Sold to the snakes pet

Ayase is a college student who is being sold to pay off a debt, just when a creepy old man is about to purchase Ayase... Kabuto buys him because his chakra is nice and smooth.
They both have emotions for eachother what will happen? find out in Sold to the snakes pet
Ayase-from no money (yaoi)
Kabuto-from naruto


5. Ayase lost

Kabuto and Ayase kept traveling until they came upon a normal little village. Though it was crowded as hell while people were buying and trading items. Kabuto looked around silently and noticed Ayase wasn't next to him. Kabuto felt a string of panic fly through him, he began to.look around frantically for Ayase. 'Ayase...where are you' Kabuto whispered under his breath as he felt hinself begin to tear up. The warm tears of sadness flow down his face. Ayase had been kidnapped and Kabuto wouldn't figure this out til well after 4 days. Ayase was being carried to the hidden leaf village by well the ninjas of the hidden leaf village. Ayase was tied up and had a ragged wrapped around his mouth. Ayase felt himself crying and trying to scream for Kabuto. '' Ayase thought to himself as more and more tears flowed from his beautiful big blue eyes. The ninjas were running quickly as one of them carried Ayase. Kabuto on the other end was looking all over the village ayase was at with him. Kabuto kept asking the people of the village if they had seen the young man and nobody did.
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