Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


15. Chapter Fifteen: The Club

Miranda's P.O.V:


Danielle disappears for a few minutes before returning with a fancy metal silver box, she’s struggling as it is quite big and looks heavy. She drops it on the ground and stands up straight, pointing a finger in the air like she’s giving a lecture, which she surprisingly did.

“Okay, one thing I have learned dancing is that when you come to auditions, you need to look good. If you’re going to wear makeup you’re going to need waterproof as well as sweat-proof. It happened to me once girl and I lost the audition because of it.”

She finished and smiled at me, I opened my mouth to query what auditions have to do with going out? But she interrupted me,

“So, over the years I gathered together useful tips and good brands and ways of wearing your makeup so I could look my best when out with Liam or on the dancing scene.”

She smiled again and lugged the box over to the long creamy-white couch we sat on to watch the movie where she began to open out slots and compartments. By the time she has it all in view, my mouth has hit the ground in amazement. I don’t think they have this much makeup in Rimmel London itself! She smirks at my stunned expression as she starts pulling out different things and sitting me down. She uses a white band to brush back my hair out of my face so she can apply my makeup. When she’s finished, she orders me to go get dressed without messing up my newly done hair and makeup. When I’m done getting dressed, I tumble slightly out the door and into Dani’s sitting room where she claps and grins, standing back to get a good look at me, she wolf whistles,

“Well don’t you look fabulous!”

I smile and take a seat beside her as she does her own makeup; I pick up a mirror and check out my makeup. Danielle has made my eyelashes extremely long and curled them to perfection, a tad bit of eyeliner to make it natural and she has toned out my foundation so I appear to look like I have natural beauty. Once Danielle has finished she looks at me for the thumbs up on her makeup, Danielle has framed her dark chocolate eyes perfectly with black mascara and curled her eyelashes. She has dark eyeliner on the top eyelid and her eyebrows are shaped perfectly, she looks stunning. I shoo her off to get changed like she did to me and ten minutes later she appears out in the dress I picked, her dress shines under the lights of her flat. She grins and we take some pictures, we both agree that we shouldn’t upload them until later as I’m coming with Danielle as a surprise and none of the others know. Danielle and I sit down talking about the boys when she remembers that everyone is coming back here afterwards. We rush around and clean up whatever we messed up earlier, we are just finished when Danielle gets a call from Liam. She returns from the balcony ten minutes later,

“Okay so I had to tell Liam that you’re my date but he promised not to tell the others. We will be picked up in half an hour!”

I grinned and sat down to talk with her again. Sure enough, half an hour later there’s a limo waiting for us. Danielle and I make our way down, but this time Danielle informed me that there’s an elevator so I insisted we take it. we hobble over to the limo in our high heels and Danielle opens the door grinning, Harry is sitting on the outside and smiles up at Danielle as she hops in, he’s about to close the door when he spots me holding it so he can’t. He frowns at me disapprovingly; I decide this evening needs a little more mischief,

“Jeez Harry, you ought to treat your ex better than that, slamming the door is my face is just pure rudeness.”

Harry throws his hands up and opens his mouth wide like a fish to reply when I hop in but Louis interrupts,

“Miranda! You’re here!”

I’m squashed in between Danielle and Louis. Niall and Harry are facing me and both are glaring at me with such ferocity. I return an icy glare to both of them before returning to my conversation with a loveable Louis. Halfway through it the limo stops again, I glance around, everyone is here? Even Perrie, that’s when something red catches my eye. Katie hops into the limo and as there’s no more room she has no choice but to sit on Harry’s lap, that’s because I’m an unexpected guest and there’s no room for one more person. I look at what she’s wearing, a light pink button up shirt that’s sleeveless and goes down to above her bellybutton. She matched the top with an unbelievably tight pair of white leather pants. She had on extremely high black suede heels that just after the toe cross over with a bow on each foot, she has a really nice assortment of diamond bangles and silver ones and sparkly, her Rhianna-red hair is down to above her waist and wild looking and untamed which gives the outfit a gorgeous touch. I must say, Katie is looking hot tonight I’m not lesbian or anything but Harry obviously lent her his credit card for the day because she has nothing like that in her wardrobe.

The limo ride isn’t long and thank god for that, it was so awkward with me turning up as a surprise guest and the fact that three people were sending death glares at me the whole night. We are bustled into a club and on the inside its unreal.


