knights of a vampire

kaori tamashiro (16) is a vampire on a revenge mission. will she sucseed or will feelings get in the way when her past comes back to bite her.


1. NIGHT 1. The meating

It was the night I decided to fufil my mission. I smashed Into the school not knowing what I was going to find yet I found her stopping humans from getting close to vampires how noble and pointless. As soon as I landed everyone went silent.

Kira: I do like a party but that was ridiculous.

I stormed in wearing my purple tank top, camo jeans, leather jacket, no fear hat on backwards with a bit of my fring comming out of it, my black dms with a chain handing out of my left pocket. I strolled up to Yuki with my boyish attitude yet everyone was staring at my hair, it was pink, like seriously havent they ever seen hair die before.

Kira: Do you know where kaien cross is I wish to start this academy.

Yuki: Hello yes I can take you to see him I am yuki cross his adopted daughter.

Kira: Thanks Yuki.

We were down a narrow corridor when I pulled my my anti-vampire gun out at her.

Kira: You really should have remembered my Yuki or at leased what you did to my parents.

Yuki: this is the first time we have met and I dont know who your parents are now put your gun away please.

Suddenly I felt myself being frozen. I turned to look at the person who was freezing me.

Kira: Thanks boy.

I used his power to freeze Yuki but that boy grabbed my and I dropped my gun screaming.

Kira: No let me go I cant fail not again.

After a small battle I let Yuki go and we went to the headmasters office.

Head: You wish to start this school so I will permit you to but you will have to share a room with moon dorm president kan....

Kira: Kaname-sama!

Head: Yes do you know him.

Kira: He and I ........... met about 11 years ago.

Head: Then its settled is that ok Kaname.

out from the shadows came kaname kuran a noble pureblood with the kindest heart imagenable.

Kaname: Yes it is quite ok, I may like having a room partner.

I bowed as he past me and he bowed as he past me because vampires have the utmost respect for pureblood vampires.

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