Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


13. Chapter Thirteen: The Dream

  Miranda's P.O.V:


I fall back into peaceful dreams.
I look around; I’m in a field where the grass is so tall that no one can see me when I’m lying down. Someone touches my arm gently, sending giggles from my stomach. Without looking at the person because I’m pretty sure it’s Niall, I grab their hand and hold it in mine. I stare up at the beautiful blue sky with the exception of a few puffy white clouds. Niall is looking at me; I turn my head in horror to see it’s not Niall beside me, its Liam. I frown but he smiles lovingly at me like I’m the eighth wonder of the world. I pull back from his grip of my hand but he holds it in place. I look down at our entwined hands and gasp. My hands and arms are waayy tanner than what my actual arms are like. Liam smiles at my confusion as a cool breeze blows over my hair, sending a lock of hair into my face, I make to push it out of my eyes but Liam beats me to it and pushes it behind my ear. I sit up from our position of lying down in the field; my whole head of hair is pushed into my face as the wind is against our backs. I’m about to brush it aside when I gasp in horror again, my hair isn’t the usual straight and chestnut, it’s a darker shade of brown and is extremely curly, as in natural curly. I frown; I have never curled my hair like this, ever. I glance down at what I’m wearing; this is what actually scares the crap out of me. I’m wearing what Danielle wore last night, her sequined close-hugging tank top with black leather leggings and black studded leather combat boots. I pat the grass beside me and find her studded black leather clutch. I pop it open, now accepting that I will most likely find all of her stuff in here. Sure enough there’s her pink iPhone, silver compact mirror and a few other things like spare earrings and lip-balm. I pull out the compact mirror and look at my reflection, only it isn’t my reflection, its Dani’s. Her chocolate brown eyes at staring back at me, widened in shock, her tanned skin completely flawless and he perfect lips are framed in shock. I push back her curls out of my face and see that I’m wearing her silver hoops as well. I push back the left side of Danielle’s curly locks to make sure that I’m wearing both earrings, bangles make clanking noises on my left wrist, Danielle was wearing bangles on her left wrist last night. I straighten up and quickly look around for any sign of anything familiar but no, nothing seems familiar. That’s when I know it; this is my granddad’s field back home, from estimating its early summer as the grass is really long like a meadow. That’s when Louis and Eleanor come into view; they catch sight of me and bound over, jumping and dancing excitedly. Louis sits between Liam and I and starts rambling before I can even question what the hell is going on here.
“We found this AWESOME stream and there’s frogs and fish and animals and we found a RABBIT!”
I would laugh in a normal situation but this situation is far from normal, not long later, Harry appears in sight, with Katie, holding hands. They’re wearing the same clothes from last night except Katie has Harry’s jacket draped over her shoulders. I groan, Liam rolls his eyes, so I’m not the only one that disapproves of them? The only reason I don’t like them dating is because they aren’t dating, its fake and its over blackmail. Harry seems to be enjoying it so I’ll let it slide, Harry smiles and says hello to everyone before asking, seeming genuinely curious.
“Where’s Miranda?”
If I wasn’t looking at both of them, I wouldn’t have caught Katie rolling her eyes impatiently, aw, jealous much? I open my mouth to announce I’m right here when it hits me that I’m Danielle, soon enough Niall appears. He’s walking towards us, not really caring that we’re here, he’s too busy taking in his surroundings. Before anyone can call him over he shouts from across the field,
“Does anyone know where the hell we are?”
His Irish accent travels with the wind, everyone shrugs except me,
“This is my granddad’s field from back home.”
I see Liam frown from the corner off my eye,
“No its not, Danielle I’ve been home with you to your granddads and this isn’t one of his fields.”
It hits me like a blow to the stomach, I’m Danielle and the real me, Miranda, is missing. I mentally facepalm myself for being so stupid, I fake shock and pretend that I didn’t mean it,
“Oh sorry, just guessing as seen as no one else thought of anything.”
Everyone seems fine with my excuse and looks around, trying to figure out where we are. Niall finally makes it over to us, grinning like an Irish cutie. He takes a seat beside me and grins, pulling me into a friendly hug. I guess this nightmare may actually give me the chance to know what its like being friends with Niall. I smile, his hugs are so warm and inviting,
“Hey Dani, how ya doing?”
I smile in spite of myself, we talk for awhile about home and how much he’s missing it. It hurts that he doesn’t mention my name once, he doesn’t even ask where I am, as if he doesn’t care or doesn’t want to know. I decide to go in for the kill and use the advantage of someone else’s body,
“So how are you and Miranda getting along?”
He bows his head and goes quiet, what the actual hell? His face tinges red as he mumbles,
“I don’t know.”
I decide to drop the subject and don’t reply, turning to Liam,
“Eh baby?”
Danielle and Liam’s relationship must be fixed because he takes it in his stride like normal,
“What time is it?”
He shuffles around in his pockets, he pulls out his black Blackberry and unlocks it.
“Three forty-five.”
I nod before muttering thanks, then its as if a light bulb appears about my head,
“Could you ring Randy for me?”
He raises an eyebrow curiously for a minute before clicking a few buttons and bringing the phone to his ear, three seconds later a phone starts ringing from Danielle’s clutch. I frown and pull out my purple Blackberry with its blue One Direction case. Liam hangs up before raising an eyebrow suspiciously, seriously? How did I miss it before when I was taking out the mirror?
“Danielle? Care to explain why you have Miranda’s
I open my mouth but no sound comes out.