The place is already crowded as people dance, the smell of sweat and drink mingled on these intoxicated people. I look around for the members of our group. Danielle is talking to Liam privately, ten minutes later she leaves him and grabs my arm before dragging me out onto the dance-floor and busting killer moves, I stand there not sure what to do. Yes I can dance, when I was younger I went ballistic at discos but beside Danielle I think I’d just look foolish. Danielle shouts over the music to get moving so I do, I go crazy and we laugh so hard I actually fell over. Danielle tries to pick me up but she can’t because she’s laughing so hard too. Eventually she gets me up and we go to the bar, we must have taken about a hundred shots before leaving for the dance-floor again. I spot Harry and Katie grinding ferociously, I look to Danielle for her opinion but she’s just glaring at them with such menace it’s nearly funny. She doesn’t even care that Harry sees her, she flashes him off with her middle finger before dragging me into a corner, there she gets straight to the point yet again,

“Miranda! You need to sort out if you’re with Niall or not! We need to make that curly bastard jealous; he’s one point up in this game by going off with your flatmate so you need to either go off with his band mate or someone close!”

I stutter for a minute before giving up on speech, she’s right. I do need to make him jealous and I do need to sort things out with Niall. I turn to the boys to see he’s not with them, I pick the first one.


I shout over the music but he seems to either be ignoring me or failed to hear, I hit him a thump in the arm which in turn makes him turn around and yelp,

“Ouch! Miranda? Hey!”

I laugh and wave, I reach my hand on his shoulder and stand on my tippy toes to ask him,

“Have you a clue on Niall’s whereabouts?”

Zayn nods grinning cheekily, he points to the far corner of the club where there are a few booths where people can sit down with their drinks, I don’t even thank Zayn I just walk off in the direction given. Under the rainbow coloured disco lights my eyesight isn’t the best but once I have rounded a corner of drunken people and spot Niall, I’m positive what I see is really happening. I stumble back, weak at my knees as I play victim to Niall’s murderous betrayal. He continues to nibble at the girl’s ear; he still doesn’t spot me even though I’m standing right in front of him. He pulls back and kisses her directly on the lips, the ones that I once kissed myself. I walk away, just glad that he didn’t see me. I’m storming past everyone for the exit when someone grabs my arm; my eyes are glazing over with fresh tears. I look at the person’s shoes as I can’t look up, I don’t want anyone to see that I’m crying. They tilt my head up with their finger under my chin, I meet his chocolate brown eyes and styled quiff. Zayn pouts and studies my face for a long time before speaking,

Now now Miranda, I’m not letting you bail a second party. What's up doll? Why are you crying?”

I self-consciously wipe my eyes and fold my arms crossly,

“I’m not crying!”

He nods, murmuring something to himself, all I caught was something about looking beautiful and Perrie.

“Aaah I see, just hay-fever so? Look just don’t get worked up over the One Direction boys, we aren’t as great as we sound. Just don’t cry okay? Everything will be fine Randa.”

With that he pulls me closer and gives me a kiss on the forehead, leaving his lips planted to my forehead instead of pulling back. he eventually pulls back and my eyes snap open, I didn’t even realise I closed them. He makes for the door but I grab his arm, forcing him to stay. He frowns at me,

“Where are you going?”

He shrugs and holds up his phone to my view,

“To ring Perrie.”

I shake my head as I drag him back into the dancing crowd,

“Oh no Malik, I’m not letting you bail on this party. Tonight we’re gonna get smashed and not regret a thing!”

He grins mischievously at me before following me into the crowd, I don’t even need to drag him he comes freely.


Zayn follows me over to where Danielle is, she says something to him and he nods before she drags me out of the crowd and into the bathrooms. There she tugs on my hand and spins me around to face her, getting straight to the point as usual,

“So did you sort things out with Niall? Are you a single pringle?”

Her eyes are staring into my suddenly saddened ones, she holds me at arm’s length as her forehead creases up,

“Oh Randy what happened?”

I break down into tears as she pulls me into a tight hug,

“H-he was k-k-kissing another g-girl.”

I start stuttering between sobs as Danielle ruffles my hair and tries to comfort me,

“Oh Miranda forget about him, he’s a waster and so is Harry!”

I rub my eyes and try to stop as I realise she’s right, they are and I’m wasting my time trying to be someone I’m not for them, a couple of dicks. Danielle comforts me before a girl about our age flings open a stall door and practically screams in our faces,

“Wait! Are you talking about Niall Horan and Harry Styles?!”

I look at Danielle for clarity but she jumps in, obviously immune to situations like these.

“Hahaha we wish!”

