Key to my heart

Tamzin is a insecure girl at school and pushes everyone away but when new boy Niall trys to help her will she push him away too.
(sorry i used my own name i was searching for different names for ages then just gave up) and by the way this is my first story so it might be a rubbish


3. hey

(Decided to call the girl lily instead it so much easier)

“Erm hi”i said nervously”hey” he awkwardly smiled and turned back to the teacher. We sat in silence for about half an hour and then I felt his eyes on me, “what?” “Oh nothing” I squinted my eyes at him and he spoke again “by the way if you were wondering I’m new here and my names ni...”he was cut off by the teacher “Mr. Horan it’s your first day please don’t make me shout at you “she snapped. There was then a huge chorus of “ohhs” making me roll my eyes, then ‘Mr.Horan’ whispered with his hand over his mouth “Niall.” “Lily” I replied. He nodded his head “cool” and returned back to his work. after lesson ended I collected my stuff and headed for my next lesson it was my favourite because I had one of my only mates in that lesson and her name was Sophie, she was really nice and caring. I got changed in my dark blue pe shorts and white Hollister t shirt that i tucked in to the shorts, i also wore my new high top white air forces .Sophie saw me walking out of the changing and jumped on my back “LILY!!!” she screamed making me wince “ HEY SOPH!!!”

I screamed in her ear “alright i didn’t scream that loud” i laughed and gave her a hug Sophie was one of the only people i could trust and she was one of the only reasons i came to school. we walked to the field and spotted our class including Niall. “WOW who is that?” Sophie questioned, “That’s Niall”

“well how do you know?” she asked giving me a cheeky smile “i was talking to him in lesson” “flirting... are we?”she cleverly responded “sophieeee” i said though my closed gaze slipped straight back to Niall as I realized how hot he was, his blonde and brown hair was up in a quiff and he had the perfect straight and white teeth. But his eyes were the BEST they were green in the middle and a deep sea blue on the outside. Before i knew it I found myself staring and quickly snapped out of it. The lesson was going great until I finally noticed who Niall was talking to.....Taylor!


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