Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


9. Chapter Nine

Once inside the buzzing arena, we are pushed to our seats. I hastily head in the direction that the stewards usher us towards  as the boys stop yet again for more pictures. Danielle and Eleanor  stop to and pose like idiots,pouting their lips like ducks. Katie smiles and hobbles along in her high heels in spite of all the fans shouting nasty things. I scowl at how they don't bring her down, yet they were one of the reasons I broke up with Harry. Funny how I came home day after day on cloud nine, bragging to Katie about my fantastic dates with Harry or how I managed to reply to his hundreds of love texts without getting fired from my job, when I had it and Katie always sat there smiling, nodding and seeming geniunely happy for me. To think that a girl that I've been best friends with for like forever could just turn around and do that to me, how?!

She stands there waving sheepishly at the screaming fans while Eleanor and Danielle practically hop around talking to all the fans. I don't know what drives me to my next actions, I guess sheer crazyness but I strut up to a group of fans that are being held back by the barrier and they are all waving pieces of paper and pens in Eleanor's and Danielle's direction. They glance up at me in suprise as I near them, they smile but the ginger one frowns, she is full of confidence as she asks me loudly over the proclaiming screams,

"Its not like you to talk to us fans, Miranda?"

I smile in spite of myself at how well the fan knows me, I wave my hand and smile in gratitude,

"Yes you're right, I'm not a very socialable person but I thought hey! Look at how they do it!"

She smiles, her smile broadens when she realises that I heard her and actually replied, I shrug and her hand shoots out, holding a sheet and pen.

"Would you mind signing this for me?"

Her brown eyes squint with fear as I smile and gently take the items from her small hands. I scribble down my signature quickly and ask her whats her name,


Her voice is loud and clear as a bell. I nod and scribble her a little note wishing her well tonight and that this was my first ever autograph. She squeals and jumps up and down when she reads it, I laugh and smile at her. Suddenly, all the fans have forgotten the very exsistence of Danielle and Eleanor and are all shouting,

"Mirandas singing autographs!"

The whole crowd of fans held back by the barriers shuffle over to get closer to where I'm standing, I grab each piece of paper and barely catch the girl's and boy's names as I quickly scribble my name and their's. At one point when I'm looking for another paper to sign I get a glance up and Danielle and Eleanor who are scowling at me hogging all the attention, they are led to their seats by the stewards while they allow me to stand where I am signing autographs. A few of the security guards even ask me for autographs for their daughters, I feel so loved!

Eventually after about twenty minutes, I'm guessing, of signing I'm called over to the seats by the boys. Niall sits me and his hot breath tingles my skin as he breathes,

"You're nearly as popular as the boys and I."

I can't help but smile at his nice comment. All the boys are sitting quiet for a change except Zayn, who is hopping about in his seat glancing around for Perrie. I take my seat quietly and glance around a little, trying not to make it obvious even though if I did make it obvious, half the celebs here wouldn't notice. They're all to busy hustling about making sure their makeup and clothes look alright, if they're seated correctly, taking pictures and signing autographs, their other half was here, if they know someone near them or chatting loudly and laughing to the neighbour sitting next to them. All the boys are sitting in the row beneath us, as the seating is tiered. Danielle is to my left and Katie to my right, Eleanor is beside Danielle and the boy's stylists and managers are beside Katie. I sigh and lean back in my seat, Danielle glances at me and quickly whispers so Eleanor doesn't hear,

"You okay?"

I frown and raise an eyebrow, since when does she care how I feel? Since when does she not want Eleanor to know? I nod quietly and tilt my head towards her in a gesture to ask the same thing, she nods and bites her lip, obviously hiding something. I shrug it off realising she obviously doesn't want to tell me, why would she? She's been on Eleanor's side of this way since I've been introduced to the 1D family. Even sometimes I swear I catch Eleanor eyeing baby Lux with an evil glint in her eye, how could she be jealous of a baby? I shrug my thoughts off as well as I feel a hand rub my foot, I shiver and glance at Niall. I frown as I see he has both of his hands placed in his lap, my eyes dully scan over Harry and see he has one muscular arm stretched under his seat, rubbing my leg tenderly. He is disguised so much that you wouldn't see him turned in his seat unless you were looking purposely at him. My leg retreats and I watch his face, which is still turned towards the lit up stage, his lips pout as his eyebrows frown. I continue to look forward ahead of me to the lit up stage, it darkens again. The show musn't be starting yet, I shrug and frown in confusion. I angrily pull my Blackberry out of my pocket, you are probably thinking how is she a student attending a London university and has a Blackberry?! Well ya know what happened? Harry happened, its like the saying shit happend except replace it with a worse word, Harry.