With that she takes my hand and leads me out the bathrooms and away from that crazy girl even though her guesses were correct. Danielle talks to the bouncer for a while before she leads me into a private room where there’s funky music going on. I frown at Danielle but she stops me,

“I know this room isn’t meant for talking or any of that kind but we need somewhere quiet. I think you need to know that what they’re doing to you is selfish and Niall will realise that soon enough. Now you need to get that pretty little ass of yours out there and get Niall back for what he did, only this time make sure he sees!”

I nod quietly and supress hiccups while following Danielle out into the dance-floor again, she leans down to shout into my ear,

“Oh ya! Zayn fancies you but be careful! Him and Perrie are still a thing!”

I’m left starstruck as she nods and we both go back to dancing with Zayn, about twenty minutes and fifty shots later, none other than Josh shows up. And because I’m in this drunken state, I think he is looking hot as ever. He sees how drunk I am and leaves Danielle with Liam and guides me to the booths where he waits until I sober up. Ten minutes later I’m sober and staring into his gorgeous eyes, he blushes and stops whatever he was saying,

“Are you even listening?”


I reply, popping the ‘p’. He smiles and begins something else,

“So have you seen Niall?”

Shit! I forgot how close Niall and Josh are, sure they have loads of twitcams and shit together. I mentally face-palm myself and nod,

“Yes but he’s a little busy.”

Josh studies my face closely before it dawns on him, his face is understanding before he frowns and studies me closer,

“But aren’t ye two?”

I shake my head and he frowns and looks in the crowd, that’s the moment Harry and Katie come into sight, still grinding. Josh looks back at me confused,

“I was dating Harry, I broke up with him and he came back but I caught him kissing my roommate. Niall told me he loves me and all that crap but I caught him sucking the face of some slut even though Niall and I are meant to be dating or whatever. So I’m out to get revenge and make him pay for it as well as Harry.”

Josh lets out a big sigh as I clap my hands together and take a deep breath as I finish my crazy rant.

He takes a step back and shoves his hands into his pockets before leaving, muttering something about getting a drink. I spot Zayn’s dark head by the door so I dive through the crowd and follow his tacks of leaving. I walk out onto the cold street of London, its freezing cold air hitting me like frozen daggers. I kinda regret wearing a dress and one so short; it’s so cold outside-more to the point, why did I follow Zayn out? I look around but he's nowhere in sight, I spot a dark alleyway and make for it. I turn the corner and squint into the dark; I spot a shadow leaning against the wall, holding a cigarette in their hand with their other hand running through their quiff. I know it’s Zayn,

“Hey doll.”

I nod and wrap my arms around myself, he makes to take off his black leather jacket.

“No, no I’m fine! Just a little bit of cold, never killed anyone!”

I mentally face-palm myself, people die every day over frostbite and cold related deaths! Zayn takes a drag out of his cigarette as he chuckles, he doesn’t correct my stupidity, and he actually finds it amusing? I giggle a little and stop myself, what am I doing?! It’s the drink I’m telling you! This is why people should never let me get drunk! Zayn watches me from the corner of his eye, I shuffle my feet on the cold pavement-I’m very uncomfortable under people’s gazes. His voice makes me jump slightly.

“Perrie is on tour in America.”

I frown at myself, I love Perrie but why is he telling me this?

“Oh- you must miss her?”

My sentence turns into a question unintentionally; he continues to stare at the ground as he takes another drag. He doesn’t reply which scares me more, why am I so jumpy- oh yes I almost forgot, I’m drunk. Zayn nods at the ground thoughtfully, the dim streetlamp far away is making his eyes shine like glistening snow. He turns to me, leaning on his side against the wall. His honey eyes bore holes in my eyes, making me shy away from his gaze. He brings his finger up to raise my head,

“Don’t mention Perrie.”

I pretend to look away as I hide my confused look, I never even said her name! He clears his throat, breaking the awkward silence.

I begin to leave but his strong arm pulls me back, I turn my head to face him. His face is dark and scares me a little, my stomach suddenly grows uneasy. He nods and brushes a strand of hair from my face, I guess I’ve been so busy I didn’t realise that my hair is slightly untidy. He cups my face in his hands before leaning in and pecking me on the lips, I freeze on the spot and gawk. He grins before licking his lips and leaving, leaving me standing there speechless. What the fuck? About ten minutes later I fully recover and walk out the alley and dive back into the club. In a daze, I find Danielle and pull her to the bar for another round of shots; I then proceed to make Niall jealous. Niall was standing at the bar with his arms crossed and staring intently at Danielle and I as we got insanely drunk. Eventually we make our way through the crowd and into the centre of the dance-floor, I grab a cute guy’s arm and start dancing with him. He is actually really cute, we grind and laugh. He grabs us drinks and I follow him over to a booth, we talk for ages and laugh a lot. I must tell him everything but he won’t even tell me where he’s from, a bit suspicious but I like that. We stay entangled in each other for ages, kissing and teasing. We swap numbers and continue our dancing, we grind and dirty dance for ages until Danielle pulls on my arm,

“We have to go!”

