Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


14. Chapter Fourteen: Distraction


The minute Harry and I stepped out into the cold London air, I totally regretted agreeing to come with him but I would also be afraid to leave him alone. You see, Harry lives in the proper part of London where there’s big fancy mansions and  massive houses with indoor and outdoor pools but here, this is the ghetto of London and Harry being dressed in all his fancy designer gear makes him stand out like buck teeth. He also has this look about him when he walks and swings his head; he knows he’s better than everyone else here. The tough crowd stop talking and taking swigs from their beer cans on the sidewalk to watch Harry and I, Harry keeps walking towards the sidewalk leading out of the lot and onto the street. I stop him, pulling on his arm. He turns to me expectantly, his plump soft lips curling up at the corners,

“Yes princess?”

I glare at him and make him stop walking,

“Firstly, don’t ever call me that again and second, where the hell are you going?”

Harry looks around and replies like he’s stating a matter of fact to a five year old,

“The shops….where we get flour.”

I huff and sigh, being sarcastic,

“Well obviously but aren’t you going to call up your driver or someone?”

Harry shakes his head and starts chuckling as he starts walking again,

“No not today princess.”

I hit him hard on the arm for calling me it again, he flinches again and stuffs his hands in his pockets while throwing his head back and letting out loud throaty laughs. I frown as we continue to walk, I regret not putting a coat on before we left. Harry walks a bit wonky for a minute before he’s practically walking on top of me, there’s a whole footpath! Our arms keep brushing, I move in closer to the wall, I scratch my arm on the rough wall but ignore it. The walk feels longer than it is as Harry is making impossible converse and seems to enjoy my discomfort at him walking on top of me. Eventually we get there without me saying a warning word to him about flirting or his annoying habits such as walking on top of me or flicking his fringe so hard that he ends up head-butting me. I make my way to the baking aisle to see, I walk past all the different types of sugar, scanning every shelf for flour. Eventually I find it at the end of the aisle on the bottom shelf, my hand flies out to grab the last bag of it when a stronger and tougher hand flies at the same time. My hand sits on the bottom of the flour bag while whatever dude’s hand is supporting the weight of it.


I assume its Harry as he’s been cheeky and thick all morning but he doesn’t say anything, I grunt and look up. My face must register shock because he grins and starts laughing,

“Well hello again.”

I nod in reply without muttering a word.

“Did you enjoy the party?”

“Well, I didn’t really drink besides what you gave me and I left early but otherwise yeah, it was fun.”

He starts laughing and runs a hand through his lovely brownish-sandy hair that’s just screaming for someone to grab it and lock their fingers in. I chuckle and he joins in, his laugh a deeper and a lot more appealing than mine.

“So you’re here with Harry eh?”

He wiggles his eyebrows and I laugh uneasily, shaking my head,

“Yes, but it’s to get flour that you have your filthy paws on mind you, and he’s comfy with my roommate so forget about the little dirty thoughts running around in that pretty little mind of yours.”

Josh starts laughing at my sudden outburst, making me sound a little too knowing of what Harry gets up to and who he’s with but hey, it’s my roommate so I can’t help but know. Josh laughs again and is distracted by something or someone behind me; I keep smiling at Josh while patiently waiting for him to snap back to my attention. He keeps watching whatever is behind me until I feel a strong pair of arms wrap around me, Josh grins at whoever it is until he watches their arms and then shoots a puzzling look in my direction. I crane my neck to reveal Harry’s head of curls and emerald green eyes; I wrestle my way out of his arms and fold them across my own chest. Josh’s eyes watch my emotions intently as I glare at Harry annoyingly, Harry grins knowing he has won this round of who can piss each other off the most. Harry and Josh do that weird bro hug where they pull each other in to hit chests and give each a clap on the back. I now realise that Josh had to use both his hands for the bro hug so I use this advantage to take the flour; I take off down the aisle and stop. I wave at Josh and point at the bag of flour, he looks down at his hands and back up at my hand that’s grasping the heavy weight. He looks deadly for a minute before breaking out in giggles, I laugh too before waving and taking off towards the till to pay. I didn’t even check for the price but I’m making Harry pay anyways so it will be just peachy. The lady scans and says a price but I just glance at my nails, waiting for Harry. He’s lucky there’s no one else in line after me, eventually he finds me, with Josh hot on his trail. I signal towards the flour and Harry pulls out his wallet and hands the cashier a tenner before telling her to keep the change. He talks to Josh outside for ages until eventually starting to make his way home, well, to my flat.