Eleanor and Danielle continue chatting, they didn't even notice that the lights went out and the stage lightened up like five minutes ago, the lights are turned back on and the stage's lights turn off once more. I ignore all of Harry's annoying flirty texts and find myself repeating the same action over and over again, hitting the delete button. I'm snapped out of my reverie when Katie taps my shoulder annoyingly with her cheap fake nails, my eyes are blazing with cold fury as my head slowly rises to meet her now overly confident gaze. I guess she thinks the fans are screaming at her, haha well the bitch thought wrong. My jaw is clenched and my words are harsh,

"What do you want?"

She smiles at me, her eyes confident and her smile a fake one like the one supermodels who secretly hate each other use. She keeps smiling her fake smile before replying slowly and dramatically, too over dramatic for such a simple sentence.

"Can.....I.....swap...seat with......you."

She takes nearly a five second pause between each word, I'm so impatient right now that I feel like busting her face. I decide to let her jump for the kill and sit beside the two bitches of Europe, its her problem when she realises how annoyingly bitchy Danielle and Eleanor and I am not swapping chairs with her again tonight. I get up, sighing loudly so she can hear and rolling my eyes slowly enough, making sure she sees me. She totally ignores my dramatics and quickly hops out of her seat, practically jumping into my old one. The minute her butt hits the seat, she launches into excited chatters with   Danielle who looks at her suspiciously. 

Ten minutes later, somehow my red haired ex-best friend flatmate has won the best friend side of Eleanor and Danielle's hearts. The three of them are practically grouped together chatting excitedly about some stupid clothing line, they are all laughing and joking like they've been best friends for life. And to think, all the times I have come home to the flat and have had hour long bitching sessions with Katie about them, and here's her being besties with them! I can even recall the times she would look up all the trash and bad things about Danielle and Eleanor and would proclaim them through the air! I shake my head in disgust, how could one day just change my whole opinion of someone?

After the show, we hang around for a bit so the boys can talk to other celebs in the music business. The show was amazing, wiht performances from Kesha and WILL.I.AM with their new song, 'Crazy Kids'. I really like that song, there was other performances from other famous people such as Rhianna and Carly Rae Jepson. The boys won two awards and everytime their name was announced, they would all jump out of their seats and do a massive group hug. For the first award it was just the five boys but when their name was called out for the second time, they brought everyone else in as they weren't told about the second. Niall drags me over and squishes me into the rest of the boys, I smile as I catch a glimpse of Katie, Danielle and Eleanor remaining in their seats as the boys embrace my hug instead of going to get their girlfriends or dates in Katie's case. 

I hang about, signing the occasional autograph when the person is being polite. I walk along taking in all the sights aroudn me, walking like a five year old, swinging my legs up before my feet hit the ground in front of me. The boys aren't five foot away from me when Harry glares over before checking the boys, he makes sure the boys don't see when he power-walks over to me in a dark corner where no paps will see us. He's frowning so deeply I swear his face is going to shrink on itself, he growls at me with hot breath.

"Why did you come with him?!"

He emphazises 'him' with such ferosity that its clear to me that he's jealous, I decide to play it cool and reply smartly,

"Because no-one else asked me and I needed the night out."

I shrug my shoulders and begin to strut away slowly, playing like the actresses in the movies do, knowing the curly haired prick will pull me back.

"I was going to ask you."

His breath is so hot that it forms condensation on my cold neck, I rub it off with the back of my hand as I turn to him, eyebrows shot up.

"Oh no, I think you were too busy with Katie."

I pause dramatically, crossing my legs and holding my hand up to inspect my nails. He opens his mouth but I silence him by holding up my index finger,

"And besides, I think both you and me have decided that this.."

I signal between us with my arms, holding his gaze as I continue my explanation coolly,

"Us, we, whatever, is not going to work. Yes, we had fun and a good run but I need someone who can offer me more."

I strut off quickly, flaunting my hips and strutting in the direction of Niall. I'm two feet away when I hear him shout,

"What more do you want?! I'm Harry fucking Styles for Christ's sake!"

I continue walking, waving him off like I'm swatting a fly. I walk over to Niall and smile at the paps who have gone crazy at the sight of me by Niall's side. Niall puts his arm around me and grins his Irish 100watt smile thats enough to leave me breathless. He leans and whispers in my ear,

"I think its time for you and me to be a we."

I start giggling hysterically, Niall's face goes blank for a moment as he rethinks his last statement, then he goes scarlet with embarassment. I start hiccuping and lean on my tippy toes. Its crazy! I'm wearing sandals with heels and he's still really tall beside me! I whisper into his ear gently,

"I get what you mean Irishboy, full steam ahead!"

Just as I'm pulling away, I plant a kiss on his cheek softly, Niall's head bows and he plants a soft kiss on my nose. We hold gazes as the paps scream with delight, flashes like lightening are before us but its like we're in our own little world, a world of peace, love and war. Harry is punching the wall over in the corner, until he sees Niall and I, he then stands there in pure rage, jealously glinting in his eyes like the blade of a dagger in the moonlight. In our own little world.

Just me, Niall and Harry.

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