Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


11. Chapter Eleven

Miranda's P.O.V:

Harry disappears for about twenty minutes, muttering something about being fashionably late. Niall and I talk with Danielle and Liam about the upcoming tour. Niall decides this is his cue for going quiet, I frown while holding eye contact with Liam as he talks about where it kicks off and where they'll go. I try and concentrate on Liam's words as I try to make sense of why Niall has gone so quiet. Danielle's next few words put me in a muddle,

"So Miranda are you excited about the tour?"

Ever since today she's been so friendly to me like she genuinely likes me as a friend. Her voice is actually curious, as if I'm going on the tour too. Something clicks in my mind so I turn to Niall, who's looking down solemnly. I frown turning back to her, Liam is looking at Niall curiously.

 "Eh no. I'm not in the band."

I start laughing nervously at the end, thinking over the previous conversations us four have been having, nothing came up about inviting me along with the band. Danielle frowns, obviously confused. She turns to Liam who gives her a look with her eyes to shut up, too late Liam, the damage has been done. Niall rubs his face, his head still hanging. I frown and decide to stay quiet, trying to pretend that I didn't see the look Liam gave Danielle and also trying to pretend we all didn't have this conversation as Niall awkwardly hung his head like he knew what direction it was going. I purposely go quiet and so does Danielle and Liam, they're looking at each other like they can communicate through mind speaking. Louis and elanor stop talking among themselves and watch quietly from a distance how this is going to play out like. Harry never told me anything about the boys' girlfriends being invited and well, neither did Niall. I look around pretending to be interested in anything but this conversation even though I badly want to continue and see if Niall does anything. Harry returns ages later, fixing the buttons on his wide open shirt, is he honestly pulling that stunt right now? Is he actually trying to make me jealous?! He grins as he knows he has everyones attention,

"I'm ready!"

He announces proudly, sounding like a happy five year old who finally managed to dress himself. Louis jumps up off the couch excitedly, dragging a thoughtful Eleanor up too, Louis' voice breaks the awkward silence that follows.

"About ten years later!"

Eleanor giggles nervously as Danielle gives her a death glare, Eleanor turns to Danielle to see if she will start laughing but starts frowning as she sees her so called 'bestfriend' sending daggers in her direction. Whats gotten into Danielle?? She's so tense lately and being much nicer to me and being meaner to Eleanor. I shrug it off and get up by myself, ignoring the offered hand niall tries to give me. All the couples give each other looks at what might be wrong, I glance up at Liam as he's taller than me and he is frowning slightly in concerntration, obviously thinking deep about something. Harry leads the way out to the limo and opens it only for himself before slamming it in my face, I walk to the other side of the limo and get in that side, everyone is taking their time coming out of the house so I close the door behind me, unlike Harry I check to see if anyone is coming before slamming the door. Only Harry knew I was coming and clearly didn't want to sit near me, he doesn't even want me going anywhere with him so what would me going off with his bandmate help?

I slide into the soft leather seats and sigh, I fidget with my hands as I have no purse or clutch with me. I can see Harry glaring at me from the corner of my eye, he is turned in his seat puposely glaring at me and wants me to see that he is. I ignore the glares and keep looking ahead, the driver is nowhere to be seen so Harry could talk about anything and nobody will know, I must have jinxed it because he starts talking,

"Why did you do this to me Miranda?"

His voice is soft but gruff as he pushes a stray bit of hair behind my ear, I shiver under his cold touch. I don't look at him, I still continue to stare ahead at nothing in particular. He leans down and kisses my neck, sending shivers down my back. I don't look at him and he watches my face, he continues to kiss my neck until one of the doors to the limo sdlams shut, Harry snaps back over to his seat but I remain the same way I was. I didn't realsie until Harry pulled back but I was groping his leg.

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