We bustle in the door fifteen minutes later as Harry’s phone started ringing when we were halfway home and he just had to take it, what a douche. And the annoying thing about him is that he doesn’t walk when he’s on the phone, no, he stops and looks around, kicking his feet around lazily and messing with his hair, flicking it to one side and then the other. Eventually I lost it and grabbed his hand that wasn’t holding his phone and dragged him home. He hung up just before going in the door of our flat, he shot me an annoyed look as I practically shoved the bag of flour into Katie’s waiting arms, and she stumbled back a little before grinning happily at Katie and giving him another soppy kiss. I shivered and flicked on the tv, I started watching Hollyoaks, see? That’s how bored I got, something seriously dramatic happened, I was seriously stuck into it but that moment Harry and Katie decided to have a food fight and started throwing flour and eggs everywhere. Katie screamed excitedly while Harry laughed really loud, I got sick of it and picked up my phone. I decided to text Danielle,

(Miranda’s texts: Italic Danielle’s texts: Bold

Hey Dani!! Wana hang out tdaii?? :)

Aww babes! Of course! Where 2??? Xoxoxx:)

Eh didn’t really think of that, just spur of tha moment ya kno? xoxoxox

Ohhh yeah, how about chilling @ a shopping mall sumwher? xxxx

Oooh yeah! Txt me the detes? ;)

Sure thing hun! Xoxoxox :D

I got up from my comfortable seat on the couch and switched off the TV, I edged past a messy-looking Harry and Katie and into the hall before jumping up the stairs excitedly. Finally some way to get out of the house and away from those two. I decide to change into lighter clothes as its still pretty hot outside, I pop on a white tank top with a red and black plaid shirt over it and denim blue shorts with tatters and studs complete with a pair of baby pink Converse. I pull my chestnut hair into a messy bun and leave my face natural without makeup, god knows, the heat may be so hot that any makeup I should have put on might sweat off. I pull out a pair of dark shades and put them on to cover my eyes, I grab my phone and purse and check my Blackberry. Danielle has texted me,

Hey hun! I’ll pick u up jst txt me where u live! Can’t wait!! Xoxoxoxx :D

I text her back telling her I’m ready and my address, ten minutes later I jump down the stairs and leave, not bothering to tell the two lovebirds where I’m going. Danielle is waiting outside, parked in a extremely white Audi A3. She waves from the driver seat , I walk over and hop in. She smiles and makes polite converse even though I can hear the teasing in her tone,

“How’s the two love birds?”

I look at her funny; she cracks up laughing and pulls out onto the main road. We make small talk about how our days went and why I disappeared from the party. By the time we get there, Dani knows me inside and out. We pull up at a fancy mall and we both hop out excited but also dreading it, both of us don’t really like shopping but we do it anyways. I take a minute to look at what my new friend is wearing today. Danielle has on a simple white summer dress that goes down to above her knee with simple diamond patterns that you can only see up close, nude wedge sandals that is giving her an extra few inches. She pushes a strand of her hair out of her face, something colourful on her arm catches my attention. I laugh, she has six thin rubber bracelets on her right wrist, all saying ‘I love’ and each of the boys names after it, except on the sixth one it says One Direction. She blushes,

“What? Liam told me that I need to fit in so they won’t guess who I am.”

I start laughing hysterically, she pushes dark shades like mine up the bridge of her nose,

“Smart thinking with the shades.”

I mutter a ‘thanks’ and look at what else she has worn today, she has blue love heart earrings in that say One Direction. She is carrying a Louis Vuitton brown tote bag, her makeup is beautiful and natural. Around her neck is a silver ‘D’ necklace which is so cute. Her usually curly hair is straightened and pulled into a ponytail with a French plait underneath it, just above her neck. Its really beautiful.

