Blonde, Blue Eyed Perfection

My best friends and I have the experience of a lifetime when at Tannah's( one of my best friends) aunt and uncles wedding we find One Direction to be guests....


1. Preparation

"OW!" Tannah screamed as the curling iron burnt her ear. "Sit still and then it won't burn you." I told her, she had been figiting the whole time, I'm not sure wheither it was the nerves or just excitement. It was the day of her aunt and uncles wedding and they had asked her to be a bridesmaid. She looked stunning in the purple, to the floor gown that faded from dark purple at the bottom to a light purple at the top with dark purple around the bust. Just then Filipa burst in "Sorry I'm late!" she exclaimed, out of breathe. She looked gorgeous in a red pleated to the floor gown with a white lace bust and black belt. " It's chilled." I said as I finished pinning flowers in Tannah's long blonde hair which I had put in a waterfall plat and curled. "Done!" I said and called Fi ( Filipa's nickname) over so I could do her hair and makeup, I did her brunette hair down with loose curles and a black smokey eye which looked stunning with herr blue eye's. Once I was done with Fi I proceeded to do my own hair which I did in a waterfall plat and straightened it looked amazing having the blonde with blue tips, for my makeup I did a brown smokey eye with blue eyeliner to enfacize my blue eyes, I then got dressed into my dress which was to the floor as well, light blue and ruffled, slipped on my shoes and went to join Tan (Tannah's nickname other than mojo) and Fi. Fi and I gave tan a hug, told her not to trip and went to sit down.

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