at the awards with Niall? Did you not think that people will make assumptions?”

I flinch every time he emphasises ‘think’. Danielle is suddenly at my side which makes me jump a little, her voice is cold as she gravely says,

“No one asked for your opinion!”

Eventually after a standoff in the moonlight, Danielle convinces me that Liam and her need time to talk, privately. I didn’t really want to leave her all alone with him but she forced me to and I respect her privacy. I call a cab before telling Eleanor that I’m leaving, knowing that message isn’t going to get to any of the boys but at least I have a defence when they ask me why I left tomorrow. Twenty minutes later, the cab pulls up outside the house and I hop in more than reluctant, I wished Liam and Danielle goodbye before leaving, they seemed to have talk things through because they were fine when I left. I stare out the windows as the cab speeds down the empty streets, for the first time all evening I check the time. Holy crackers! Its 3am and I’m only leaving! But the party was just starting! The cab pulls up at my flat and I pay the cab driver, I can barely afford the fare but its better than being in that limo with the awkward and silence and hey, I gave them all a conversation starter on the way home, ‘Where’s Miranda?’ I guess I did give Eleanor another chance to be centre of attention as she will obviously pipe up that she knows where I am. I unlock the door and stumble into my cold flat, I get a glass of water from the kitchen before getting changed into my pyjamas. I didn’t have one drink tonight so I will remember this tomorrow, now I wish that I did get drunk. I go to bed with total regrets of even going tonight, I guess the only thing I don’t regret is helping Danielle and Liam sort out their issues. I hear Katie and Harry come home at six o’clock in the morning, I hear them laughing and giggling, they’re obviously so drunk they’re out of it. I hear them stumble into Katie’s room and I don’t even want to have to describe to you what I heard next.

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