my crazy life in the horan house.

hey, im molly ,niall horans daughter,my story is a story of love and a teenager trying to find out who she really is........who am i kidding? no that sounded really cheesy , in all honesty this is my story about my screwed up crazy awesom loud family(and some love ).....well a lot of love.


1. meet my family.

im molly as you all know and niall horans my dad, i have 4 increddibly load and annoying siblings well lets just reffer to them as evil munchkin. theres me then rosey whos 11, jaxon whos 5 and mason whos 2 and lily whos 1.

"molly, dinner!!!" i heard my dad yell. i skipped down stairs expecting to smelll some awesome good food but instead there was just bowls of cereal.

"serously mum,cereal for dinner?' i moaned.

"yes. seriously, your dad and i are going out so you have to babysit , ok sweetheart" she said grabbing her coat.

"NO.NO.NO....NOOOOOOOO....NOOOOOOOOOO. i will not babysit them, mum i swear these kids are evil. they don know how to listen and they neeeeever SHUT UP, pleeeeaaase dont go"

"your overreacting molly, theyle be fine. and rosey will help out" dad said then placeed a kiss on my forhead.

i turned away and walked twoards the table where the evil munchkins where seated. i heard th door close and then hell broke loose.

lily started to scream her guts out, mason jumped on the table. and rosey just ignored everything, jaxon. wheres jaxon. fudge this isnt gonna be good.

"MASON GET OFF THE TABLE AND SIT UR BUTT DOWN NOW" i yelled. he just looked at me , smirked . and stood there.

"rosy get lily to stop crying and make sure ason doesnt kill himself" i said . rosey nodded her head in responce, i ran up stairs to find jaxon running around in the bathroom with my bra.....on his head.

i sighed in annoyance,

"give it to me jaxon i demanded holding out my hand

"idiot" he said giggling

"stupid comeback dude. give me the bra or....or....i know . give it to me or your not getting dessert" i said firmly. he tok after his dad when it came to loving food. i knew he would give in and he did. i ran back downstairs .

"MASON IF YOU DONT GET OFF THE TABLE YOUR NOT GETTING DESSERT" i yelled at him.he imediatly jumped off. i picked up lily who had milk and cereal in her hair.

"eww" i muttered. when everything finally started to calm down the doorbell rang . uuuuugh . who the heck is it? these pepole can be so annoying sometimes

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