Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


8. Chapter Eight

I inwardly groan when I make out the shadows behind the tinted window of the limo Niall is trying to pile me into. I see Danielle's ugly head of curls and Eleanor's sickingly straight head of brown locks. I smile when I see the head of curls bopping out the door on the other side of the limo. Liam hops out after his curly girlfriend *cough*bitch*cough* and starts talking to Danielle in frantic whispers. Niall bounds inside the now packed limo after me, smiling and delicately resting his strong hand on my leg, I don't remove it, even though I can feel the green emerald orbs burning holes in me. I glance around the limo, when I see a familiar head of electric red hair, I can't help but gag and try to push Niall out the door but he doesn't budge and forces me to stay calm with his eyes.

The ride to the music venue is eerily silent and very much awkward, something that every meeting with the boys never lacks. Well, its never lacking when the girls are with them, the boys and I on our own are fine, we all get along dandy. I suppose I never will be able to hang with just the guys now, considering that I was with Harry and ditched him for his bandmate, it looks like I didn't take long to move on. Louis is in a good mood today and seems to be ignoring Eleanor, having quiet converse between just us two. Its whisper chat as he's right next to me and the conversation we're having is much too awkward to say aloud and have everyone staring at us. Niall is to my left and is right beside the door, I'm next then Louis is at my right, Eleanor to the right of him and Zayn sitting all alone right beside the door. Harry, my stupid flatmate and ex-bestfriend Katie, Liam and Danielle are sitting across from us. I take a peek of Zayn from behind Louis' and Eleanor's heads, interrupting Louis mid-whisper,

"Hey Zayn? Where's Perrie?"

Its bugging me considering he goes wherever he can with her when he's home from tour. My question seems to dampen his mood and he sighs, leaning his head on his arm, resting it on his leg.

"She'll be there, she just has to go with Little Mix."

His voice is sad and he pouts like a puppy once he finishes, I shoot him a sympathetic smile before returning to my previous conversation with Loius.  He whispers into my ear,

"So whats with you and Harry, eh?"

I shrug and tell him the story, beginning with the question of does he know about the house fight and then continueing with a account of the cheating and how we never broke up and I finish with what happened today, leaving out the personal bits between Nialler and I. Louis looks thoughtful as I finish up my rant with a big sigh. He nods and continues his questions,

"So are you and Niall a thing, yeah?"

I shurg and glance over at Niall, sensing that we must be talking about him he glances up from the sandwhich he's eating and shoots us his full on Irish grin. Where the hell did he get the sandwhich out of? I turn back to Louis to see him studying Niall carefully, watching his actions as the irishman takes big mouthfuls out of his sandwhich. I click my fingers in Louis' face impatiently trying to get his attention, this question has been killing me since I got in here,

"Yo, Louis! Whats going on between Payzer over there?"

I make a small hand gesture over to the silent bickering couple, Louis snorts at my nickname for their relationship. He shrugs as Danielle huffs and turns away from Liam, facing the window and glaring outside. Louis gives Liam a questioning look but Liam returns it with shrugging his broad shoulders. Louis turns back to me and repeats Liam's action, I roll my eyes and glance over at Eleanor who is glaring at me, look of pure jealously plastered across her face. She now sees a quiet break between Louis' and mine conversation and she jumps at the chance of winning her boyfriend's attention back. I roll my eyes at her stupid competitive games, like I care who gets Louis' attention? I glance round the limo to feel the green eyes still trying to bore holes in my body, I look around his shoulders pretending to look anywhere but his eyes. I've been feeling his gaze on me all night and this just confirms I'm not delusionasl. Katie is sitting in her seat next to Harry in a tight strapless green dress and has her arms folded, pouting angrily at the ground. Looks like Harry isn't up for communication with other people tonight, I sigh realising that I have the best of the One Direction boys tonight. Well considering that Liam and Danielle are having problems, Eleanor is jealous of anyone else having Louis's attention, Zayn is sulking because he can't go there with Perrie and Harry is sulking like a three year old because I came with Niall, even though he brought my god damn roomate, yet another girl he cheated on me with! Oh two can play at this game my friend.

We arrive at the venue on time, which was a two hour drive of nothing but awkward silence, Danielle and Eleanor immediatly group together in their own little force and strut down the rolled out red carpet thats empty with the exception of the boys and their girlfriends or dates. Danielle and Eleanor are clearly experienced at this as they strut down like supermodels, posing together. They wrap each other's arms around each other's backs and pose like they're the bestest of friends but its clear that they're only doing all this for one thing, the boy's fame. I bet they're getting a great kick out of the fame they're gaining from dating the boys. Danielle and eleanor immediatly launch into friendly mode and make sure that the photographers get a picture of them beckoning me over for a picture, I shrug at my own thoughts before strutting over, I may as well act all friendly, it might get me somewhere someday. I pose with the girls and us three look liek the bestest of friends while Katie stands in the middle of the red carpet looking liek a lost puppy and standing there awkwardly. The reporters and interviewers ask Danielle, Eleanor and I loads of questions but they all come out in a mumble because about ten people are asking us different things at the same time. They all stop and one reporter pips up, pointing over at Katie who's fixing her red hair,

"Who' that red-haired outcast over there? Did Niall pick some stranger off the street as a date?"

Eleanor swats her hand and smiles like a queen, acting so kind and lovely that I wish she was liek that all the time,

"No! Thats Harry's date!"

She rolls her eyes as all of us glance over at her pityingly, thanking god we're not liek her. The reporter smiles bravely before something dawns on her, there's a minute of silence as all of the interviewers and reporters minds click, one turns to me in question,

"But aren't you Harry's girlfriend?"

They all immediatly start shouting and hollering over each other's claims and questions, I gulp and panic, my head swivelling between the girls and Niall. Thankfully Niall runs over and grabs the three of us girls proclaiming loudly over the hollering reporters,

"Enough interviews for you gals!"

As Niall shoves all of us into the building including all the boys, I can't help but process in my mind if Eleanor purposely did that, just to make my life worse.

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