Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


10. Chapter Ten

I was wrecked, my sandals pinching my feet as we were once again, piled into the cramped limo. But for once, this was a different limo and there was plenty of space. I sigh and rub my face, how could it be so tiring, Liam and Louis chuckled at my sleepyness (if thats a word) as I moan and huff around. I lean my head on Niall's strong shoulder and close my eyes peacefully, reminising in the peace of the limo. But then all of a sudden, the two, now three mind you, bitches of Great Britian decide to start their loudest and most annoying convo about fashion all evening. Just when I'm about to doze off like! I inwardly groan and shove my face deeper into Niall's neck, I probably should have warned Niall earlier how I get when I'm extremely sleepy. But how was I to know? Who knew all this could be so tiring?! The only reason I'd say that the other girls aren't tired is because they haven't been signing autographs or replying to the dozens of fans.

I'm half asleep/ half awake when the limo stops, Niall gently shakes me. My eyes flutter open to reveal a rosy cheeked Niall. He chuckles and his breath smells funny, I sniff but he chooses that moment to pull away from me, I peer at him suspiciously. He's obviously been drinking from the smell of his breath but to pull away? Is he afraid that I'm against him drinking tonight? I lean back in the leather seat of the limo and rub circles on my temples, a throbbing headache is starting to come on and there's nothing I'd rather do than go home and go to bed, as in sleep for you dirty minded people! My head feels ten times heavier as I let it fall back onto Niall's shoulder. My sweet thoughts of peaceful sleep are interrupted when Harry opens the door and everyone starts piling out, Niall gets out but I pull on his forearm, forcing him to stop and turn towards me expectantly,

"Whats wrong babe?"

We both blush but I only leave it a second before replying in a whiny tone,

"Where are we going?"

"This is Harry's place, he needs to get ready."

Niall's voice is like he's stating a matter of fact but how was I supposed to know? I've been cooped up in my room all day! I hop out of the limo reluctantly, no energy left to even ask what he needs to get ready for exactly, I just take Niall's offering hand and let him lead the way into the mansion I've been in about a hundred times.

Once in the front door, the familiar scent of Harry's house hits me like a blow to the gut. I mentally double over, even in my sleep deprived state. Niall drags me in and plops me on the couch, of all times my bladder decides now to scream at me. I clutch my stomach praying that I can hold it in until we leave and get to our next venue, the after party. But unfortunately for me, I can't. I hop up off the couch discreetly and lean down to whisper in Niall's ear that I need the bathroom. Before waiting for the unnecessary directions I take off down the hall, Harry is nowhere to be seen thank god. I decide to go to the bathroom upstairs as I know that the dressing room is downstairs by the downstairs bathroom. 

My sandals make hollowed taps on the stone steps of marble as I carefully make my way up, running my hand along the black wrought iron banister. Once up on the landing I cross by all the bedrooms and examine the soft cream rug, its got these weird tears and scratches running along the landing, either stopping or ending outside his bedroom door. I frown at these weird tear marks, whatever could he be doing? I keep walking, studying the marks as I go along until I walk into something hard. I thought I walked into the wall until I see a pair of bare feet in front of me, I raise my eyes to see the person is wearing black skinny jeans. My eyes follow up to see the person shirtless, 'Nice abs' I can't help but think until my eyes trace over the familiar tattoos. I don't want to but my eyes lead up to his green emeralds, his perfect plump baby lips are turned up in a smirk. His face looks so at peace, his eyes shining. Its not long before I feel my lips turn up in a triumphant smile, my eyes soon shining with love.

He lifts his palm to face me, his hand just holding up in the air. I mirror his actions so that my left hand is placed against his right. He bends his fingers and I follow, so that our fingers are entwined. Our hands fall to our sides', Harry lifts both our hands up and softly kisses my knuckle. I blush, it disappears as I realise what I'm actually doing. Its his god damn charm thats doing this to me now, the Styles charm. He starts to frown as he realises I'm thinking, obviously coming to my senses. My hand immediately snaps back like a shock reaction, I stumble back a few steps, my mouth opening and closing, failing to speak any words or even profanities even though I'd love to curse him. He follows my steps, reaching out for my arm but I press it behind my back, out of reach. I push past him and towards the bathroom door, I open it and step in the doorway, pausing at the mention of my name,


I stop and turn to face him, his face is grief-stricken and he is deep in concentration but also trying to tell me something. I open my mouth to reply but nothing comes to mind. I shake my head, my eyes sorrowful and my eyebrows casting shadows upon my eyes. I go to the bathroom and close the door quickly and quietly. I check my face in the mirror, my eyeliner is slightly smudged and my eyes are giving away the fact that I'm wrecked tired. I pinch my face and rub my eyes tiredly, how did I get so tired? 

I open the bathroom door quickly, preparing to storm past a shirtless Harry but he is yet again nowhere to be seen. I stumble down the steps, not sure what to think of Harry's actions, was he going to kiss me? I snap back to my senses and shake my head quickly, who cares?! If he kissed me he would have a black eye and broken jaw, good luck trying to explain that to the others. It wouldn't do well for me in Danielle, Eleanor and Katie's books but Harry would be the bad guy in Niall's. I shake my head and trip slightly on the last step. I shake the thoughts of what just happened ten minutes ago and make my way through the winding halls, back to where everyone is sitting down chatting or standing in the kitchen sipping on drinks. I  take a seat between Niall's legs, facing Niall. Niall doesn't even realise I'm sitting here as Harry keeps diverting his attention away from me, purposely. I glare at Harry annoyingly like that one fly that you can't kill and he keeps buzzing in your face. He ignores my total attention, Niall turns to me smiling and curves his neck to peck me on the nose but before his lips can even touch my nose, Harry decides to chime in even though he can see we're a little busy.

"So when is the tour starting again?"

Niall pulls away as I roll my eyes, Harry knows god damn well when the tour starts, heck he definetly does, he's in it! Niall turns to him politely and informs him the exact date. Niall turns back to me yet again, leaning in but once again is interrupted by the annoying British accent,

"So mate! Did you see Taylor tonight? She was totally checking me out man!"

This time its Niall's turn to roll eyes, his head whips in the direction of Harry,

"Look Harry, mate. I just want to talk to Randy right now."

I had been watching Niall's face up until now but now chose to watch Harry's reaction. He'd been previously grinning about the thoughts of Taylor rethinking their breakup until Niall snapped at him, he is now frowning at Niall. I smirk at Harry's unhapiness, compared to my joy of finally realising I belong with Niall.

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