Sold to the snakes pet

Ayase is a college student who is being sold to pay off a debt, just when a creepy old man is about to purchase Ayase... Kabuto buys him because his chakra is nice and smooth.
They both have emotions for eachother what will happen? find out in Sold to the snakes pet
Ayase-from no money (yaoi)
Kabuto-from naruto


6. ayase tortured?!

Ayase was strapped to a heavy metal table, not knowing wheather he was going to be killed or not. ''Meh...'' Ayase thought as he felt a drop of water land on his forehead n drip down his face. Ayase knew what this was it was water torture...Ayase soon felt the rag removed from his mouth n took a deep breath. ''why...did you...take me?'' Ayase looked around for somebody..but nobody was around. Ayase teared up; the thought of being without Kabuto made Ayase feel depressed as the warm tears began to swell from his eyes. He felt lost, confused, angry, and down right hopeless. Another drop fell on his forehead, making slight pain thunder into his forehead. ''Oh...the drugs from the auction are still effecting my head...this..isn't good'' Ayase sighed slightly and closed his eyes hoping the pain would go away.
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