Somehow, everyone starts to take off. Once everyone has left, Liam turns to me and edges forward. He gets up so close I can feel his hot breath on my face, he touches my face before leaning forward, pressing me into the grass of the meadowy field. I try to push him back but he’s too strong and doesn’t even realise I’m fighting. I scream and thrash about.

I sit up in bed, cold sweat running down my face. I thrash about in the sheets; the door slams open to reveal Harry in nothing but boxers, holding a baseball bat defensively. In the moment, I totally forget what just happened and start laughing hysterically at Harry in his Superman boxers. He does a check of the room with his eyes suspiciously before glaring at me, flushing red in the face.

Harry does a double check of the room again before turning to me, clearly pissed. His morning voice is deep and actually the slightest bit attractive but wouldn’t Katie know about that?


He snaps at me, I stop laughing and wipe the tears from my eyes. After all, he’s the one who came in here.

“You’re the one who intruded into my room in nothing but….Superman haha boxers and holding a baseball bat.”

I can’t help but crack up in hysterical giggles as he glares at me, burning holes in me.

“You were screaming.”

I ignore him and hop out of bed, expecting him to leave so I can get dressed but there’s no chance of that happening, instead he remains in his previous composure standing near the door. He grunts as I pick up dirty clothes from my floor shamefully,

“Is there anyone in here?”

His eyes keep darting around the room like he’s expecting Niall or one of the boys to jump out from behind the door or from under the bed, I raise my eyebrows, wouldn’t he love that?

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

He glares at me for being so sassy but hey, Louis taught me a trick or two. I usher Harry out and open my closet doors, desperate to find something nice for today. I can tell it’s going to be a lovely sunny day as the sun is shining through my thin purple make-shift curtains. Because there are butterflies and swirly patterns on my curtains, the sun is projecting them across my room casting beautiful shadows on my bedroom walls. I rummage a little deeper into my closet to choose a fairly fashionable outfit. I put on a long, loose stripy black and white button up sleeveless-shirt that has blue denim on the breast pocket, shoulders and collar. I matched the top with red jeans like Louis’ and black and white heeled high tops. I brush my left hand through my hair and let my chestnut locks frame my face. The sun is still bright as ever. I pull back my curtains to regret it, the sun flashes my eyes, making me blink back sore tears for a few minutes before regaining my full health of sight. I make my way out of my room and into the living room/ kitchen. The kitchen is so small and is kinda connected to the living room so it just goes like that.

