Hell Hath No Fury

“Welcome home Goddess” their voices, if you could call the straining mumbled voices, said.


1. Senka POV

Darkness surrounded me, I realise I should have felt trapped. I didn't  In fact I welcomed it. Wrapping me in a protective cloak of shadows “Welcome home Goddess” their voices, if you could call the straining mumbled voices, said. They creaked, croaked cackled into the pitch black sky. Minutes ago I remembered seeing the mid-day sun. Looking down at my watch. I realise that would be right, but what had happened? Where was the sun? Rapidly disappearing the shadows parted.

In the distance I heard screams of the tormented, tortured souls being punished for their crimes from when they were alive. Hell! How did I know all that? Sighing in distaste I lowered my eyes.

Whimpering a plump, hairless man with peeling skin bowed at my feet, “Is something wrong Goddess?” I glared at it and noticed my mistake. No way, could that creature be human. It was anything but. Menacing claws: bloodshot eyes: patches of matted fur: short, sharp whiskers and that whining voice.

Between kisses on my feet it spoke “It sees it has displeased you. It is sorry Goddess.” Distaste flashes across my face as I kick it away. “Don’t touch me” I whisper however my voice gets amplified. Silence. Only the echoes of my voice can be heard.

It shows fear before getting dragged away and then the screaming starts again. This time it’s in the whiny voice. After a few seconds the rest of the tortured and torment souls join in.

A tall dark handsome figure glides over. That sounds like something out of a fairy tail, trust me, it isn't. The human looking man, in this place you couldn't be sure if he actually was human, was cloaked in the souls of what seemed to be the worst of the worst. That was the only unhuman trait about him, as since when do humans dress in souls?

"Goddess," he said, once again sounding human, with a sexy drawl, as he bowed, "I am sorry your welcome wasn't satisfactory." Flicking my wrist the souls get flung away leaving him stark naked before me.  He tries to hide himself but stops as soon as I raise my eyebrows at him. Dropping his hands to the side he looks down at the floor.

"Your used to being in control aren't you?" I asked him. Reluctantly his waves, losing the drawl from his earlier words, as he admits to being used to power. I stare at him and he keeps his eyes on the ground from what looks like he is ashamed of himself. Gasping like a fish on dry land when I close my fist around his souls.  "Please Goddess. I am yours. Ever yours," he begs and grovels as my grip around his soul tightens, "I'll do anything."

Stopping I ask innocently, "Anything?" Collapsed on the floor her mutely nods. "You are supposed to do anything anyway," I shout grasping his soul again, tight, tighter than last time. Echoing, parting it as it went, through the air his scream shattered the silence. "If I squish just a little harder your soul with shatter as easily as your scream shattered this silence, your not going to want that are you?" I ask him.

I don't even recognise myself. Who is this harsh but powerful figurehead, feared by many, that has taken my place? Though I do like who ever it is. I do. I like the feeling of being respected, of being the person in charge, in control. Not only that but I love how he's ready to do anything. Powers that I now play with are only just coming out. Even I don't know what I can do.

Holding his hands in front of his forehead at some sort of attempt to stop me. My mind keeps getting tapped by another's thoughts. "Enough!" I snap the word filling the room with it's sound, "How dare you try and control me." The tapping stops like he knows nothing, nothing he can do will  stop me.

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