Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


4. Chapter Four

I squint up in the direction from where his angelic voice came from, I know its him and there's a part of me dancing and praising the lord that he still cares but the part of me that agrees with Katie that I need to get over him is stamping her foot and screaming at me to pack up my art and leave. I try to supress the smile but it spreads across my face before I can stop it, his beautiful head of curls are blocking the sun which must be burning holes in his back by now. He looks glares at the curb I'm sitting on, he shakes his head in disgrace as he sits down next to me. His green emeralds run over all my art pieces before searching frantically, his eyes darting every direction possible looking for it, the painting.

His mouth opens, closes and then opens again, no sound audible. I turn my face and look right ahead, already bracing myself for the expected outburst. I squeeze my eyes shut, hoping that while he's shouting, he won't hit me so people won't take pictures and I won't have to deal with more headlines involving my name. Thats actually one of the reasons I don't want to date him anymore, the controvercy the gossip the lies the hate the paps. Thats what I used in my goodbye speech to Harry when I left him but he won't give up, every chance possible he comes home to London and begs me to take him back, spending the whole time stalking me and following me around London city. Well every chance he gets besides the odd time flying off to California to hop in a jacuzzi with hot half naked blondes in bikins and party and get waayyyy too drunk. He doesn't tell me about these trips he takes to hot female stranger's hotubs halfway across the world, he thinks I'm oblivious to all his flings with these women but its Harry we're talking about, he doesn't clean up his mess very well.

Paps, magazines, its everywhere and it always comes back to me because paps follow me around and ask me what I think about Harry's latest fling but I always reply casually,

I'm glad he's happy.

It must work because the paps always leave and find someone else who's story is a hell of alot more interesting than mine, poor ex of Harry's, yeah, sure. I keep my eyes shut, squeezing them shut as hard as they can and wringing my hands together tightly. My eyes snap open and stare at him when he asks casually,

Where's the painting?

He pretends to scan over my artwork and I'd believe he doesn't care if I didn't catch the clear annoyance and anger in his eyes, I decide to play dumb and make sure he realises that I sold it to prove I'm over him, I'm clearly not though.

What painting?

His head quickly turns to me, a few curls bounding and hitting me in the face, he is getting angrier and the glint of annoyance in his orbs has been replaced with pure fury,

Don't play stupid Miranda, the painting! Our painting!

I raise my left eyebrow now curious, did he really care about the painting?

We had a painting?

I know he means the painting I just sold but I just want to prove to myself that he still cares. He groans and rolls his eyes,

You know fully well what I mean! The painting of me! The one that you got the job for!

I play dumb and nod sighing understandbly,

Oooh yeah! Yes well you see Katie and I were talking and.....

I stop dramatically and wait for him to tell me to continue, I was with him for long enough to realise he doesn't listen to me half the time so I found a way around his thickness. He bows his head, signalling for me to hurry up and continue,


I take a big gulp of air and decide to continue before he hits me or decides that he's out of patience,

And well we decided that the only way for me to prove that I got over you is to sell the painting, I mean, I did love that painting and it was.....somewhat special but we're over and so the painting has no meaning.

He blinks for a second, clearly not realising my potentila of putting it in this context but he bounces back with his own side of the arguement,

Somewhat special? What about the sex? Didn't it mean anything to you?!

I look off into the distance and sigh, placing my finger directly under my lips, blowing out puffs of air.

Well yes, I mean the sex was...great but we aren't together and we have both clearly got that across.

His eyebrows furrow as he frowns at me in confusion, his perfectly sculpted lips pouting uneasily,

What? What do you mean?

I look at him like he has ten heads, while crossing my arms,

Oooh you know what I mean Harry!

I playfully hit his shoulder, smiling wide and now sure that the ball is in my court. He still frowns and shakes his head totally confused.

All the jacuzzi models and California trips, jeese Harry! You'd think you'd remember! You were pretty drunk but I think the tabloids would have reminded you of it all!

He listens intently as my voice raises an octave uncontrollably and is dramatic like I'm stating a fact. It has hurt the tiny little part of me that hasn't gotten over him because if we got back together last night when he showed up at the party drunk as a skunk, he still wouldn't have planned on telling me about all of his jacuzzi parties. His face goes pale as it registers shock, he clearly didn't want me to know about all of it, his face goes from deathly pale to scarlet red. I shake my head in disgust and cover my mouth overdramatically,

Oh! I'm sorry! I guess you didn't want me to find out? Too bad.

I now spot a coffee cup sitting on the curb behind him, should I risk it? There could be anything in it? Harry is rubbing his forehead tiredly so he can't see my actions, I pick the coffee cup up carefully, making sure it has something in it. I stand up quickly and poor it over his head of curls, he swipes it out of his eyes as he glares up at me, I quickly pack up my art and shove it all into my folder before taking off down the street. I walk swaying my hips, only because I know it kills Harry when I walk like that, it will especially kill him considering I'm not his.

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