Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


6. Chapter Six



I gulp, willing the tears that are streaming down my face to stop. He stands there, shoving his hands into his pockets and standing on my doorstep awkwardly, no such thing as comforting? I mean, I know he's a dick but seriously? Any guy knows that when you see a girl crying you go and comfort her! He looks at me, does he honestly miraciously expect me to forgive him after our fight? We never technically broke up so he has actually cheated on me, I can't believe I didn't realise that before!

Sure, it was a loud and horrifc fight but neither of us said anything, no goodbyes or anything, nothing. It sickens me on how he can act so cool in this situation. I wipe my now dry eyes and glare up at him, sniffling,


My voice is harsh and mean, just as I exactly intended it to be. He takes a step back, eyes widening. Seriously? He thinks I'm going to be okay after the cheating? He himself knows that I know and he's still not affected.

Whats the harsh tone for?

He raises his eyebrows as he regains his composure and leans against the doorframe once more. I take a step back, gripping the door with my right hand, preparing to slam it in his stupid face. My mouth opens but no words come out, what the hell?!

Harry are you so thick?! WE never broke up and currently are still in a relationship! You went off and cheated on me about a hundred times in the past month we've been apart!

He doesn't look affected by my words, well his face doesn't show any recognition of hurt but his eyes look immensly saddend. He stands up straight and envelopes me in a tight hug, I lean my head on his shoulder embracing his warm hug before snapping to my senses, no! His charm is not going to win me back, him and his stupid player ways. I squirm my way out of his hug which suprises him. I glare at him and stab my finger,

You! You honestly think that a hug is enough? Are you honestly fucking with me right now! Seriously Harry, you cheated on me not twenty-four hours after we had a fight! That just goes to show how strong our relationship is and what a douche and jackass you really are!

I slam the door but he jams his foot in it and pulls me close and before I can react, he smashes his lips on mine. I pull back and slap in the face, hard. He doesn't pull back or loosen his grip on me but he does rub his jaw sorely where there is now a red patch of skin. He mouths an ow before smirking at me,

Gosh I love it when you're mad! Remember the little game we had the other day at my house? Took the cleaners days to clean it up, wanna try again?

I pull away and hit him a right punch across the other jaw, I smile as I feel my knuckles connect with his jaw. This just sounds and is, perverted, all I want to do now is get far away from Harry Styles.

You mean the fight we had? Harry that wasn't for fun that was because I hate you.

I see his face turn from a seductive smile to a furious face. He growls and reaches out to hit me but I quickly dodge and he ends up hitting the door. There's a loud crack as his fist connects and sends ripples of his screams throughout the neighbourhood. I shake my head angrily at him as he glares up at me from rubbing his sore knuckle. His bottom lip begins to quiver as he asks,

You hate me?

I sigh and roll my eyes while folding my arms, I tap my foot impatiently loud, waiting for him to finish his hissy fit and hurry the fuck up on what he's saying. He rubs his knuckle and holds it up to the light to inspect it, I sigh loudly trying to grab his attention. He grunts and turns to me,


He raises his eyebrows thickly and glares at me, I glare back holding my ground for fear of hitting him another belt.

Yes and as a matter of fact, its standing right on my doorway and I'm ready to beat the crap out of it. Coincidently its name is Harry.

He glares at me once more before looking down at his swollen knuckles,

Can I get some ice for this?

He signals to his knuckle that looks immensly sore,I raise my left eyebrow delicately and shift my weight to my right leg,

Honestly Harry, what do you think?

I was stupid enough to leave some space between me and the doorway, he dives past me and into my small flat I share with Katie. Where the hell is that child? If she comes we can both karate chop his ass and kick him outta here but I'm very delicate ATM and I don't think that me on my own is going to work. Harry is afraid of Katie, as is Eleanor and Danielle, the two bitches of England. I don't know why but maybe its because Katie is so tough and doesn't let anyone walk over her. I still remember exactly when she first met him.

Flashback of when Harry met Katie:

"Harry don't be so cocky!! I shouted at Harry who pranced around outside our flat building like he owned the world, I tried to warn him what Katie is like but he wouldn't listen, thick as ever. He kept strutting like an idiot, totally ignoring my warnings. Can he not see the gangsters and drug dealers just standing there watching him? Smirking as they're planning horrible things they could do to hurt Harry.

I grabbed his arm and practically pushed him into our building, I sigh and storm up the steps ahead of him, so maybe he has one or two pints on him? I roll my eyes as this will give Katie more of a reason to hate him, I slump over and wrap my jacket tightly around me, its freezing today! Harry takes his time, carefully studying each step before even testing his feet on them. By the time we've reached the first floor he's about ten steps behind, I quickly hop down the steps and wrap his arm around my shoulder and help him up to the third floor. Thank god Katie will be late coming home or this would not make a good first impression for Harry.

