Key to my heart

Tamzin is a insecure girl at school and pushes everyone away but when new boy Niall trys to help her will she push him away too.
(sorry i used my own name i was searching for different names for ages then just gave up) and by the way this is my first story so it might be a rubbish


2. lunch and smudged mascara

"hey why are you blanking me" he asked confused putting his arm round me, his friends sniggered.I struggled and freed myself from him "go away!" i yelled. by this time everyone was looking at us smiling trying not to laugh i looked down at the ground shook my head and walked out of the canteen tears about to spill over my eyelids and down my pale face.

i sat in the old girls bathroom (where no one goes) and cried silently for about half of break. i pulled myself together and walked to english with mascara still smudged under my eyes,picking my seat carefully i sat near the back and stared at the clock it caused me to huff loudly.this lesson was gunna be  LONNGGG, while i listened to miss go on about Richard III i turned to the boy sitting next to me that i didnt notice before he smiled and looked away why was anyone sitting next to me?

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