Sold to the snakes pet

Ayase is a college student who is being sold to pay off a debt, just when a creepy old man is about to purchase Ayase... Kabuto buys him because his chakra is nice and smooth.
They both have emotions for eachother what will happen? find out in Sold to the snakes pet
Ayase-from no money (yaoi)
Kabuto-from naruto


1. Sold to him

Ayase was laying on a floor naked, and chained up. Giant spot lights turned on and curtains opened. Ayase was dragged to the front of the stage. " Welcome everybody, to Hades young boy auction, this is our first product as you can see he is a virgin in the front and most likely the back " Hades smirked as the men holding Ayase spread his legs. Ayase closed his eyes, and rubbed his head the drugs that the people gave him knocked him out like a light. " lets start the bidding at 56,000 " Hades annouced casually. Men in the room started bidding like crazy. "2 million! " Senji Kiyomasa raised his hand. "200 million in cash! " Kabuto stood up. " Going once... Going twice!.... Sold to kabuto " Hades pointed to Kabuto. At the end of the auction Kabuto walked up to the stage and put his cloak around Ayase and lifted him up. Ayase felt his eye lids get heavy and began to fall back to sleep. " You're perfect " Kabuto grinned as he walked out carrying Ayase. Ayase's head bobbed up and down as Kabuto walked through the forest, Kabuto then put Ayase down on a blanket as he started to set up camp. Ayase rolled around slightly, his body was aching like crazy.
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