I nod and say goodbye to whoever that guy was. Danielle pulls me out of the club, followed by the rest of our gang-some sober and some out of it like Danielle and I. We are all once again squeezed into a limo, the same one- Harry grins at me in our drunken state, Katie is sitting on his lap is whining, she is fully sober. Danielle pinches me, our signal for getting out. Everyone starts getting out too; we all take the elevator except Harry and Katie after Katie throwing a hissy fit over personal space. Seriously?! She is making Harry climb the stairs that drunk? Well I laugh; we all head to Danielle’s flat and make ourselves at home, Danielle prepares drinks. I groan and lean my head back on the couch, Louis chuckles, Louis? I never even saw him all night, or Eleanor.

“Too much drink Randy?”

I flip him off; this makes him chuckle and turn to Eleanor. Liam is sitting on a couch watching me intently; I shy away from his gaze. He looks at me like he knows something, does he? I look around; Danielle, Liam, Harry, Katie, Louis, Eleanor, Niall and I are here, Zayn is missing. I frown and do a double check of the room before speaking up,

“Where is Zayn?”

Liam crosses his arms across his chest and tilts back his head, still watching me but he’s watching me amusingly like my body language is the most interesting thing he’s ever seen. Nobody replies so he shrugs, holding my gaze,

“He left.”

I frown and raise an eyebrow at Liam; he shrugs carelessly and decides to look at Danielle instead. Danielle comes back, arms full of different coloured bottles and glasses. She sighs heavily once she has it all put down in front of all of us,

“Okay so everyone is coming in half an hour!”

I sit up, brought back to life.

“Who and why?”

After Danielle explaining to me that there’s pretty much loads of people coming for a after-party here, I nod and grow quiet. After a cup of coffee I’m sober and fully intact on my conscious mind. Katie whispers something in Harry’s ear and he grins before turning to me sarcastically,

“Hey Miranda? Why don’t you invite your little friend?”

I open my mouth to comment nastily but Niall beats me to it,

“He is already coming.”

Niall is sitting beside Liam, arms crossed and pouting furiously like he’s the little kid who didn’t get what he wanted on Christmas. I shrug and give Liam a knowing look. That’s when Danielle gets up from beside Liam and moves over to sit beside me. She gets up and drags me out to the balcony; she closes the door behind her before turning to me excitedly but also furious.

“How the hell did you score Justin Bieber?!”

I gasp as my eyes widen, what did she say?


She explains to me that the guy at the club was Justin Bieber! No wonder he didn’t want to tell me anything, he was probably afraid I’d fan girl on him.

“I was drunk! I didn’t know!”

She nods and folds her arms before raising an eyebrow,

“So what are you going to do now?”

I gulp before nodding and making my decision,

“I’m going to talk to him obviously! He’s cute, why did ya think I went for him?”

She chuckles and winks before we go back into the warm flat. Everyone is chatting away excitedly except for Liam and Niall who are acting like sour milk. I can't help but get a little bit excited.Danielle nods at everyone before dragging me into another room. Its amaZAYN, see what I did there? Oh my god I did not just do that!

Danielle nods at everyone before dragging me into another room. Its amaZAYN, see what I did there? Oh my god I did not just do that!

Her bed covers are slightly ruffled but other than that, it’s perfectly clean. She disappears into her walk in wardrobe and comes back, laden with different things. She lays them out on the bed and instructs me to change, I argue but she insists and leaves-giving me privacy. I put on the on shoulder lacy soft black shirt and pull on the tight leather red leggings, complete with the overly high black heels. I slide the ‘Hope’ bracelet on my wrist and check my hair in the mirror, it looks terrible. Suddenly, Danielle knocks on the door

“You ready?”

I shout a ‘yeah’ before she enters and spots me looking horrified in the mirror; she clicks her fingers and smiles before running around her room, opening drawers. She sits me on the bed and gently takes out all my clips and different things the hairdresser used.

“Oh my god! Your hair is so curly!”

I guess that’s because the hairdresser put so many plaits in it, Danielle brushes around my curls before squealing,

“I’ll just have to go over a few curls to make it look perfect!”

