Sold to the snakes pet

Ayase is a college student who is being sold to pay off a debt, just when a creepy old man is about to purchase Ayase... Kabuto buys him because his chakra is nice and smooth.
They both have emotions for eachother what will happen? find out in Sold to the snakes pet
Ayase-from no money (yaoi)
Kabuto-from naruto


2. Camping with Kabuto

Ayase's eyes darted open, he was all snuggled in a sleeping bag in a tent next to Kabuto, again Ayase's head was aching like somebody had hit him with a hammer. Kabuto opened his eyes a bit and saw Ayase laying there with his eyes wide open. Ayase's face was light red red, he looked sick from what Kabuto could tell. " Are you feeling alright? " Kabuto felt Ayase's forehead and felt he was really warm. Kabuto sprung up from his sleeping bag and looked through his back pack for some herbs. Kabuto ran back in and held them out to Ayase. " Take these they'll help with you fever Ayase.. " Kabuto had a worried but loving look. Ayase nodded sweetley and ate the herbs. Kabuto put his hand on Ayases forehead and felt him cooling down. " Good your fever is going down " Kabuto layed back down with Ayase and watched him fall asleep peacefully. " That... is so cute " Kabuto thought to himself as he began to stroke Ayase's hair happily. Kabuto then remember he had to take Ayase to Orochimaru for him to see what he bought. Kabuto sighed and kissed Ayase and smiled happily.
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