Over Again

I'm Miranda, an art colledge student, living in London with a fairly average lifestyle. That is, until I meet a few colourful characters that pull me from the streets into the limelight where unfortunately, I will never ever be forgotten.


26. *2 Weeks Later

*2 weeks later*

The drive to the hospital felt like hours but was only a few minutes away; my foot was rapidly tapping the ground as Harry drove. I’m not sure if he spotted how nervous I was, but either way he ignored my irritating symptoms and concentrated on the road. Harry swiftly pulled into a parking spot before hopping out, unlike me who remained seated and frozen. My stop churned and I suddenly had a bad feeling,

“Miranda, hey you there?”

Harry repeatedly tried to grab my attention but I was lost, my brain frozen and my body unmoving. Finally my mind comes back to present and I take Harry’s hand as he helps me out of the car, I didn’t even realize he had walked around the car and opened my door. He led me up to the hospital and sat me down while he questioned the receptionist. I stared blankly into space wondering what kind of condition he’s in. Harry helps me up, holding my hand and guiding me to an elevator where we’re brought to a ward with several different rooms. It’s the same ward and the same room. Harry leaves me outside Calum’s room so he can check what state he is in first, probably because if it’s like the other day I will surely collapse to the floor in tears.

I stand outside the closed door for a while, impatiently tapping my foot on the shiny hospital floor. The longer Harry takes the more worried I became; I feel the tingles across my body before I start breaking into a sweat. Thankfully soon enough I hear the door open and Ashton comically pops his head out grinning before stepping back and opening the door further to allow me access.

“Hey Miranda!”

Ash pulls me into a tight bear hug, whooshing out the remaining air in my lungs. He steps out of my way; I slowly make my way towards his head. Luke, Michael, Ash and Harry are surrounding his bed but they seem happy and are chatting away happily. Once I am close enough I spot Calum in his hospital bed, sitting up with his eyes shining with laughter as his lips are tugging upwards. After two weeks, he has finally woken up from that deep sleep, well coma. He high fives Harry for some comment and I stand awkwardly between Ashton and Michael holding my hands behind my back. Slowly, Calum notices me and turns his face to me furrowing his eyebrows. I let out the breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding, Calum glances at each of the boys with a confused look on his face. I hear him mumble Ash before he starts whispering to Ashton, I glance worriedly at Harry who shoots me a look as if to say ‘it’s alright’. Ashton straightens up and clears his throat before talking,

“Could all of you guys give Cal and me a second alone?”

Luke counts a second his finger teasingly before winking at Calum and heading towards the door, I meet Calum’s gave and shoot me a pleading look before Harry places a hand on the small of my back and leads me towards the door, he raises that hand to sit around my shoulders as Michael closes the door behind us. I shoot Harry a worried glance before Michael begins to rub his hands and speak,

“So! Starbucks guys?”

Everyone nods and begins to walk down the corridor except me, I walk slowly behind the group and attempt to restrain myself from glancing back but I fail to do so and glance back at Calum’s room every two steps I take. Harry notices and begins to slow his pace, drifting away from the two boys walking in front of me. He falls into step beside me and wraps that arm around my shoulders pulling me into his chest.

Ashton’s P.O.V:

“Hey mate could you get them outta here for a sec?”

Calum whispers into my hair, his breath tickling me slightly. I refrain the giggle and turn to everyone to tell them, I pause slightly as I look at Miranda. Her face looks so worn and tired; her sad eyes watch Calum’s every move. I clear my throat awkwardly and stare at the floor,

“Could all of you guys give Cal and me a second alone?”

They all nod and begin to leave, Luke joking around and holding up his index finger like he always does when we ask for a second alone. The rest leave but Miranda lingers slightly, Harry steps in and guides her out. I can tell he’s looking out for her but anyone can see the feelings he has for her are still strong. Once the door is finally shut I glance back at Calum whose eyebrows are furrowed together and he’s frowning looking at his hands. He starts mumbling before looking at me worriedly,

“Ash? I know you guys told me I’m doing well so far but…who was that girl?”

I feel my heart sink as I hear his words, he can't be serious! His memory has been recovering slowly but I thought he’d remember his own girlfriend! He remembers all of his band and our songs and our success, the upcoming tour and the 1D lads but he can't remember Randy?! I play it cool and keep my poker face,

“What girl are you talking about Cal? There are billions of girls out there!”

I try to add humour so I don’t worry him too much, after all, he’s still in a pretty rough condition and we don’t know how much he actually remembers since the crash. He rubs his face, dragging the skin down before his worried eyes find mine,

“You know that pretty girl? The one dating Harry?”

Now it’s my turn to frown and furrow my brows,

“Why do you think they’re dating?”

He shrugs and replies in a tone like he’s stating it’s obvious,

“They came together and he was rubbing her back and watching her reactions, and he had his arms around her shoulders. I tell you, Harry is a lucky guy! But she seemed so confused, she was looking at me like I hurt her…did I hurt her Ash?”

I take a seat on the bed next to Cal’s, resting my forearms on my knees and brushing my hands through my wild unkept hair.

“Calum, I think you need to take it easy. Remember the doc says that your memory will return slowly.”

“But if you tell me maybe I can start to remember!”

He growls, growing frustrated as he wrings the bed sheet with his hands. I sigh heavily before leaning forehead and rubbing my tired face. I take a deep breath before launching into the explanation he’s looking for.

“That’s your girlfriend Cal…”

His head snaps towards me, dis-belief written all over it. He opens his mouth to reply but I hold up a finger and continue.

“You guys first met at the new club where One Direction performed. Miranda was locked out and the bouncers who we knew wouldn’t let her back in and she was about to ring Danielle when you swept in and saved her. You guys started chatting and you were so happy. I mean us three could tell how much happier you were with her, you wrote more songs and you participated excellently. I mean, you were great before but you suddenly had more energy! You guys went on dates and hung out LOADS, I really cannot believe you don’t remember her!”

Calum sits in silence for a few minutes, taking his time to digest all the info I provided for him. Slowly, he lifts his head with tears pooling in his eyes.

“Then why was she with Harry?”

I shake my head and give him a bear hug,

“They dated for a loooonnggggg time before you met her, they were pretty serious like people were sure they’d wed but Harry’s fame got in the way I guess. He’s only looking out for your girl while you recover!”

I spare the details of Harry’s unconditional love for Miranda; Calum doesn’t need that right now. I don’t want to pressurise him into remembering or he might force himself so he can compete with Harry and the brain is a fragile thing, it needs time to recover.

“What is her name?”

Calum quietly replies, looking down into his lap where his hands are placed.


I reply, my voice gruff from the pressure on my chest. It’s hurting me that he doesn’t remember her so I cannot even imagine the pain Miranda will feel when she is told that her boyfriend woke up from a coma and can't remember her. Two weeks in a coma and after finally witnessing her boyfriend awake, he forgets her.


I hear Calum mumble but I ignore it and continue to stare harshly at the ground, somebody bless Miranda because she will experience the most unimaginable pain after hearing this.

Im so sorry guys but I had to add this to the chapter! Every good story has drama! So comment what you think pleaseee:’) xXx

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