After a job of Danielle swirling my hair around her curler’s tongs, she claims my hair is perfection. She shows me in the mirror before leaving, making me sit on the bed in silence. Ten minutes later she returns grinning, she pulls me by the arm off the bed and out her door. She drags me back to the living-room to see that there’s loads of people here, I gasp and attempt to loosen Danielle's grip so I can run back to her room and hide. Nobody notices us entering nor do they care. I spot all the boys at the side, a beer bottle in all their hands and grinning. Danielle leads me over and stands by them, waving politely until I see who is there. His honey eyes are looking around, holding a beer. His gorgeous brown hair is ruffled to perfection and his white tank top is hugging his torso so I can make out the outline of his abs. I lick my lips as Danielle turns her head to grin at me; I smile in return and return my gaze to him. His lips are curled up in a smile, I glance up at his eyes to see what he’s grinning at. He’s smiling at me; my heart melts on the spot. I smile back, he edges closer to Harry who is standing right next to me. Niall spots me and looks like thunder, Liam looks from Justin to Niall before clearing his throat,

“Eh Miranda can I talk to you for a minute?”

I nod and follow him out to Danielle’s room where he closes the door and shoves his hands into his jean’s pockets.

“So you do know that Justin is Niall’s role model and they’re like….mates? You just got with Justin, leaving Niall broken hearted!”

My mouth opened, shocked.

“Hold up now Liam before you start pointing fingers! Niall was sucking the face of some slut earlier! So I decided….maybe if he wants to forget about me I will forget about him!”

Liam frowns as he processes my words,

“Were ye a….thing?”

I shrug and leave, just after hearing Liam mutter something. I return to the party, everyone has left the corner except Danielle and Justin, Danielle smiles at Liam and Justin smiles at me. We walk up together to meet our other halves, Justin is the first to say anything.


I can’t help but smile which causes him to grin,


We talk for awhile and all awkwardness has disappeared from around us, eventually we both agree to dance. We stand in the middle of everyone and stare at each other, seeing who will be the first to make the move. The song ends and a familiar song comes on, Justin grins and starts dancing to his own song and mouths the words, I start dancing and feel my cheeks blush. I look down but he tilts my head up with his finger and starts singing the words but I can just make them out. He draws closer, caressing my face with his hands. He bows his heads so our noses are touching; he continues to sing the lyrics before leaning down to my ear and singing a sentence,

“As long as you love me.”

He nibbles on my ear lightly before smashing his soft lips on mine, our lips move in sync as if they were moulded together, he pulls back and I return the kisses. He grins into the kisses as our tongues fight for dominance. We return to dancing and eventually get thirsty. We make our way to the kitchen that’s open to the living-room. Justin grabs a beer as I get WKD Vodka Blue and pour myself a glass. Justin grins and wraps his arm around my waist as we walk back out to the party, we laugh and talk to loads of people before the party finishes. Danielle and I sit on the couch surrounded by our remaining guests, all of the 1D boys (except Zayn) and Justin-who has really grown to like me. I really think I like him, he is so lovely and sweet. The music has now been paused and we are sitting down chatting.

Katie smirks at Harry before clapping her hands together and shouting,

“Lets play dares!”

Everyone moans but some, like Louis and Danielle, clap excitedly. Justin grins at me as he leans down to pick up his beer bottle off the coffee table. I smile and fold my arms as I lean back on his chest. He wraps his warm arms around me, leaning his chin on my head. Katie watches us for a millisecond before continuing,

“Ok you Liam first!”

He licks his lips and claps his hands together; he looks at everyone, grinning. He grins at Harry and announces,

“I pick Harreh! Come closer!”

He gets Harry to sit beside him and he whispers something in his ear, I tilt my head curiously, Danielle hears and grins at all of us. At this point, Justin and I are itching to know what the dare is. Everyone remains in their seats; Harry goes back to his seat beside Katie and speaks up,

“My turn!”

I groan and send a death glare at Liam who returns a grin.

“Ehh Justin! I dare you to kiss…..hmm….Katie!”

My mouth falls open, Katie grins and gets out of her seat freely and straddles herself on Justin's lap, right beside me! I glare at Harry, oh if looks could kill. Justin gulps and Katie wraps her arms around Justin’s neck. Justin looks at me for clarification but I shrug, trying to not look bothered but it’s clear I am. Katie leans in and my heart stops when Justin does too, but at the last minute he turns his face so Katie kisses his cheek. Liam burst out laughing but pretends to be coughing; Niall freely laughs really loud and gives Justin thumbs up. Harry folds his arms crossly and glares at Justin before Justin can react. Justin then grabs my arm and helps me off the couch and calls behind us as we’re leaving,

“We’re gonna hang out!”

I grin at him as he slams the flat door and leads me out into the hall to the elevator.

“I’m gonna show you a good night out girl!”


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