Once inside I drop him, yes I actually was supporting his whole weight around my tiny shoulders, I drop him on the couch in the small living room which opens up to the tiny kitchen. You can barely turn around without bumping into the cabinets on the far side. I boil the kettle and make him a stong cup of coffee and get him a penicillen and force him to take both. I lean back into the couch's back and take gentle sips of my way too hot cup of tea. I flick through different channels to try and find something good while Harry slowly but surely sobers up. He lugs down the mug of coffee and dozeses off for about ten minutes, I nearly jump with fright when he sits up quickly. He glances around, eyes darting trying to figure his whereabouts. When he sees me a warm smile plasters across his face and his panicked eyes warmthen up. He grins cheekily and take the cup of tea out of my hands and places it on the coffee table. He then grabs my waist and pulls me over to sit on his lap, he plays with my hair and I lie peacefully against his torso. He continues to play with my hair as he knows I love it, thank god he has sobered up in time of Katie's arrival.

I curse when I realise I forgot that I had the job of making dinner today, "Shit!" I didn't realise I crused aloud until Harry stops smiling and glances down at me worringly, "Whats wrong babe?" I shake my head and comb my fingers through my hair, my head shakes itself back and forth denying that I totally forgot the one job Katie left me. "Its my job to cook dinner and I forgot! Katies going to be back in about an hour and she'll be starving!" Harry stits up and brings me up with him, "Its okay babe, I'll cook something! I'm a great cook!" I roll my eyes at his cockyness as he walks over to the kitchen, he turns to me with his eyes widenening as far as possible, "How the hell do you live here?!" He stares at e in wonder, trying to measure the kitchen with his hands. I shrug and get off my lazy ass and walk over to help him, he has spagehtti out and Dolmino sauce. I grin as I predict his next move. 

I set the table as Harry dishes the spagehtti bolonese out on three plates, balancing it equally. I smile at him from the coffee table, he grins seductively over at me, looking at my waist. I tut and continue to set the table, we both jump excitedly when the doorbell rings, I shake my head, Katie always forgets her keys. I practically float to the front door, what? I'm on cloud nine right now, problem? Yeah, bet you're jealous.

I open the door to a flushed looking Katie who barges inside and wrestles her pink satin scarf off her slim neck and throws it to the floor, followed by her coat. Harry calls me from the kitchen but I ignore him, Katie has the full grasp of my attention. My mouth opens but no words come out, Katie does the talking for me,

"Lets get this stupid meet and greet over with! With your stupid boyfriend." Her voice is rough and she grumbles the words, I shake my head in pity at her, "No way are you meeting him in that mood! Whats wrong?"  She shakes her head and throws her hands up, "Its just that god damn ass of a boss I have!" I nod quietly, I didn't realise that Harry had called me a few times, he is now standing in the doorway awkwardly, I nod my head quietly to Katie and lead the way ot the small kitchen. Harry sits a plate in front of Katie and I, Katie immediatly digs into her food, not bothering to blow on it as its quite hot. Her boss is a total douche but Katie can't find a job anywhere and I can't support the whole rent on my own if she quits.

We finish the meal in silence, I get up to bring the plates to the kitchen but Harry stops me and brings them himself, such a gentleman! Katie's eyes soften as she looks at me, she's watching the way I look at Harry, full of love and compassion. She confided in me once that she'd love to have what Harry and I have but she can never find it and even if she did, she wouldn't be able to keep it. I just reassured her she'll find Mr. Right some day. Harry rejoins us on the couch and sticks his hand out to Katie, she shakes his hand and smiled. Katie looks down at his other hand to see his padlock tattoo. I gulp and stiffen up, Katie hates tattoos and is always complaining and wondering why people get them. I squeeze my eyes closed, bracing myself for the snide comments she's sure to make. "Is that a tattoo?" I open my eyes to glance at Harry, he looks at me in question before replying, "Yes." Katie shrivels up her nose and glares at Harry, "Why did you get it?"

Harry frowns before twisting his left bicep around, he glances at it for a moment before replying a clear, "I dunno." Katie's face goes red in anger as she starts shaking a little, thank god I chose to sit between them or Katie would have Harry eaten minutes ago. "I dunno?! That THING is going to be on your arm FOREVER and you don't even know WHY you got it?!" Everytime she emphasizes a word she raises a little in her seat until she hovering up over me. Harry moves closer to me on the couch, shying away from Katie's glare, I hear him take a gulp as its eerily quiet in here.

Ten minutes later, Harry and Katie are standing up facing each other, while I'm sitting between them. Katie shouts threatingly, stabbing a pointy finger at my longtime boyfriend, "I'ma ninja kick your ass you lil idiot!" I don't even understand why she's fighting with Harry, maybe his tattoo was for a personnal message? Katie and Iare definetly going to have a chat later about being kind to guests. Harry eventually excuses himself and leaves, leaving Katie standing stranded in the middle of the livingroom while I ball my hands into fists while glaring at her from over at the couch. She looks at me innocently as I demand, "What was that?!" She does that thing with her eyes, amking them large and round like an innocent child's, "What was what?" I glare at her and rise from my seating quick and sharp like a panther's movements when hunting it's prey. "You know what I mean Katie!" She shrinks down at my raising voice, "You do this everytime someone comes with a god damn tattoo! ITs just a STUPID tattoo!" I stamp up to my bedroom to call Harry, I ring him five times and everytime, there's no answer.

I storm into the kitchen to try and kick the little git out but what I see truly does bother me. Katie's red head of hair is facing me as her arms are tangled round Harry's neck, his arms are snaked around her waist, their mouths meeting. I scream and run, up the stairs and into my room before slamming the door and locking it, one thought is running through my mind,

What the fuck was that?


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