Hell Hath No Fury

“Welcome home Goddess” their voices, if you could call the straining mumbled voices, said.


2. Daemon POV

Letting go of my soul was painful. Why did I even try to stop her? Now it's going to be ten times worse, I'm sure. All because of my stupid idiotic pride. Purposely she walks over to me as I pant rapidly. Slowly I lower my mouth to the ground ready to do anything to get her not to hurt me. I begin to speak, "It isn't worthy. It is dirt," then I bite a chunk of dirt, like me, out of the ground. Chewing. Swallowing. However it's not just the dirt I swallow it's my pride as well. "Sorry Goddess," I say, "It can't help being stupid. It forgot it is below you in ranking."

I eat another chunk. My mouth is vile and foul tasting but I don't spit it out. Yet again I swallow. More and more of my pride getting drained. Why did it eat dirt? WTF. I referred to myself as it. I can't believe she is half angel, half God. She is defiantly her fathers daughter though. Strong willed: powerful (most certainly); in charge (as I have found out and suffered for not thinking) and beautiful. Well the being beautiful must be an angel trait. I feel myself drawn to her.

Wait a second, where has she gone? Now I have got my breathe back she has disappeared. Can she teleport? I'm panicking now looking for her. Stinging slowly starts to travel down my spine as I'm pushed deeper, face down into the ground. Spread like a starfish for her. 

"Look at you," she say laughing at me. I know she has won. Feeling humiliated, I'm glad she doesn't see my blushing cheeks. Another thing she would just make fun of. Wimping loudly into the ground as she presses on to my back harder. "Your so weak you have even given up trying to fight," she tells me. She is right. Goddess is right. Even if I was strong enough I wouldn't hurt her. I wouldn't hurt my Goddess.

Slowly I lose my conscious, I feel it slipping away out of my reach. When I wake the weight is gone from my back thankfully. Unfortunately I am still lying on my stomach with my arms and legs spread for her. Normally I would find myself a comfortable position but I don't want to upset my Goddess. So I stayed still. Perfectly still.

It's so quiet. I realize, finally, that I must be alone. Pulling at my hand, I can't move it. Deep breathe. Stop panicking, I can't afford to pass out again. She's restrained me. Struggling I test my other arm and my legs. I'm trapped. Well and truly trapped. All I can do is wait, wait until my Goddess is back. 

Footsteps, out the corner of my ear I hear them. Is it? Could it be? "Hello," she says. It is, it's her. She's back. "Hello Goddess," I mumble quietly, my voice muffled my the cold hard ground. Defeat is heard loud and clear in my words even though only the slightest of whispers is heard. Footsteps again. This time walking away from me. "Don't go, please," I find myself crying out in fear.

Luckerly for me the footprints stop or is that just because she's out of ear shot so I can no longer hear them. The metal brackets around my ankles open so I move my legs as I gasp in relief. "Thank you Goddess," my gratitude clearly dribbled over my words. Click, and one more metal bracket, this one around my wrist, is opened. Quickly, almost rapidly, I dart my hand under my body.

"Don't hide yourself. Arm out," he voice snaps demanding me into action. Reluctantly I slide my hand out, timidly, unsure why she wants it. Pain shoots though my wrist as she grabs it regardless of the fact it is has been under punishment of the iron bracket for I don't know how long. Pressure is forced down making my hand spasm as I scream in pain.

Yanking my arm she clasps my wrists together with some handcuffs. I think I hear chain rattling as it's attached to the cuff so I can be pulled around for my Goddess's enjoyment. Unable to help myself I gasp in relief when the final iron bracket is removed. That's right iron weakens me.

"Stan up," she orders pulling on the chain making me stumble to my feet. I daren't speak in fear. Never before have I been order about or forced to embarrass myself. Now I know how my slaves feel. "Come, come," she says, obediently I follow. Slowly I walk behind her, with me head bowed , down the seemingly endless corridors. She leads us to the Pits and I realize my humilaton hasn't even begun. Not really. 

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