Key to my heart

Tamzin is a insecure girl at school and pushes everyone away but when new boy Niall trys to help her will she push him away too.
(sorry i used my own name i was searching for different names for ages then just gave up) and by the way this is my first story so it might be a rubbish


1. class

i sighed as i shyly walked into class,i rested my elbow on the table and tilted my head on my hand.I felt eyes on me as i opened my book and wrote the date, i turned to them and everyone quickly avoided my glare.I huffed loudly,this was gunna be a long day.our teacher dismissed us and i made my way to the lunch hall i sat alone and i heard all the girls laughing and rolled my eyes, i knew exactly who it was it was abbie ugh.

i heard a noise next to me as i looked up from my phone and saw a load of boys james,ben,dan,josh and... taylor he looked up and said "hi tamz " i rolled my eyes and said nothing.


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