We both make our way up to the entrance to the mall, other people are also following suit. Nobody has recognised us yet, thank god. Danielle smiles at me like she can read my mind, once inside we are stuck in a crowd of bustling teenagers. They thankfully ignore but do walk through us, Danielle gives them a ‘are you kidding?’ look but continues walking. Danielle grabs me by the arm and drags me into a Starbucks, forcing me into a chair and leaving for the till. Five minute later, she returns with two coffee cups and sits across from me. She gets straight to the point, no skirting around the subject, just like me.

“So what's up with you and Niall?”

I mentally frown at her, how does she know? Well you would really be stupid not to realise I was angry at Niall not inviting me to the tour, or even telling me that the guys were taking their girls. Niall proclaimed his love for me just the other day and now already we are fighting! Something is seriously wrong with us; I guess Danielle is here to fix us. She notices how I've been quiet for so long.

“Look, I saw the other day how Niall forgot to mention the tour to you and also how he got seriously intoxicated at the party. I understand why you’re angry and you have every right to be.”

I nod, smiling on the inside. It’s great to know that someone is on my side,

“I really thought Niall would have asked you because whenever Harry wasn’t around he would always be talking about you and saying how great you are. He really does love you, not like Harry but genuine love that you don’t find every day.”

I smile as my eyes glaze over,

“He should ask you any day now, sure Harrys bringing Katie!”

I perk up, Harry is bringing Katie?! What the hell! Niall hasn’t even talked to me since! He hasn’t rang me or even tried but I already know that I won’t answer if he does. I nod, biting down on my lip. Danielle smiles, knowing her advice had some impact on me. She takes a sip out of her cup but I leave mine untouched, growing more cold by the minute. I rethink Danielle's words,

“Wait, Harrys taking Katie?”


She blushes and folds her arms on the table, leaning down on them tiredly,

“I guess no one really ever tells you anything, huh?”

I nod and laugh whole heartedly, she grins as her eyes droop sleepily. I laugh which makes her open her eyes and perk up,


She nods and laughs a little; I chuckle and pull out my phone. No missed calls or unread text messages. I slump in my barstool and look around; it’s nice and cosy in here.

“So eh, do you think Niall will bring me?”

She looks up from her phone thoughtfully for a minute before replying casually,

“To be honest, I don’t know. Possibly, unless he doesn’t want you guys to go public like you and Harry because we all know where that went.”

I smile at her remark of my breakup with Harry because of the paps and hate. Danielle finishes her coffee and we leave, I leave my now cold cup of coffee behind me, untouched. Danielle leads me to Forever 21 and pulls me into a corner, speaking in hushed whispers,

“The boys are going out tonight and all bringing dates, I’ll bring you as mine!”

I laugh and bargain in my head whether it’s a good idea or not, before I can reply Danielle interrupts my thoughts.

“I’ll pay for your outfit and you’re getting ready at mine!”

Before I can reply yet again she drags me off towards a rack of frilly and skinny fitting dresses. After about a half an hour of trying on clothes, she has my outfit pieced together. A black strapless number that’s tied at the waist with a white ribbon, with frilly loose ends that goes down to above my knee. Massive black suede stilettoes I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to walk in and a clutch that’s fold over part is white and the rest is black. She brightens up the outfit by putting loads of different size silver bangles on my arm, I move my arm causing some of them to sparkle and shine in the light. I smile in the mirror. Danielle makes me change, I hand each piece out to her as I take them off, and when I come out she has disappeared from view. I walk around to find her paying at the till, I grin but it soon disappears as she grabs my arm. She drags me into a hairdresser and sits me down in a chair; I gulp and watch her talking to her hairdresser through the mirror. I sit in the chair quietly as the hairdresser must use a hundred hair clips in my hair, she finishes ages later and shows me in the mirror. My hand flies to my mouth as I see what she has done, the hairdresser has plaited my hair into a massive bun of plaits at the back of my head, and it’s going to go perfect with my outfit! Danielle grins and pays before dragging me into another shop so fast that I don’t see what its actually called, Danielle turns to me as she tightens her ponytail and pulls off her sunglasses as well as mine.

