Blonde, Blue Eyed Perfection

My best friends and I have the experience of a lifetime when at Tannah's( one of my best friends) aunt and uncles wedding we find One Direction to be guests....


12. New faces

"Hey!" Louis said staring up at us. "Why's Bianca blushing?" Zayne asked, and I felt my cheeks heat again. Niall helped them up and they began to giggle as they saw the frustration on Fi's face. "What!?" Fi said crossing her arms and staring down at the ground. Just then the doorbell rang, Tan, Fi and I ran to answer it although we where at Fi's house we all feel at home no matter who's house we're at. I opened the door to fine Elenor and Perrie "Sorry we told them not to do that." Elenor said in her beautiful British accent as all the boys do besides Niall who has his amazing Irish accent. She shot a glare through to the kitchen where Louis stood then a little grin at the end "Sorry let's begin with Hi! So Hi I'm Elenor, and this is Perrie.", "Hi, I'm Bianca and these are my two besties Tannah and Filipa."."It's nice to meet you.", "Nice to meet you too." I said with a smile. "Please come in." Fi said, and we all walked through to the lounge"Hey!" the boys all said to them, "Haven't seen you in a while." Louis said. "Ya what was it like ten minutes ago?" Perrie said sarcastically looking at her watch and us three who laugh at almost everything bigin to giggle. "No, but shame man." Elenor said. "You scared these girls I do believe it was... Shitless." Fi nodded. "Well that's all over and we are truely sorry..... So what where you three up to before we so rudely interupted?" Niall asked. " We where about to grap some popcorn and watch The Hunger Games while Fi and Tan fought over who will never get Josh Hutcherson." I said with a giggle as I looked over to see Tan and Fi both giving me the 'That's not cool man!' face. "Would you girl mind if we join you?" Liam asked with a smile as he looked down at Tan who was now blushing bright red. "Sure we'd love that." I said meeting liams gaze as he glance up from looking at Tan, then I gazed up at Niall and he smiled intently.

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