Blonde, Blue Eyed Perfection

My best friends and I have the experience of a lifetime when at Tannah's( one of my best friends) aunt and uncles wedding we find One Direction to be guests....


8. School

When I woke up the next morning, I went to get showered and ready for school. Once I had done that I ran downstairs, packed my bag and ate breakfast. I grabbed my bag "BYE MOM!" I shouted as I walked out the door, closing it behind me and turned to find Niall leaning against his red Ferrari Enzo."Hey." he said walking towards me. "Hey? What you doing here?" I asked "Thought I'd drop you off at school." he said as he opened the door for me. "What about the girls?" I asked as I normally caught a ride to school with them. "Liam and Harry are dropping them off as school as  we speak." he winked and closed the door he walked around the from of the car and I smiled to myself at the thought that I might hold the key to his heart someday, knowing he already holds the key to mine. "What you smiling about?" he asked "Not that I don't love it when you smile." " Just happy to see you." I said, leaning over and giving him a kiss on the cheek. I buckled in and rested my hand on the middle consel and his fingers intertwined with mine. "Aah....." I sighed.  "I'll see you soon." he said with a smile and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, then got out the car and walked around to open my door for me, " Thanks." I said. " No problem." he said giving me a hug, I kissed him on the cheek and turned to find both the girls waiting for me. I stood and waved as I watch him drive away as soon as he turned the corner I heard a scream and was attacked by the girls. "Hey Tan, Hey Fi!" I said as we walked inside. "My Panda!" I heard a familiar voice scream. We walked down the corridor, "We can hear  you from all the way up there!" I said, pointing up the corridor."B!" Hannah the one who screamed panda, Chelsea the one who stole the panda and Savana the innocent bystander. The three of them ran straight for me, I gave them each a hug but when I got to Savvy (Savana's nickname) she stood there with her arms crossed and a straight face. "What's  wrong?" I asked. "You stole my man!" she said turning her back. I walked up to her and gave her a hug, "I found him first." I said and she began to laugh.
The rest of the day went by slowly as I dreamed about the next time I would get to see him. Not even Mr. Reah our English teacher could hold my interest. After English I checked my phone to fine I had two messages one from Niall: Can't wait 2 c u!;):D luv u!Xx.  I smiled to myself and replied: Neither can I!;):D luv u 2!:DXx.  and the other from my mom: Niall foned he's picking u up!;).  Thx mom!Xx.  I replied. 
The rest of the day went by and when the final bell ran I was happy to know that I'd be seen Him again. I walked out with Tan and  Fi and sure enough there He was waiting for me. I said goodbye to the girls and walked over to Him, he gave me a hug and opened the door for me.


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