Blonde, Blue Eyed Perfection

My best friends and I have the experience of a lifetime when at Tannah's( one of my best friends) aunt and uncles wedding we find One Direction to be guests....


2. Suprises

We walked into the glass chapel which was gorgeous, the aisle seats were lined with Lillys and white rose petal lined the red carpet that lead up to the gazebo which was cover in all sorts of flowers. Fi and I hurried to fine seats, we sat behind Tan's parent  who we chatted to for a will and then sat waiting for the ceremony to begin. I glanced across to Tannah's uncle under the gazebo, who looked as nervous as any groom would. "Are the seats taken?" we heard a charming, familliar voice. We looked at each other exchanging a smile and then looked up to find...... Niall Horan accompanied by the rest of the boys. "Nope." I replied with a slight grin I could feel the heat coming to my cheeks. "May we?" he asked extending his arm to the seats. "Sure." I said as Fi and I stood up to let them pass and as we sat down the music began to play Fi and I turned our heads in anticipation, we smiled as we watched Tannah walk down the aisle followed by to others she looked absolutely amazing, her green eyes sparkled as she turned to watch her aunt to be come down the aisle and we followed her gaze. Her aunt looked stunning in her white gown with the bouquet of white Lillys. It was a beautiful ceremony after which we proceeded to the reception. Fi and I walked into the venue which was a giant hall that lead out onto a patio that overlooked a watering hole, the tables where set with Lillys of all different colours and candles. We went over to the table settings to see where we would be seated for the night, which was at table number 14, with none other than....... Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayne Malik and Louis Tomlinson.  We went to find our table with was one of the few placed on the patio. Fi and I walked over to the balustrade and watched the animals at the watering hole. "Im ganna kill her!" Fi exclaimed and I burst out into laughter, "Why?" I asked her. "Because she didn't tell us they would be here!" just then the announcer called for everyone to welcome the newly weds we walked in cheering and clapping, until Fi spotted Tan then she was like a lion stalking a buck. " Why didn't you tell us they'd be here!" she exclaimed. "Who be here?" Tan asked, confused. Fi pointed at our table and I watched as Tan's jaw dropped. "I don't know, but I'm sure as hell going to find out!" she replied, keeping a straight face for a moment before the biggest smile I've ever see appeared across her face. Her and Fi had one of their little fan moment." You two need to calm down if we're going to be sitting with them for the rest of the night, you don't want to scared them." I said, they both looked at me with big eyes and nodded. We walked over to the table and the boys all stood up to great us, "Hi, I'm Niall and these are Harry, Zayne, Liam and Louis" he said while pointing at each of the boys they all said "Hi" "We know who you are." Tan said under her voice so only Fi and I could hear."Hey" I said, "I'm Bianca, and these are my two best friends Filipa and Tannah." we all say down And chatted to one another for a while, the sunstarted to set which was just beautiful. I got up and walked to the balustrade and watched at the animals came to the watering whole to drink. I felt someone come up behind means turned to find Niall. His facial expressing was priceless, " beautiful isn't it" I commented. " it's beautiful, but not quite as beautiful as you." he said and I started to blush "thanks" I said and turned around to watch the animals a family of Rhino's came down to the waters edge. "Are those?" he asked "Rhino's yes and your very lucky to see them." Fi, Tan and the boys came over to join us, we stood there watching the Rhinos and other animals for a will until the DJ started playing Kiss You. Tan, Fi and I ran inside to the dance floor and started jumping up and down singing and dancing along to the song. the boys had followed us in and out the corner of my eye i saw Harry whisper something to Niall who was already smiling but whatever Harry had said make his smile bigger. Kiss You finished and a slow song started to play and Niall walked over, bowed, offered me his hand and asked "May I" "Yes, you may" i replied and took his hand, he lead me to the middle of the dance floor, as we danced i rested my head on his shoulder "What did Harry tell you?" I asked. "He said 'at least they know how to have fun'" he replied. "Ah" I said, and as the song ended he bowed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We danced all through the night until it was time to go, he walked me out along with Tan, Liam, Fi and Harry. The girls said their good-byes to the boys and got in the car as did i with Niall "Bye." I said, "I had a lovely evening." "Me too." he said. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and climbed into the car but before i could he grabbed my hand pulled me back handed me a piece of paper and gave me a kiss on the cheek "Just incase." he said and i climbed into the car and waved good-bye.

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