Sold to the snakes pet

Ayase is a college student who is being sold to pay off a debt, just when a creepy old man is about to purchase Ayase... Kabuto buys him because his chakra is nice and smooth.
They both have emotions for eachother what will happen? find out in Sold to the snakes pet
Ayase-from no money (yaoi)
Kabuto-from naruto


3. The perfect Chakra

 Kabuto was cuddling Ayase in his sleep. Ayase squirmed a bit, and woke up.

"Kabuto-kuuun.. Let go!" Ayase wiggled around and pouted cutely, making Kabuto wake up. Kabuto looked at Ayase's cute face and smiled.

"Awwww when you pout it's adorable!" Kabuto cuddling Ayase even more. Ayase blushed, and looked away shyly. "Now, now is somebody shy around Kabuto-kuuun?" Kabuto turned Ayase's head slightly and smirked. Ayase blushed more, and continued pouting cutely.  "Now come on don't be so grumpy I'll let go eventually!" He kissed Ayase's cheek and grinned. Ayase sighed and nodded as he began to cuddle back. For those couple of minute Kabuto felt as if he were in heaven, Kabuto sighed with bliss. Ayase had his head burried in Kabuto's chest, he was listening to Kabuto's  heart beat. 

"His heart beats fast, maybe he loves me..... I think I love him... Maybe" Ayase thought to himself.

Kabuto was smiling as Ayase began to drift off to sleep. "I love him so much... he"s adorable... I think if I ever loose him I'll grow to be insane and eventually kill everybody I know.... But him.. he makes me feel like I'm a good person... He's like an angel... from heaven,  and I hope that he will grow to love me too.." Kabuto stroaked Ayase's  hair gently and smiled.

In Ayase's dream he felt Kabuto stroaking his head, which made him hard a bit. In his sleep Ayase blushed lightly "K...K...Kabuto-kuuuun" Ayase whispered softly. Kabuto looked at him in surprise, and giggled. "Now did I make somebody hard?" Kabuto whispered into Ayase's ear as he slept. Ayase then nodded in his sleep still blushing, Kabuto had a dirty idea, and he wasn't sure if he should but he might attempt it.

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