As I enter carefully make my way down the steps I am greeted by a smell of food, it smells really nice. I nearly jog to the kitchen door when I realise the current status with Katie and Harry, I stop and calm myself collectively before pushing open the wooden door to our tiny kitchen, and did I mention it’s incredibly small? Harry is at the stove cooking with a frying-pan while Katie is dancing around the kitchen in a tight football jersey and grey sweats, nothing of Harry’s but that jersey is mine. I do recall Harry giving it to me but it’s mine so that’s stealing. You don’t see me parading around in clothes of hers that her exes gave her whom I’m currently dating, do you? Katie stops dancing and holding intent eye contact with Harry to look at who came through the door, there’s an extreme awkward silence as Harry and Katie stand there wondering what to do, probably each wondering if it’s safe to say ‘good morning’. I leave the kitchen and walk into the living room and huff as I push myself into the couches exterior. I can still feel Harry’s and Katie’s eyes on me as I stare at the wall, Katie looks away to Harry but he’s content with watching me, #stalker. See what I did there, fellow Twitter peeps? I’m personally not on twitter but I always hear people saying things like that but anyways…..back to the main point! Harry and Katie have their breakfast, whatever the hell Harry cooked and I must say it smells delicious. I lick my lips as I click around on my Blackberry, Harry bought it for me when we started dating as he didn’t want me walking around without means of communication. At first I thought it was cute that he was so concerned for me but now I don’t really care. I hear a clank of a fork, I look out of the corner of my eye to see Harry side in his chair a little bit. He gives Katie a quick peck on the nose before clearing his throat,

“Would you like some breakfast Katie?”

I turn to him; he lifts a plate full of pancakes and rashers. I feel my stomach growl but I shake my head and give my best fake smile I can,

“Oh I’m good thanks.”

He nods, satisfied. I continue to play with my phone whilst sitting on the couch. Katie pops up out of her barstool, scraping it back so it makes a screeching noise on the tiles.  My eyes flicker to Harry to see his reaction, you see Harry hates high pitched or screeching noises and it really gets on his nerves. Harry clenches his jaw but doesn’t say a word to Katie, what the actual hell? He used to shout at me when I did it, what’s so different about Katie? Well besides the fact that their relationship is a result of blackmailing. Katie stands up, clapping her hands excitedly.

“I’ve got an idea!”

She starts squealing, adding to the amount of annoying things she has done today. Harry ducks his head, not saying anything,

“We should bake cupcakes!”

I have to see Harry’s reaction to this, he glances at me unsurely. I shrug; he watches Katie’s excited face intently. He nods discreetly as she starts giggling and running around to wrap her arms tightly around his waist. Her face is in his chest and he’s facing me, he signals to Katie with his eyes, I roll my eyes and scoff. He shrugs his shoulders and rolls his eyes too. I scoff again which brings Katie to her senses; she pulls back quickly so I glance down at my phone pretending it’s something on my phone. I see her glance at me before kissing Harry for a long time, like a really long time. Katie starts pulling out ingredients for cupcakes while Harry leans his head on his arm that’s resting on the kitchen countertop lazily. His face is wearing a pure expression of boredom and he’s talking with me telepathically through eye contact, it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he clearly doesn’t want to make stupid buns and especially not with Katie. Katie stands up from one of the presses, putting her skinny arms on her hips and pouting furiously. Harry pretends to look concerned, his voice is truly sincere though, such a great actor,

“What’s wrong babe?”

She smiles at ‘babe’ but starts pouting again,

“We used all the flour.”

Harry shrugs, Katie makes for the door,

“I’ll go get dressed and we can go get some.”

Harry watches her back for a second before making a move for her arm,

“Here no love, it will take too long. Miranda and I will go get some, we will be back in five.”

My ears perk up to my name being called, I don’t remember volunteering to do the shopping with a stuck up snob like Harry, he just offered when he could very well go on his own. Katie freezes and spins around to him, they speak in hushed whispers out in the hall for about ten minutes before Harry returns with his phone and wallet in his hands. He ushers me to get to the door,

“C’mon we need to get flour.”

I raise my eyebrows sarcastically and fake mock surprise,

“Never would have guessed it Sherlock.”

He chuckled at my new nickname for him as he closes the front door behind us,

“Hilarious as always.”

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