Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


16. A/N

A/N!!!!!!!!!!!! Pllleaseee go check out my Aussie friend's fanfic!!!! its actually really good guys, dont worry i read it first ;) its called Being Danielle Peazer..so go check it out!!!! its really good!!!! :) im not just saying that cus she is my friend but it actually is...read the comments if you dont believe!!!! :D its about a girl who looks exactly like Danielle Peazer...who is super pretty!!!!! dont worry guys i didnt give away the storyline cus thats what the blurb is about so check it out!!!!!!! its by 1DLoverz....well if i spelt it wrong just look up Being Danielle Peazer because its the only one called that :) CHECK IT OUT PLEASE ONLY 7 PEOPLE HAVE FAVOURITED IT SO PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!! :D :)


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