“Okay! We need to find me an outfit!”

She claps her hands together and grins triumphantly. Eventually, after two hours we’re walking back towards her hairdressers. I picked out her outfit and she loved it. The dress I picked out for her is all blue sparkles and the top is a strapless peplum with the skirt is tight wrapping on her legs. I picked out perfect heels; they’re all black with the heel printed leopard print. I completed it with a black leather envelope clutch and diamond silver hoops. I take a seat in the hairdressers as the lady talks to Dani, ten minutes she comes over to me extending her hand and smiling,

“Heya there hun, I’m Rose, Danielle’s hairdresser. She told me that you have to pick her hairstyle?”

I nod and flick through the books before deciding,

“Eh blow-dry and straighten, honey highlights.”

She grins and nods before starting, an hour later Danielle and I walk out happily. Well, I’m walking but Danielle is hugging me and can’t seem to stop, that’s how much she loves the hairstyle and outfit I picked for her, even though she paid. We’re walking towards her car. We hop in and cruise down the highway, Danielle turns up the radio and I immediately forget where I am and start automatically singing along.

“As long as you love me,

We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke,

As long as you love me,

I’ll be your platinum, I’ll be your silver, I’ll be your gold,

As long as you love me, love.”

Danielle throws her head back and busts into fits of giggles, when she finally recollects her breath, she exclaims.

“Hey, you’re pretty good at singing!”

She takes her eye off the road for a second to wink at me, I smile muttering a ‘thanks’ before looking ahead and mouthing the words to Justin Bieber’s awesome song that always gets me in the mood. Danielle grins and sings some of the words quietly to herself, she pulls up to a fancy car park that belongs to a block of flats. She hops out so I follow her, she enters a code into this device thingy that’s controlling the door before it beeps and she opens the door, holding it for me. I wrestle with the shopping bags up the two or three flights of stairs before Danielle stops. She has the whole third floor to herself! She walks up to the fancy cream painted door and pulls out a card key, she swipes it and the door buzzes, she twists the doorknob and swings the door open. She drops her shopping bags by the door and steps back and does a full 360 turn spreading out her arms and twirling. I step in and look about me, my mouth nearly hitting the stylish cream carpet. Her flat is slightly girly but cute. 

Danielle watches my reaction to the beautiful stylish modern flat, she plops herself tiredly on the creamy-white couch. I walk over to the hanging crystal balls (wrong and all as it sounds) and study the glassy texture admiringly, decorating this flat obviously cost a bomb but sure buying it would have as well. I study the pink painting hanging on the wall; this was the first thing that caught my eye, being an artist and all. Danielle gets up and puts popcorn on; when it’s done she carries it over in a big bowl along with two glasses and a big two litre bottle of Coca Cola. I grin as she orders me to pick out a movie, I finally narrow it down to The Lion king. Somehow this movie always has affected me, my eyes always seem to tear when Mufasa dies and Simba leaves, leaving his evil uncle Scar heir to the throne. This movie affects me every time, a lot like Marley and Me does too. Danielle’s lip starts quivering while my eyes glaze over. We both decide to turn it off, Danielle looks out the massive glass windows; I follow her gaze to see that it’s already quite dark outside. She turns to me grinning excitedly, and grabs my arm lightly,

“C’mon I need to show you something!”

I open my mouth to question what but she shushes me and pushes me towards the big glass window near the back of the room. She unlocks it and pushes me out, my reaction at first is to start screaming as I’m under the impression that she has just pushed me out a 100 feet fall when my feet hit a cold stone surface. I realise Danielle has pushed me onto her balcony overlooking the beauty of London’s nightlife, the sky is darkish but the building’s light illuminate and give the big city a beautiful glow.

We stand out for about ten minutes until Danielle garbs my arm and grins,

“It’s time to get ready!”

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