Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


7. Chapter Seven

I sit in my room quietly listening to inspirational music, fine, if Harry wants to go ahead and cheat on me again he can do whatever he wants because we are totally done for. I mean, he can go off with any kind of slut he wants because I don't care, even if that slut is my roomate and even if I do care. I try to zone out on the constant knocks and calls of my name, I just work on my assignment for colledge, not the selling one but actually painting and drawing sketches. I finish a piece I've been working on for months, when I showed my professor a picture of it on my Samsung, he told me its promising and that I could probably get a good price for it if I demanded.

I continue listening to some of my favourite songs like 'Feel this moment- Christina Aguleira and Pitbull' 'Macklemore ft Ryan Lewis- And we danced' 'How ya doin- Little Mix ft Missy Elliot' until I hear a familiar voice groan,

"Miranda please come out, or even yet, let me in. I want to talk to you!"

I groan and open the door to my favourite blond, irishman. He grins meekly at me as I trap him in a bear hug. He manages to support my weight and close the door behind him, locking it in silence. He rests me on the bed and sits beside me, resting a stray strand of my hair behind my right ear. He grins sheepishly at me as I try to hide my blushing cheeks in my sweater. We sit in silence for awhile, sometimes all Niall and I want is peace, we're very alike in that sense. He turns to me, eyebrows knitted together and rubs my back soothingly,

"So eh...are you and Harry done, eh?"

I look up, taken from my peaceful train of thought into more deep and complex thoughts about where this conversation will be going. I raise my head to look into Niall's deep blue eyes, I bite my lip before nodding and replying,

"After what he did, I'd be a fool to take him back."

Niall, for some reason that it baffles me, grins at my answer. Its his turn to look down in embarassment, his voice is muffled by his hand as he asks,

"Can I tell you something Randy?"

I nod, bowing my head to try and catch his gaze, dying to find out what kind of expression he's wearing right now. He bows his head lower and looks at our feet,

"Ever since.......Harry brought you to meet us....I couldn't stop thinking about you. How Harry didn't deserve you and he didn't understand how you were feeling about the whole Danielle and Eleanor situation.....I wanted to kill him right there and then when he let Louis and Liam complain about you...I actually gave him a black eye when he didn't stand up fro you and blamed it all on you. Miranda, ever since I met you, you've been on my mind all day and night...all I can think about is how Harry doesn't deserve you and how ye don't belong together. I've wanted to tell you so badly before but it just felt too awkward but now that ye are....having a break of something, it seemed like the best time to come clean."

He sighs heavily, glad to get it off his chest. I stare at the ground lost in thought, does Niall really feel that way towards me? I mean, I can't deny that I never had feelings for him but Harry was always there to block those thoughts off. I must've stayed too quiet and lost in thought for too long as Niall clears his throat,

"Please say something Randy!"

I gulp and turn to him, he meets my gaze slowly, wincing at my continuous gaze.

"You mean that you have felt that way for eight months and you didn't care to say anything?"

He bows his head shamefully, nodding his head like a little boy who was caught stealing. He hangs his head, waiting for me to lash out but I don't, I tilt his head up and smash my lips onto his. His kiss is different to Harry's, its more loving and warm not controlling and harsh. I pull away and embrace his strong body in a tight hug. His words are muffled by my hair but there's no mistaking what he says,

"I-I-I think I love you."

We sit in silence, embracing the hug, neither of us pulling away. I groan sleepily as Niall pulls away, he tilts my chin up with his index finger,

"Will you come to the awards with me tonight?"

My eyes were closing sleepily until he asked me, they shot open and I blinked rapidly, did he really just say that?!

"Will Harry be there?"

Niall rolls his eyes and rests both of his strong hands on both of my shoulders,

"Of course he is Randy, he's part of the band, and I sure as hell can't help that."

We both chuckle and roll our eyes at the same time, thats when something occurs to me,

"B-but everyone will be calling me a slut!"

Niall frowns, pulling his two eyebrows together to meet right above the arch to his nose,

"Why would they?"

I shake my head and brush my hands through my hair repeatedly,

"They don't know about the breakup! What happens when they see me as your date?! They'll think I'm a slut! Moving through all the single boys of One Direction!"

I frantically chew my nails, rubbing my now sore temples, Niall chuckles and grabs both of my hands in his,

"They won't! If you're that worried than you can just hang around with everyone! Sure, the press think we're friends anyways because we are!"

I sigh in defeat as I realise he's right, something else occurs to me as he chuckles,

"And besides, there's only two of us single."

He winks at me and laughs his loud adorable laugh, I chuckle and give him a quick peck on the cheek as I reply with sass,

"Not anymore."

He gulps as he realises what I mean, he then goes red and returns the kiss on my cheek. I open my tiny wardrobe to try and find something to wear, I turn around quickly at the thought of clothes and fashion,

"Will the two bitches of western Europe be there?"

Niall laughs his loud stereotypical laugh as he rolls his eyes at my funny yet true nickname for Liam's and Louis' girlfriends.

"Unfortunately for everyone, yes but you will be the center of attention there! I'll have the hottest date!"

He winks at me as I roll my eyes and turn back to my wardrobe, we hang out in my bedroom not leaving for anything at all for the next few hours until my bedside clock reads half eight. I finally decided on something to wear as Niall was as useful as a door knob, telling me everything looked fine. I decided on the dress I saved up for graduation but deicded to wear it tonigt, its a ruby red tight strapless dress with jewel sparkles that shimmer in the light, especially when you twirl. I put on my Rive Island cage sandals that were encrusted with dimantés. I put on a fancy jeweled prom necklace and jewel teardrop earrings that were my mother's. I check out my hair once more, I braided two plaits from two front pieces of hair by my face and joined them to meet at the back of my head with a small silver butterfly clip, I left the rest of my long, brown hair to fall in waves down my back. Its been so long since I got a hair cut that my hair is like a waterfall, cascading down my back to reach my waist. I twirl in the full length mirror once more before turning to Niall and sighing,

"I'm ready!"

I don't know where this boost of confidence came from but it sure hell gave me the courage to go to this awards with Niall, even though Harry was going.

So guys it was kinda hard to describe Miranda's dress but I'll post her outfit in my mubles so go check them out please!!!!!! xx keep up the reading, liking, favouriting and comments!!!! :)

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