my crazy life in the horan house.

hey, im molly ,niall horans daughter,my story is a story of love and a teenager trying to find out who she really is........who am i kidding? no that sounded really cheesy , in all honesty this is my story about my screwed up crazy awesom loud family(and some love ).....well a lot of love.


2. hotty james

"WHO IS IT?' i yelled at the top of my lungs

'"jesus , we're all gonna go deaf if you scream so loud"

"shut up rosey"

"its james can i come in?" i heard...well obvously, james answer

i quickly ulocked the door.

"hey whats up" i asked. before i continue on let me just tell you tha james is like really cute reaaaaaaally cute. hes harrys son yet doesnt look much like his father. he has his dads curly hair and perfect lips ....does that sound creeppy cuz im describing my crush and my dads best friend at the same time? oh screw it. so ya james.........

.i like james. james is hot.

"well i heard the screaming from next door so i thought i would come over and help out"

"oh that would be awesome, thanks" i said smiling. he stretched out his arms to take lilly, so i let him. he was amazing with the kids which was a big turn on , i must say.

"hey lilly" james cooed, i smiled and walked off to go take care of mason who was now sitting on the floor screaming

"MASON! why cant you just ever behave?"

"I WANT MUMMY" he yelled back

"well i want alot of things, how about we get you to bed, huh"? i slung him over my shoulder as he giggled and brought him upstairs to bed. i got him changed and put him in his crib

"good night lil guy. go to sleep , ok" i whispered then shut the light. the screaming must of tired him out cuz he was fast asleep in a minute. i ran back down to kitchen ,

"jaxon, yout turn, cmon its bed time, lilly will bring you up to bed" i said , picking up the soggy cereal from the floor.

"no lilly wont" lilly snapped. i snatched her phone out of her hands and lopked her in the eye

"yes you will. and until you do your not getting you phone back"

"your not my mother" she said snootily

"THANK JESUS IM NOT" i said then walked away.


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